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*** What to pray for ***

Pray for one another.

Prophecy 1:
MY Word plainly states, "Pray ye one for another." I am no respecter of persons.

Prophecy 6:
Stop discouraging those you should be encouraging. Isn't their job hard enough? Don't they take enough abuse from the enemy? Must it come from those who should be loving, supporting, helping and praying for their success?

Prophecy 8:
Will you prove your love for ME by loving one another? Those that do, you know are MINE and you shall know it. Will you prove your love for ME by sheltering and loving and extending your hands to them in prayer? This will prove your love for ME.  

Prophecy 24 part 1:
Only MY True Children will desire to help the Prophets to speak forth and not muzzle the Prophet or tie the oxen feet as they pull the plow. Pray for the Prophets especially the Handmaiden speaking this forth.  

Prophecy 24 part 2:
They (Pastors) should bear one another's burdens, encouraging the congregation to call upon them when prayer is needed.  

Prophecy 27:
Pray and cover one another. Labor together; share what you have learned together.

Prophecy 34:
What do MY true prophets have to gain by speaking forth words that the majority refuse to listen to? They certainly are not rewarded financially even by those who deem them prophets for how few will help them when the time is necessary. But these trusted messengers of mine have gained the trust of their creator. The few who have blessed this prophet speaking, I will continue to protect and what is MINE is thine and what is thine is MINE. I protect and bless all that bless and pray for blessings upon the ones who speak MY messages as this prophet is doing now. I will share MY secrets with them and warn before the enemy can strike, so they can move out of the way and warn others to do the same. Holy Scriptures are spoken out of context by false prophets and leaders. READ MY WORD!

I command this prophet now to pray for a day set aside when together you will shout and do a Jericho March over whatever you want removed in your lives that does not bring ME Praise, Honor and Glory! Even those that need not have anything removed I command you to join in this Jericho March for your Brothers and Sisters who do need deliverance! Stop being smug in you own blessings, unless I take them away from you and give them to another. You need not even physically be together only know what is needed to be removed. March around your own houses for the sake of those whose houses are divided by unbelievers and believers.

Pray and I will show you how to help set your brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA FREE! It will be your fasting, prayers and Jericho march that will be used as a key that will turn locks that have been there so long it is as if it is rusted shut, yet in the Name of YAHSUHUA as you do this in unity it will be opened and what "I AM" opens no man or devil will shut again if only you can believe in faith this deliverance you will at last see. Break the lock of your captive brothers and sisters and set them free in unity. Offer up to ME all unequally yoked households as Abraham did Isaac and see what I do with your sacrifices. Multitudes will be freed if only you can BELIEVE!

Prophecy 35:
"I AM" has anointed you and set you in this Ministry to be a helper in this Ministry in all ways. If you believe these words of ME then you are to share these words I have given this Prophetess. You are to cover and intercede for this Prophetess, and other Prophets and Apostles I speak to your spirit about. These Prophetic messages help bring the lost into the Kingdom of Heaven by ministering to them both by edifying and rebuking. MY children are encouraged and MY enemies are warned and MY prodigal sons and daughters return. 

You are to be there to lift this Prophetess' hands when they are too weak for her to raise them in the time of battle. "I AM" will continue to protect those who help, encourage, pray, and support as I lead by MY RUACH ha KODESH perhaps an encouraging word or encouraging prophecy is all I will lead you to speak to this Minister. Ask ME what you can do to help. Ask her what you can do to help. She is but one voice. Join your voices with hers and help her to reach this world with MY Words. You will be blessing ME by obeying and helping to share all the messages given her. 

"I AM" will set your names upon the gates of MY walls. You will continue to shine as jewels set into the finest setting of Heaven's best. All of MY true prophets and apostles need your help including this one. They are attacked in various ways, some physical, some mental, some emotional, some financial, some spiritually. MY handmaiden is attacked daily in all these ways. Yet "I AM" hears the mighty prayers of intercession and "I AM" raises MY sword of the RUACH ha KODESH and just as surely as Goliath fell so too shall the enemies who mock this messenger sent to deliver the prophetic messages. As Goliath was warned by David, "I AM" speaks this warning this day. Though you mock, MY Word remains the same, "Touch not MY anointed neither do MY Prophets harm" (Psalm 105:15 and 1Chronicles 16:22.).   

Prophecy 45:
It is your prayers MY Son, your fasting that will take her from critical care and intensive care to be restored in all areas of her personal and ministry life. It is the prayers of one like a King David that sets this Handmaiden free. Pray all her enemies will flee and like Goliath will realize all their occult powers have come to naught instead that which is meant to destroy her will bless her. That which is sent to destroy you MY Son will bless you for I shall turn the curses into MY Blessings. Does not MY Word say, "All things work together for good?"

The ones that seek to harm MY Beloved Servants they shall pay with their very lives and souls if they do not repent. You do not take vengeance but instead forgive and know "Vengeance is MINE saith YAHUVEH!" She has a man that holds her in bondage in all ways the new can't come till the old is removed. Pray for her freedom now as if it were your own. You don't need to know his name only read her testimony with MY spiritual eyes and ears and I shall show you that which you did not know, that which she does not speak. This man is her Goliath and she has been unable to be freed so I sent MY Son who has MY RUACH ha KODESH like unto David of Old and I say, "But speak unto this Goliath and he shall be no more. Speak unto your Goliaths and they shall be no more. Speak in the NAME of YAHUSHUA and the mountains will become chaff in the wind."

Prophecy 51:
Do you ever count the cost it takes to deliver such a message as this one? Why should you as long as it is not you that has to pay the cost right? I know who is reading, and hearing this, and I shall one day ask you what you did to ease this minister's burdens. Did you even encourage her? Do you even lift her name up in prayer? Do you realize how few pastors will invite her to minister in their churches after this prophetic message is given? But I, YAHUVEH, speak this forth, not this handmaiden. So I have this against you so called pastors that are no pastor at all. It would be better to resign than face YAHUVEH's wrath for harming MY Sheep and lambs.

Shame on you pastors; you are not a pastor when MY children can't get your counsel without first being a member of the church, and passing your tithing tests. One test being: a member is only recognized if they tithe in a certain dollar amount of donations and attend church a certain number of times. Stop fleecing MY flocks! Remember what a pastor is to stand for. Remember you're not the Good Shepherd. If I have ordained you to be a pastor, then you are to be a blessing to MY sheep. You should be there as the physical part to encourage them with MY words. Love and pray for them, and their deliverance and praying for the salvation of their soul, teaching them to obey.

Prophecy 59:
Does not MY Word say, "Those that preach MY Gospel, should be able to live off that Gospel." But how can you say you love ME when you're selfish and you're greedy and all you think of is your own needs. This Handmaiden pays a price, her husband pays a price, all MY Children who are anointed, the greater the anointing, the greater the suffering in this world. The greater the attacks of the enemy and if you're not there to protect them, to intercede and fast for them, I will want to know why and I ask you now, "How can you say you love ME?"  

Prophecy 70:
I, YAHUVEH have been taking note of who is blessing this ministry and sowing financial seed now and who is hindering you by only watching to see if and when I perform this financial miracle for the miracle bus. I, YAHUVEH tell you this, I have used this as a test to the people who know that I, YAHUVEH speak forth from you as my anointed vessel. This ministry has been there to comfort and encourage and warn the children who call themselves MINE and now when this ministry needs encouragement and blessings I am taking note who is blessing you and who is not. How few have even joined you in this prayer and anointed fast when it is for their sakes also you do this, as well as standing in the gap for the nations and for MY mercy to delay MY wrath. I have watched those who are watching and not helping this ministry financially or even offered up a prayer in your behalf.

Prophecy 71:
You who have denied, removed MY Ten Commandments also called the Torah, you stood by and watched without protest as a tablet of stone was removed in Alabama without lifting up a prayer of protest or weeping and wailing or helping Judge Roy Moore in anyway. I tell you this; YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW ME! I have allowed this test as I told this Handmaiden and her husband to fulfill this prophecy in Ezekiel 9. How few protested and protest even now. Where are the millions around the world who should be protecting MY Commandments, only a remnant has done so.

Prophecy 75:
Will you be a help to her or a hindrance? To those who read this and the other words I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA have spoken forth and have been blessed as they learned from this Apostolic Prophetic end time Ministry. Yet do nothing to be a blessing back unto her and this Ministry. You have become a hindrance and I, YAHUVEH will hold you accountable for making her job harder and the burden so heavy. How many of you ask her to lift your name before I, YAHUVEH and ask for I, YAHUVEH to bless them and intercede for them. As she does this I, YAHUVEH look upon the names she mentions in prayer and I, YAHUVEH take note. Did they take the time and offer sacrifices that would be a blessing unto this Ministry?

Prophecy 76:
Just as Elijah of Old was protected from Jezebel and Ahab, so shall you also be, so shall all the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH be protected. Now is the time for the Shield Maidens to come forth and cover you in their prayers, love and support for they also will be attacked at the same time as they step out in faith and contact you. I give them now the mandate. Those who recognize that they are the Bride of YAHUSHUA come forth and gather together with this Ring Maiden I am releasing this word from. Shield her with your intercessory prayers, encouraging words, and support and come together so she can encourage and nurture and support you also against the attacks of the enemy of your mind, body, spirit and soul. Here is a secret; just as I have a Bride, so too does satan and when the Holy Golden Eagles gather, so too shall the vultures gather.

Prophecy 80:
I send the Bride of YAHUSHUA now to intercede and pray for Yisrael and for one another and I, YAHUVEH speak forth a dowry through this Handmaiden of a new anointing given to you by YAHUSHUA to HIS Bride if they can believe in faith.

  In 2006 and hereafter, MY Holy People will grow in Holiness striving hard to obey, love and serve MY Son YAHUSHUA and I, YAHUVEH in all ways. MY Holy People will not compromise with the enemy. The Bride of YAHUSHUA has MY permission and authority to call upon I, YAHUVEH in YAHUSHUA's NAME and ask ME to put the demons tormenting them into MY Heavenly Winepress of wrath called MY meat grinder, demons that have been sent who torment you or your redeemed loved ones or the redeemed people. You have been given a mandate to intercede in prayer for deliverance.

Prophecy 83:
Away from ME, away from ME, you don't even belong here. Only those who want to sit at the Banquet Table and feast on the truths and will take the spiritual food and feed others belong here. This is MY edict, this is the command I issue from MY throne in Heaven and I have spoken it forth on this day, [Read the Banquet Table dream] Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, cover this Ministry more in prayer. Cover this Ring Maiden more in your prayers, be a blessing unto them as they are a blessing unto you, or I will ask you one day why you were not? Cover those I call the Two Witnesses. To the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, if you ask ME and if you believe, I will tell you the answer, I will reveal to you more about these I call the Two Witnesses. They need your covering, they need your prayers. While they are in mortal flesh, satan seeks to take their lives to silence the truths that I have spoken forth, so cover them in your prayers.

Prophecy 84:
This goes for every nation around the world that hears these words. What did you do? I'm going to ask you. Did you help this Ring Maiden in any way? Did you help her fight the enemy? Did you help fight the enemy? How many times did you pray? I'm going to ask you. When you know and you read Revelation and you know how many martyrs there are going to be, did you pray for them ahead of time? Are you praying for them now? I'm going to ask you. When I command you to pray for the Two Witnesses, that they will believe and receive who they are, I'm going to ask you, were your prayers amongst those who prayed for them? I'm going to ask you. How many souls did you lead to Heaven? How many times did you witness YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH? The price HE paid at Calvary and how HE arose again on the third day so for eternity you could be set free? How many times did you tell people that they must be Holy, that they must be obedient? I'm going to ask you.

You see, it's not enough to care about your own soul. I'm going to ask you, did you care about anyone else's besides your family? For who did I, YAHUVEH say was your family? Did I not say through MY own Son YAHUSHUA's NAME who your family was and it's those who belong to ME, those who accept YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH as Messiah as MY only begotten Son. (Mark 3:31-35) Do you want to know why your family is not saved? Do you want to know if your family will be saved? Just as that jail keeper said, "As for me and my house, we will serve YAHUSHUA." Oh, I know you were taught, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." But again, they blotted out the NAME of MY Son. Read the Holy Manuscripts and you will see MY Son's NAME was there. That meant, not only did that jail keeper have to turn his heart to YAHUSHUA, but his family also. That is not a 'carte blanche,' a free pass for a family. Everyone is working out their own salvation with fear and trembling. Before they were put on earth, their soul already knows whether their name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life or not or whether they're in the Book of the Blotted Out.

Elisabeth, you will find a way to get on that Internet. There is one that wrote you and you are to contact her right away, for it is in MY NAME she continually prays. There is a German Bride you are to call forth; they contacted you once before and now you must find them again. YAHUSHUA has an Italian Bride and when I speak of Bride, I speak of more than just one. Italian Bride of YAHUSHUA, come forth. Send your invitations now and introduce yourself to the Ring Maiden. Are you willing to share what you have with this Ministry? Will you cover them with your prayers and love?

Prophecy 87:
I have MY Bride of YAHUSHUA in Lebanon. I have MY Bride in Iraq and Iran. I have MY Bride in Syria. Remember to pray for the Bride of YAHUSHUA no matter where she is scattered around this world. I have MY Bride of YAHUSHUA in China, I have MY BRIDE of YAHUSHUA in Russia, I have MY Bride of YAHUSHUA in Hong Kong, I have MY Bride of YAHUSHUA in Australia, I have MY Bride in America, Canada, Germany, France and Europe, I have them scattered all over the world. I have MY Bride of YAHUSHUA in India, Indonesia, Africa, South America and all over the world.

Satan has used this technology to further his agenda but I am using the technology to hasten MY agenda. Oh, where are the lamentations? Where is the weeping and wailing? Why do people just shake their heads and say, "Isn't that too bad?" Why isn't spiritual Israel rising up? Why do they not pray for I have a remnant seed in Lebanon? What if that was your Babies? What if that was your wives, your husband's, your loved ones, your families and your neighbors? What if that was your homes? Insanity has taken its seat in the governments.

Prophecy 90:
When I choose to speak forth from you in tongues of a Holy Angel, and no interpretation is given to you, it is because satan and his demons cannot understand what is being prayed or spoken, it is not for their ears to hear. It is not always necessary for you to receive the interpretation of the tongues but YAHUVEH hears and HE answers your prayers, though you know not what you are praying for many times. Sometimes, you are praying for people you do not even know, you are interceding for Holy people around the world. Many times you are praying for your own personal needs, or healing for you or others. Many times you are praying for blessings on the Holy Bride and guests or mercy and salvation for the black sheep to return to the only Good Shepherd YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

Prophecy 94:
…From now on, when the five of you take it (communion), this man is not to be left out (of your prayers). And I shall give you more revelations of who he is. For now you can call him Caleb. This day Elisabeth I just command you, "Enjoy this day." I want to see you play. I want to see you do that which you have been enjoying with ME. Let your mind rest. For I'm going to show you and I'm going to reveal to you and a new Prophecy is going to be loosed concerning Israel, concerning the hidden treasures, starting with Ezekiel 9.