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*** What to pray for ***

Pray for the lost sheep.

Prophecy 4:
Pray for those whose hearts you have tried to reach, and yet push ME away. Pray they repent today for tomorrow may be too late.  

Prophecy 5:
Grieve for the sheep who are deceived and now stop trusting ME. Grieve for the sheep as they head into the wolves' den, that because they wear a mask of a sheep they will devour them.

Prophecy 6:
Fear for those that mock, or deny ME. Fear for the lost sheep. Fear for the reprobate and rejected silver. As they have rejected ME, so I have rejected them.

Prophecy 8:
Fear for those that mock, or deny ME. Fear for the lost sheep. Fear for the reprobate and rejected silver. Do not grieve for yourself, but grieve for those that I will chastise for causing MY little one such grief and sorrow. Grieve for those that have accused you falsely.

Prophecy 9:
Do not grieve for yourself, but grieve for those that I will chastise for causing MY little one such grief and sorrow. Grieve for those that have accused you falsely.  

Prophecy 31:
Every time you pray remember now is the time to pray you will be counted worthy to escape the wrath that is to come on this earth. The wrath of 'I AM' is not just a temper tantrum, it has been building and it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a Living GOD. But MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones, and Elect need not fear. I will only shower you with MY blessings and not MY wrath. Weep for what America and her allies are doing now. Weep for even the heathen worship a god. Weep for some are your brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA, the bombs are falling upon. This blood that is being shed and vengeance that is meted out and 'I AM' is watching and it is being allowed thus far for those partaking in this, is only heaping damnation upon their own countries and upon themselves. Do not partake in this war do not believe the propaganda that is said, the excuses made. The governments have their own motivations and pleasing the Great GOD 'I AM' is not one of them. Rescuing the downtrodden is not one of the reasons. Acting in arrogance and pride is one of the reasons. Pray your leaders will repent of this evil before it is too late.

Pray today for all those reading this and don't know how to be ready without spot or wrinkle. Write this Pastor she will introduce you to the true PASSOVER Lamb that was slain and arose again from the dead on the 3rd day. Who willingly laid his life down for you so you could be saved by having all your sins washed away with the perfect Blood of the true PASSOVER perfect sinless lamb of GOD, Son of 'I AM' whose NAME is YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH , HE alone is your MESSIAH for those that accepted 'I AM's PASSOVER gift at Calvary.

Prophecy 32:
I charge you now, you who call yourselves spiritual leaders, you who march to the tune of the world's drummer. Why do you not hear MY voice tell you to speak out against unholiness? You teach MY People to sin by staying silent and no matter what is done by your political leaders you say, 'I AM' wants them not to fight against what is unholy, nor speak out against the leaders of the nations doing these things. Pray for them to repent. But do not let the spiritual leaders and political leaders lead you into the bowels of Hell. Do not let the blood of others soak your garments. Do not be blinded by the fame and fortune satan offers in this world.  

Prophecy 49:
Beware, the hand of the executioner, don't trust your enemies. Beware of turning your back on the executioners for now there is more than one nation and executioner you need to be concerned about. I warned this Handmaiden I am speaking this through, BEWARE OF PAKISTAN and yet how few are speaking out and warning the leaders of this nation? America, you smile and the nations you think are smiling back hold missiles behind their backs. Warfare will harm you in ways never been done before. Only way this won't come to pass if the fervent prayers of the righteous will continue to invoke MY RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) to cover America and repent and stand up for Holiness and in boldness rebuke unholiness and call upon no other NAME than YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. Cover your President Bush in prayer, and woe be unto you when the next president comes. Woe be unto you when the next Pope comes. For this next Pope will not be a man of peace, and will be controlled by satan.

Prophecy 51:
Pray and intercede for your loved ones, but when I tell you to move, and yet do not tell you to take your unsaved loved ones with you, it will be a test of your love for YAHUVEH. Will you forsake all for ME, like when Lot was told to flee? He had no choice to divide from his wife; I turned her into a pillar of salt. I had to show him and his daughters the hard way. I demand obedience, especially when I send an angel to warn to "Get out, flee, this place is about to be destroyed." Lot's wife fled, but turned her head to look back, and grieve for all her possessions, home, and friends in the city. This is a lesson; when I tell you to flee, no matter what, obey or Lot's wife's fate will be even MY children's fate.

Prophecy 90:
When I choose to speak forth from you in tongues of a Holy Angel, and no interpretation is given to you, it is because satan and his demons cannot understand what is being prayed or spoken, it is not for their ears to hear. It is not always necessary for you to receive the interpretation of the tongues but YAHUVEH hears and HE answers your prayers, though you know not what you are praying for many times.

Sometimes, you are praying for people you do not even know, you are interceding for Holy people around the world. Many times you are praying for your own personal needs, or healing for you or others. Many times you are praying for blessings on the Holy Bride and guests or mercy and salvation for the black sheep to return to the only Good Shepherd YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.