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*** What to pray for ***

Pray for a force field to cover us.

Prophecy 74:
I have instructed this Ring Maiden to start saying a prayer anew. Do not just assume that people are to be martyred for MY sake. Where are the prayers? Need I remind you of Shaul, the one you call Paul? Do you not know it was the prayers for intercession that was going on and that is the reason he was spared. I have instructed this Ring Maiden to start praying ahead of time for a force field that will encompass your bodies that will be a protection from the weapons of man and anyone that comes near you. Those of MY select few, those that are called the first fruits, for you are MY choice. It is as though you go through a vegetable bin; do you not choose the best ones? So to I have chosen MY Bride, MY Chosen Ones and MY Elect. There is a force field that will encompass you that man will not be able to see until the weapon is aimed at you literally. They seek to control your mind.

So pray ahead of time for this force field MY Children, pray ahead of time for those being martyred around this world in MY NAME, in MY Son's NAME. Do not just assume for when you assume need I remind you what the first 3 letters are? Listen to the voice of this Ring Maiden for truly I warn you as I do again and again, destruction is coming from Heaven, a sight so frightening the world shall cover their eyes.