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We need to speak up! / So called pastors

YAHUSHUA says “warn them”

Prophecy 3:

I don't want any to perish or be damned, please warn them. Sound the trumpet blast that the anointing I have given you. As a mother or father warns before they spank their children, I in MY infinite mercy and love say warn them. For when I let loose MY anger it will be hard to appease ME.

Warn them, and you will be doing your part. All those who are receiving this have a part to warn those that have ears to hear and listen, and yes for those who choose to remain deaf. At least they won't be able to say they weren't warned.

Prophecy 4:

Warn them of a GOD in Nahum 1 that says HE speaks in the storms and earthquakes. Warn them that YAHUVEH is a jealous GOD and he will not allow any other God's before HIM. Warn them, that YAHUVEH's anger is not easily appeased. WARN THEM!

I have forewarned you so when these things come to the earth you already have been forewarned, so you can repent and warn others before MY anger is vented.

Prophecy 5:

My Word within you burns as a blazing sword. The two edged blade will cut deep. There is much fire shut up in your bones and you don't know what to do with it. Start speaking it forth.

So sound the trumpet once again, those who have spiritual ears to hear will hear MY voice clearly and all others will remain deaf and blind. It is their choice not yours to make.

Prophecy 9:

Listen for MY voice, speak MY Words. I do not judge or condemn you, but those that have falsely accused you will be judged.

Preach it; teach it, so others will believe it. I am a GOD that not only brings salvation, but damnation to those that choose to oppose and deny MY Saving Blood and Saving NAME.

No matter who stands behind the pulpit and says, "God is love he will understand." SIN IS SIN! I am a GOD that does not change, man changes, I, the great 'I AM' do not change. Preach it; teach it, so others will believe it.

Preach it; Teach it, so others will believe it.

Prophecy 13:

I know it will seem like so few are listening and more will cover their ears, than hear. But nothing has changed. Did they not also do the same to ME? Did they not watch ME crucified at Calvary? Did not the same ones that saw the miracles I did, shout crucify him on that tree? When all I wanted was to be a blessing to them and thee, and I died for all from satan's grip to set you free for all eternity. And yet how many lips still curse, deny, disobey, mock and blasphemy ME?

You will be a like a voice crying in the wilderness and MY Daughter, it will seem as though you can hear only your own echo coming back unto your own ears. Yet it is not your echo, but MY echo the world shall hear coming forth out of your lips that I have ordained and anointed to speak forth MY Words, not your words.

Tell them MY Daughter, tell them for ME. Warn them, many will listen and obey this prophecy.

For this reason I will spare them on the Day of Judgment. MY Children are not afraid to stand up for Holiness. They will speak out against homosexuality, abortion, pornography, and all manner of sin. Did I not love enough to even warn the Pharisee's? How much more should you? Did I not send Moses to warn the evil Pharaoh? How much more should you?

 Tell them MY Child, tell them for ME, YAHUSHUA paid the price at Calvary. I have done all I can do; now I leave the choices up to you. Tell them, all who have ears to hear, and eyes to see, pass on these messages I have spoken to thee, so you will on the coming day be worthy, as I gather MY Elect in MY arms and take them home, you will know because of your words you're not going alone.

Tell them MY Children, tell them for ME. Together let your voices echo with this Prophet of MINE while there is yet time. Tell them MY Children, tell them for ME. Tell them MY Child, tell them for ME.

You must start somewhere, so sign petitions; take them everywhere you go, churches, mall, employment, go door to door, there is power in great numbers, PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST!

Roar loudly until Clinton and the heathen in the White House recognize, you MY People have more than a form of godliness, you have godliness within.

Don't you think if YAHUSHUA was walking the earth still he would protest. Where are MY Children who have been given the Spirits of Jeremiah, or John the Baptist?

Prophecy 16:

There is little time so warn the people.

They (YAH's children) see the wrong, and said, "It's not my concern. Let someone else speak it forth." The enemy and MY Children will hear this trumpet blast whether they want to or not. They will hear. Don't hinder MY Prophets from speaking.

Prophecy 19:

Keep telling of MY mercies and love but warn of MY wrath and vengeance and coming doom if they don't turn from their wicked ways and apply the Blood Shed for them at Calvary, washing away every stench of sin and turning away from them.

 Prophecy 24 part 1:

As in the Days of Noah, I warned Noah the rain would come. Though Noah knew not what a flood was he believed ME. I told Noah to build an Ark though the work was hard and mockery and persecution great. Though the work took many years to do, what I had Noah to accomplish because of his obedience, you are here today. The animals he saved, except for those you made extinct, have replenished the earth. I knew ahead who I created to have the boldness to speak forth messages, with MY RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) power and anointing that convicts the hearts of those with spiritual ears to hear and eyes to see.

Prophecy 26:

MY Beloved Children, who are MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect, the heathen calls you narrow minded when you say there is but one way to GOD the Father's throne and in one NAME, the NAME of YAHUSHUA, that I will answer prayers. You tell them, "Yes, I am narrow minded for the Word of YAHUVEH cannot lie and YAHUVEH says, only in the NAME of YAHUSHUA will I hear your prayers and the pathway to Heaven is narrow and he road to Hell is broad!" You tell them "It is the broad-minded that will end up suffering in agony, first in Hell, then in the Lake of Fire! Because you love YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and them, warn them MY Children. Love them enough to incur their wrath. Love them enough to be an offense. I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH speak the truth, the majority doesn't want to hear and we are an offense to many.

Prophecy 27:

 Yeh, I say to reach a people that you will fear offending them, but by not speaking will be the greatest offense of all.

Prophecy 49:

Shame on all of you who held your silence and did nothing to take away the reproach of this being done on the airwaves. So I your Father GOD YAHUVEH would not be angry with America again, I put it on Pat Robertson's mind, to pray for the pastors, but he didn't say why I did this. He knows the pastors compromised and yet feared angering them more than angering 'I AM'. Woe to the pastors in America and around this world, I admonish you, 'No longer behave like cowards.' Don't call yourself a Pastor, Prophet, Apostle, Teacher, Evangelist, a Spiritual leader if you're a coward. Step down now before your held anymore accountable for leading MY flock astray. Stop teaching MY People to compromise for in the times of old they fought the right to serve 'I AM'. Those that followed YAHUSHUA were killed but they did not compromise.

MY Church, rise up once again and become the living Temple of MY RUACH ha KODESH. Stop feeding MY Sheep and lambs Pabulum that is only fit for the tiniest of babes. Shame on you. I will hold you accountable, you pastors who compromise and will not call unholiness what it is. Those who compromise will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. You fear your own deacons, congregations, and government more than 'I AM'. How can I continue to pour out MY blessings, and protection if you continue to compromise what you know to be true, backed up with the Holy Bible and scriptures.

Oh America, do not so easily give up your freedoms, I have given you. Oh America, do not so easily forget there is but one GOD and it is 'I AM' that covers and protects you. 'I AM' the same Creator that created you for MY own purpose. I use you to test the other nations of this world. Will they follow your sinful ways, and yes MY young child America, you have sinful ways, and because of your example you have pervaded this world with the example of unholiness. You send the evangelists out with the message of Salvation, and yet how many in your own nation eat the fruit of damnation, unrepented sin. Calling what is Holy, unholy, blasphemy in MY eyes.

Prophecy 55:

DEVASTATION is coming! MY Son Chuck, find that dream the last one that I gave MY Daughter. DEVASTATION is coming! Label it this. Warn the people. Tell them I send forth MY Apostles and Prophets to warn the people before devastation comes. Devastation is coming but not to MY Babies, not to MY Bride, not to MY Chosen Ones and not to MY Elect. I am going to protect them just as surely as Noah and his family were protected in the ark, if they can but believe. Tell them I will protect them from the flood of ungodliness. I will protect them from the flood of the dangers that await.

Tell them, "Get in the Ark." Find out where they're to be. Tell them to seek MY face. If they don't know where they're to be, fast and pray and wail and lament but find out where their Ark is. As long as they are aware of where they are supposed to be, as long as they are underneath the umbrella of MY safety, then they are in their Ark, no matter where they are in the world. But I tell you again MY Children, call forth the Apostles and Prophets to interpret the dream I gave Elisabeth. DEVASTATION IS COMING!


Did they help feed MY Prophets? Did they offer water? Did they offer an encouraging word? Did they offer shelter? I ask Prophets of Old again and again in the Word that's been foretold and I always sent them with MY message and it was always their choice whether the people would hear or whether they would respond in godly fear or would they chase the Prophets away? Nothing has changed this very day. So tell them, MY Daughter, tell them for ME so they won't say they weren't warned. DEVASTATION IS COMING! Are they ready? Ask them what they have done for ME?

Prophecy 56:

Entitle this Elisabeth, Warn Them! Those that mock you and say, "Oh you've been warning of judgment every day. Warn Them! Just as in the days of Noah, how few paid attention 'til the flood came. Just as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. No one paid attention 'til it was too late. Warn Them! America, you think you're flying so high. But you don't understand, for only one purpose have I protected you, America, and that is because of those who call out in MY Name and pray, "Spare America, give America more time!" But where is the repentance, America? Where is the covering of your face in shame? For the atrocities still go on and MY Son's Name is damned.

When I have mercy, they throw the mercy back in MY face. When I have mercy, because the prophets pray, "Please don't do it now," because when I have mercy and the people rise up and pray, then MY apostles and prophets are branded false because I did not loose judgment that day. Warn Them, MY Daughter. Do not be surprised how few will listen. Warn Them, MY Daughter so the blood will not be on your hands. Tell them the dream below, but they do not understand, for their ears are deaf. Satan fills them with wax. Their eyes are dim, satan covers their eyes. Their mouth can only speak slander and destruction to those that I deem are MINE. But those that are MINE are sealed; those that are MINE are protected. But warn them, MY daughter, so they will not say I did not warn them, I did not send an apostle and a prophet to warn them to repent and pray.

Prophecy 58:

I, YAHUVEH say, "People you must repent, stand in the gap, weep, fast and pray for America before judgment falls on her again." Please post a prayer for America. I, YAHUVEH instruct you to post all Prophecies pertaining to America. Don't be afraid of offending America, but if you don't obey be afraid of offending ME. I, YAHUVEH say to you President Bush, "You must call a national day of fasting, mourning, day of repentance, and you must fall on your face before ME, before the world, you must humble yourself, repent, weep, fast and pray so MY hand of judgment will be lifted off of America." Christians and Jews, listen to the scriptures "If MY People who are called by MY NAME will humble themselves, and pray and seek MY face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land." (2 Chron 7:14)

Prophecy 60:

I'M angry, but not at those who can hear MY voice. I'M angry at those who refuse to hear for Hell was not created for a human not even the Lake of Fire was created for a human. I sent a redeemer, MY own Son, to keep you out of these places. I gave MY Son, for I love you so much. I redeemed what the first Adam had done and yet how many of you are Hell bent. How many of you are afraid to witness to your family? How many of you live in houses unequally yoked with a spouse that hates MY very NAME? With a spouse that hates all that is Holy and yet they say, "I am doing this for YAHUVEH's and YAHUSHUA's NAME."

Prophecy 62:

Beware, MY Children, of poison injected in your veins. Beware, MY Children, of the very air you breathe. Beware, MY Children, of the very water you drink. Truly if it were not for MY mercy, life would be erased off the face of the Earth. Beware, MY Children, of what you have injected in you. Remember where your faith and your trust is. Stand up for what is right. Stand up for your freedoms now. Preachers, stop taking the bribes, for you've been silenced far too long. I will hold you accountable for not warning MY Sheep!

Prophecy 71:

I speak this again through her; you must put action behind your words. You must not only say you care, but prove you care. Rebuke and warn those who do abominations and love and support those that are putting action behind MY Holy words. Faith without works is dead. Woe be unto a creation who doesn't worship the Creator of all. Only the Potter has the authority to destroy His clay vessels. Some vessels were created to bring ME Glory; some were only fit for destruction. Look around you, even the sun explodes with MY fiery rage like never before.

 Prophecy 77:

Remember this, MY Children, one with ME, YAHUVEH; through the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA are a majority, a million even ten million without ME, without MY Son YAHUSHUA's Blood covering them is in the minority. You can do all things through I, YAHUVEH that strengthens you. So this is just one of the new births, MY Children that I have sent you forth. Walk not into their churches smug and even on a Sunday. Do not despise them for what they do not know, do not condemn them for what they do not know, for I have forgiven them for it is only after they know that they are held accountable for what they know, just like you are.

Prophecy 83:

This doesn't mean that all Sunday churches are evil now, but you are so close now, the end is nigh, you must warn the people where the pastors are failing to do so. You must teach the truth of the Hebrew Sacred NAMES of I, YAHUVEH and MY Son YAHUSHUA the only MESSIAH, the only Blood shed for humanity for the remission of sins. I will accept no other blood sacrifice, and no other intercessor can intercede for you. That includes no so-called dead saints. Not even YAHUSHUA's own mother, Miryam (Mary), for even she needed YAHUSHUA as her MESSIAH.

Warn them now so they will become accustomed to using the Hebrew NAME YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH and the RUACH ha KODESH. Satan does not want to counterfeit the NAME YAHUSHUA with MY NAME YAH in it. There are millions reading this that will be the Guests at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and blessed you shall be. However, you will see all or part of the Great Tribulation and your eyes shall be forced to behold the horror. Remember this, MY wrath is not appointed unto you, it is appointed to MY enemies. Stay holy and don't compromise and call upon the NAME of YAHUSHUA and rely on HIS strength and anointing and hang on tight to your faith, for it will not be easy. For there will be mind waves in the air that will try and brainwash you. Learn Holy Scriptures now to use as a weapon during that time, for Bibles will be banned, but even satan will not be able to burn all the bibles.