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We need to speak up! / So called pastors

Prophecy 31:

Do not partake in this war do not believe the propaganda that is said, the excuses made. The governments have their own motivations and pleasing the Great GOD 'I AM' is not one of them. Rescuing the downtrodden is not one of the reasons. Acting in arrogance and pride is one of the reasons. Pray your leaders will repent of this evil before it is too late.

Protest, speak out against this war. America, you have brought this upon yourselves through your pride and your domineering spirit. You have brought what is to come to a nation I have personally protected with MY hand thus far. War has not come to your shores but will.

Prophecy 32:

Don't expect any blessings from ME for when the time comes you cry out for MY deliverance remember where are you when the innocent needed your voices to defend them? War for the sake of greed. Man playing God and MY people stand silent. What will you do, you who stand silent and watch the bombing of innocent men, women and children, you now are wearing their blood on your garments. If everyone would just do something to speak out if every church would just speak out against this. Fast, pray and intercede. Don't close your doors till you see MY hand of deliverance.

America, woe be unto you, for blood shed has not come to your shores from war for many years but you have now called it upon yourselves. I am yet staying the hand of the executioner for the sake of the few who cry out for mercy. But when it comes there will be no warning. In the silence of the night it shall strike with no warnings. You're so puffed up with pride you think no nation shall strike back but woe be unto you America, for when it comes time to strike it shall not be by one hand that hits, you but by many hands that strike you for what you have partaken in. Your allies will be nowhere in sight for they will be battling for their own countries. Woe be unto you MY Children who support this war, your money is blood soaked.

Your spiritual leaders who every week holds Church or Temple and yet do not lead the people to fast, pray and intercede against this. Two wrongs do not make a right. How can you condemn murder on one hand and yet applaud it on the other hand as long as your nation is doing the murdering. Hypocrites! How can you say we must support our political leaders when what they do is wrong? Yes, I put the political leaders in office. I also put the evil pharaoh as a corrupt ruler. Did I tell Moses to obey him when he was ungodly? Did I not tell the Israelites to flee this ungodly ruler? Did I not tell Moses to warn this ungodly ruler? Did I not create the evil pharaoh and yes, even Hitler and Mussolini for MY wrath and destruction for the evil they had done in MY sight.

I charge you with this, spiritual leaders and all those remaining silent you are no different than those that remained silent during the Holocaust. I charge you with this, political leaders who remain silent knowing what is being done is wrong, yet daring not to rock the boat in fear. You shall have your boat rocked but it will be by the hand of 'I AM's wrath. I will not only rock it, I will turn your lives upside down and hold you under.