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We need to speak up! / So called pastors

Parents save your children

Prophecy 15:

Why have MY People stood by and been silent? Music that was created for beauty and for healing to the soul and for praise and worship to ME is now being used by Hell and satan to lead MY Children away from Holiness and instead is putting the spirits of unholiness in them. Are you listening to your children's music? Do you really think it's harmless? They have been demonized through music. You have not protected your children; violence and rebellion are pounded in your children daily.

Are you paying attention to the games? Those are inventions from Hell. Are you paying attention to the television programs they watch? The horror movies they attend that only hardens their heart to murder and violence. Till at last satan has them see a real murder on the news and they say so what, no big deal. Rebellion against the parents and in America the laws of this land say it's wrong to spank your children.

Satan is setting it up now by taking the child abuse that is in the minority and saying, "Beware, it will create child abusers if you spank your children." Read MY Word that cannot lie. Your children are not in rebellion because of discipline, but because of lack of discipline. I created the hindquarters not only for sitting, but also for spanking. The government seeks to raise your children. They are doing it already and you don't understand what is happening. Even the schools are teaching them to obey their rules, not YAHUVEH's rules. Respect the government and the laws of this land are plainly heard in America or you will be punished. Yet with the same voice, it is spoken, "Rebel against Holiness." Young girls have rights to get abortions without the parent's knowledge. The states have taken your rights away.

The children are handed condoms and told go ahead, have sex without consequences. We won't tell your parents. Laws are passed to encourage rebellion against what I have taught. Even your own president mocks MY Ten Commandments. Yet do the people care? They only care, how does it affect them.

I am sickened as Holiness is mocked on your television programs. Your children are being taught that homosexuality is another lifestyle. Clinton is going to make this legal for homosexuals not to be discriminated against whether it be a pastor or be a teacher.

Prophecy 18:

Children are being force fed blood and gore on television through the movies and games they play. Children are being force fed violence, death, destruction, homosexuality, porn, hatred and rebellion just to name a few. They are being taught Holiness is not needed for today.

Yet in your children they kill and they kill the good as well as the evil in games. Beware, like I have asked before out of this handmaiden, "What is satan feeding your children tonight through the media, through their peers, through the games or books they read and through their music?" Beware, satan knows I came into this world as a innocent child and now he seeks to punish the children, to corrupt their souls and eventually take them to hell with him.

Your babies are getting pregnant and told it's alright, just get an abortion they are told. 

I prophesy now something so horrible to contemplate but the murders are going to become more prevalent. The parents will fear their children. The children will control their parents as this rebellion has been allowed to grow. The states will say, "They own your children." The states will pass laws to keep your children from getting disciplined by the parents. Parental rights have been stripped away little by little till soon you parents will have no rights. Don't let this continue. Satan can't take what you don't give him. Take back your children in MY NAME. Take your children out of these dens of iniquities; you are educating them at the expense of their souls.

Seek ME while I can be found easily and I will show you another way to educate your children, both the things in the spiritual realm and physical realm. I will once again give them back the desire for Holiness and for morality. There is a veil of darkness that has descended on the public school system, and the cloak of darkness has come from the very pits of Hell and it is covering many of the youth of this nation, who are not worshipping ME as their Lord and Savior. The children are suffering for the parents sin of not teaching them who YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is. I am their only protection. Satan has been welcomed in your schools and unholiness abounds in them. Stand up parents; take your children out of schools that will not allow MY Holiness to be part of the rearing of your children. Stand up parents and tell the government these children you have the right to discipline. I discipline those that I love. They must know the fear of Almighty GOD YAHUVEH once again and the fear of their parents. Godly, respectful fear that builds character and nourishes the soul knowing there are rules and if you break the rules you will pay.

The schools are paying now. The government is paying now. The parents are paying now. They seek to pass laws and it shall come to pass, only if you allow it, that you will be forbidden to spank your children. Most of all, the youth of this nation and world is paying now. They need ME and yet so few parents are teaching them that I am the only way, truth and life. Holiness is necessary and is to be stressed in these end times. Fear this law! Fight this law! For if you think your children are rebellious now you have only had a glimpse of this rebellion. The blood is not only on these children's hands that murdered, the blood is on the Board of Education. The blood is on the parents hands that did not teach their children Holiness. The blood is on the government's hands. The blood is on America and it is not MY Son's Blood, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, that now covers this nation, but the innocent blood of the million babies that are murdered daily, 24 hours a day.

When you said murdering the babies is legal as long as they are in the mother's wombs and we can't hear their silent screams and wails that only I can hear. I tell you the screams and wails will come from the children you can hear, children of the heathen, children who you can see, children who are so innocent but are not unlike the babes in the wombs being murdered. One murder is the same, one rebellion is the same, and the spirit of unholiness is the same. I see all and I hear all! Unless this nation repents for the slain children you will see more slain children. Think not I am a GOD to be mocked any longer. Your churches preach MY love and yet they won't teach MY Children I am also a GOD of ALMIGHTY LOVE and ALMIGHTY WRATH! In times of old I had children stoned in the front of the town square.

 Prophecy 39:

Anointed Holy Eagles, I have given you the keen eyesight of an Eagle. You can discern your enemy and prey from afar off. I have given you sharp razor talons that carry MY double-edged sword. Use it for MY glory! Think nothing is impossible when you call upon MY Name YAHUSHUA. What was impossible before will not be any more, if you can just believe with your own eyes you shall see. The unholy vultures gather against you and seek to take the necessities of life away from you water, food, heat, shelter, finances, electricity, gasoline, oil, clothes, communications. The unholy vultures seek to take your religious freedoms away from you. They look at you and mock the God you serve. Anointed Holy Eagles, they seek to destroy your nests that I so loving built with MY own hands. They seek to devour your young. The unholy vultures now devour your young and you have stood by and watched as you lost more freedom each year, as your children are taught that which I have not taught them. Not all knowledge is profitable for the young.

Your young children are being force-fed filth that has polluted their minds, bodies, spirits and, yes, souls! MY anointed Holy Eagles have said, "What am I to do, for it is out of my control?" You have called to ME, the Father Eagle, and I say to you, take back what the enemy has stolen. Take back what the unholy vultures have stolen and are stealing. I have given you the foresight how to do this. You have said it is too hard. Is it not hard to watch your children be led to hell? You have lost your right to discipline your children and you stood by as the states dictate how to raise your children and what morality to give them. Is it any wonder the younger generation is now is in rebellion? Did I not forewarn you this would happen through the prophets and apostles? Did I not forewarn you this would happen through MY Holy Word? Why do you not fight the unholy vultures? Is it because you think they out number you?

Prophecy 44:

Foolish ones, oh foolish ones! Those that I, YAHUSHUA, desire to call MINE, though you call yourselves MINE and yet why do you say you love ME and not obey ME? How can you call ME Lord and yet you disobey MY scriptures. Since when does the servant rule the Master? You do not even hear MY still small voice when I warn of the dangers of sorcery and demonic possessions through what your eyes see and your ears hear. Because of this, your children are becoming possessed through the films, books, and video games that are a steady diet of occult, sorcery, demonism, satanism and shamanism.

Repent today! Turn away from this evil. Turn your children instead to I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA. We alone are to be the potter of you and your children's clay. They are to be molded in our image not Harry Potter's. Even the name was chosen for a purpose, to mold your children into the image of the fictional character of Harry Potter. Does not MY Scriptures say, "Train up a child in the way he shall go and when he is old he will not depart from it." What are you doing oh foolish ones? You are training your children up to be warlocks, shamans, witches and Satanists. Oh what a price you will pay when your own children turn on you with evil spirits that will make you wonder, where did your children go? You will look at them with eyes of wonder, for your innocent babes will be possessed with every kind of evil spirit.

Why will I allow these innocents to be harmed in this way, where their very soul will be endangered? Because I gave the parents a choice, even the heathens know better, for they know that children are not to have occult powers. They realize that witchcraft is a sin and yet your own airwaves promote this, even to the children through sitcoms. Do you boycott the television stations or boycott the advertisers? NO, you remain silent and warn no one. Does not MY Word say, 'Suffer a witch to be burned in hell and the Lake of Fire,' they shall burn after they die if they do not repent. Oh MY foolish ones this is the penalty you shall pay.

They shall burn in hell and the Lake of Fire after they die, if they do not repent. Oh MY foolish ones. This is the penalty you shall pay for taking your children to the Harry Potter film, they shall become possessed. They shall turn on you in rebellion, in ways you never dreamed of. For these are your own innocent children, who relied on you to teach them right from wrong, yet you encourage them to view and study witchcraft, satanism, shamanism, demonism, in what you deem is a harmless movie or in harmless books full of humor and yet feeding them this diet of evil, knowing it is evil and laughing at this evil. How can you call yourselves parents?

 Parents protect MY innocent children. Their minds are so pliable and instead of good being planted, you allow this evil Harry Potter to plant evil in your children's minds, bodies, spirits, and souls, as they seek these demonic powers and yes multitudes will receive this power. What you laugh about is a reality. There are some who are possessed with demons that can take on some of these evil powers and the power is not only in MY Holy Word but also the evil ones know that there is power in demonic chants and words. These words and deeds you will find in the Harry Potter books and films. Parents you are responsible for feeding your children food, both physical and spiritual food. You don't feed your children poison, so why would you allow satan to feed your children poison? Poison to your soul and your children's mind, body, spirit and soul.

Satan mocks and laughs at you parents, as you lift the spoon to feed your children's souls this evil. It is more evil than before, in any film, or in any of the children's books. There is a spell cast on all by this evil reprobate worker of satan, who takes pride in her unholy acts of witchcraft. Evil spells have been cast on all her writings and the film has evil spells that causes anyone to watch to think wouldn't this be wonderful, if I had this kind of power? This opens one up to the mind-controlling, mind-manipulating, mind-altering, power hungry, anti-christ spirit. Walk-in spirits will easily walk in to all those that open up this door to their mind, body spirit and soul. There have been spells, chants and incantations put on the books and film and all that comes forth from anything to do with Harry Potter, to cause a hunger for more knowledge of the occult and a hunger to rebel and spells to mock I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA and all that is holy and to accept what I, YAHUVEH, have called unholy. To accept what MY Holy Scriptures forbid.

Your children are paying and will pay a price, for you foolish parents have allowed this evil into your homes, and allowed this evil into their ears and allowed them to view it with their eyes. Shame on all who do these atrocities and call themselves MINE. Repent today and turn away from this evil or don't call yourself MINE anymore for I won't even know you. Be warned, do you not yet understand? Pray and discern whether this be truth and whether it lines up with MY Holy Scriptures. If it does not, then don't listen to this apostle's warnings that I am speaking through her now. Encouraging your children to read and watch films glorifying the occult is an abomination unto I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA! Listen up, learn and discern.

This is the same as passing your children through the fire. This is the same as sacrificing your children to Molech. Don't you dare think you're called MINE when you sacrifice MY children, not only in abortions, but now even endangering them by sacrificing their souls? Opening their souls and spirits up to all that I call unholy. Don't you yet realize that satan wants your children's souls? Satan wants to bring anarchy to your homes and the spirit of rebellion, murder, thievery, and disobedience, oh this comes with various ages, and environments of children just from living in this wicked world. How much more will it be for all those that allow their children to feed on this evil? Encourage this evil, and yet call themselves Christians or Jews. Even those worshipping a heathen god like Buddha or Allah, be warned when I say all children, this means you also.

I, YAHUVEH, gave you children with a mandate to protect your little ones. I, YAHUVEH, put a maternal instinct in the mothers of children to protect them even at the cost of their lives. Fathers, I have put this in you also, to provide and care and protect your families. How can you do this atrocity in MY eyes. Where are the spiritual leaders warning about this film and the books that just increase in evil with every volume? Do you not realize what satan is doing and will be doing to a greater degree? Picture demon possessions of children all over the world, in every language, where even the parents will fear their own children, picture these children and anyone that views this movie becoming possessed and their hearts growing colder and colder and faith dying out like an ember because of the spirit of rebellion to laugh at what I have forbidden.

You parents who endanger your children's souls like this, do not even realize how angry you have made I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA. It is better that a millstone be hung around your neck and you drowned. Don't expect ME to hear your prayers, when you cry out to ME when you see the children possessed. Did you listen to ME when I warned you with MY RUACH ha KODESH? I will hear your prayers to the degree you have listened to ME to warn you not to let your children be entertained with what I have forbidden you to study, or to take part in the teachings of devils. Don't be surprised when your little ones start practicing casting spells. Don't be surprised when your little ones turn on you in hatred. Don't be surprised, for you fed them these evil books that teach everything against the only Good Book.

How many of you parents are buying merchandise for your children and don't even realize it is witchcraft, with spells rooted in satanism and it is causing you to spend money by giving it to satan and his works each time you do this. Don't be surprised when the spirit of poverty comes to you for doing this. Don't be surprised when children start killing each other and sacrificing their own animals. Don't be surprised when demons walk in to your children and you no longer have a child that wants to read the Bible or even hear the Name of the God you serve; when your child will hate all that is Holy.

I tell you this: I, YAHUVEH, am the POTTER, you and your children are to be MY clay. I, YAHUVEH, am to mold you, not Harry Potter. The growth of this evil potter that will plant in your minds and in that of your children, that casting spells is harmless and controlling and manipulating others is the thing to do. Beware, for your children all over the world, in every language will become possessed, and if you don't see it right away, don't be surprised, for some demonic possessions will not be noted right away, for the demons will lay dormant and in wait. Do you realize how many souls will be sacrificed to satan because of this occult film and all the books that you fed your children? Do you realize this is real and those practicing the black arts, shamanism, satanism, are not laughing at the film and books, they are laughing at all those that don't take this seriously.

Forbid your children to be taken to this film or to read the books. If you have the books in the house or in your grandchildren's house, pray over the books, cast the curses off of the books, plead the Blood of YAHUSHUA over the books, ask MY forgiveness if you have sinned and encouraged this in any way. Come to ME in the name of YAHUSHUA and burn those books. Boycott the schools that allow this to be part of its curriculum. Get the teachers fired if they insist to teach your children witchcraft. Forbid them to feed your children anymore of this evil. The teachers will regret this. The schools that take part in this will regret this, for if they think they have problems now with the students, just wait until what the children view in the Harry Potter movie and books is used to experiment on the teachers and parents. Satan will give your children the occult powers to harm. Your own children shall become your worst enemies.

Repent today! Turn away from this evil. Turn your children instead to I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA. We alone are to be the potter of you and your children's clay. They are to be molded in our image, not Harry Potter's. Even the name was chosen for a purpose, to mold your children into the image of the fictional character of Harry Potter. Demonic spirits are waiting and watching to see who will open themselves up to demonic possessions through the gates of this movie and the books. There is no good knowledge to be gained through the books or movie, so why do you endanger MY precious little ones? Demons are walking into your children. Children will walk into the theaters, but it won't be your children that walk out.

You have been warned! You won't notice it right away. Some will and some parents won't, but I tell you your children will be taken over, little by little, the more they feed on this addiction that is going around the world, not for a drug or sex but for the feeding frenzy of learning and studying and practicing the black arts of the occult, setting the world up for the anti-christ system to be accepted more readily. Remember the anti-christ will do the things your children read in the Harry Potter books and films and even more.

Parents who call themselves MINE and don't repent and warn others, know this: because of your rebellion I, YAHUVEH, will turn a deaf ear when you pray, and dare to face ME after I have warned you and when you come weeping to ME and I will say, "You were warned" and now you shall feed on MY wrath and you won't like the taste of it. All of Heaven watches and you are surrounded with a cloud of witnesses. How many after this prophetic warning will care enough and warn others. You are held accountable for what you know. Don't say you don't know, for even before I spoke out of this apostle of mine, you know I demand you protect your children and how can you say this is protecting your children. America, where is your repentance before ME? Why do you keep heaping judgments upon your head? I hear prayers going forth in YAHUSHUA's Name, yet where is the turning away of sin?

England, you have brought judgment from Heaven upon you. Repent, for this wickedness comes from your own land. England, you have done nothing to stop it. Why? How can MY spiritual leaders stay silent? Why are not the churches putting warnings out in newspapers and on the airwaves? Why are not MY children boycotting every store and product that promotes this witchcraft and demon possessions? Why are not the parents protesting, and refusing to allow the schools to feed your children what you have not fed your children.

Beware the more the steady of a diet of this evil; the more the demonic possessions will be quite evident. Parents, is this really worth your children's souls? All who feed on this diet of the occult, is this worth your souls? Depart from ME, ye workers of inequity, I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA will not know you, if you don't repent and turn back to Holiness, and repent for staying silent. Where are MY other apostles and prophets that should be sounding the shofar horn warning of the danger to mind, body, spirit and soul, of all who view this film, and read the books? You have been warned. Now it is your choice.

Who do you choose to be your potter I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA, or Harry Potter? That film and books will only mold you and your children into all that is unholy. It is your choice. Don't say I don't send MY apostles and prophets to warn before I send MY judgment. Even the ground shakes in fear at the anger of I, YAHUVEH. How much more should you who are commanded to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. I admonish you now, and tell you the blood of the children all over the world will be on your hands, for you did not warn them.

The blood of the unborn babies which are aborted, tortured, used in medical experiments, in cosmetics and sacrificed for selfish reasons is on your hands. There is no good reason to kill innocent babes. All who do this will answer to ME on Judgment Day, if they don't repent and warn others. Now you have a new blood of the children on your hands, all because you refuse to warn others not to feed your children the occult as a food for your mind, body, spirit, and soul. Harry Potter will mold your children into witches, warlocks, and Satanists casting spells that will terrify you. Houses will become possessed with every kind of evil spirit. Plead the Blood of YAHUSHUA even on the commercials and speak up to even the television that endangers your children with the commercials that loose demonic spirits. Speak up to your radio stations. Boycott those that refuse to listen. Hit them where it hurts, their bank accounts. Speak up to the schools that promote this. Fight the spirit of the anti-christ, before it is too late.

Ask yourself, would your public school take the time to read the Holy Scriptures in a classroom? Would your public schools take your children to see a passion play of the life of YAHUSHUA? Then why are you allowing satan to teach your children? Get them out of the dens of the anti-christ before it is too late. The world's children are being groomed now just as surely as hair is groomed, therefore the name Harry Potter. This film, worldwide will be shown and yet it should not be received as the kind of grooming you want your children to have, nor even yourselves.

There has been a lot of planning by satanists to take over the minds, bodies, spirits and souls of you and your children, using the vessels that promote this evil. What are you going to do about it? It's your choice, for I will not help anyone that has the ability to warn and the knowledge, and yet endangers their children or the children of others by remaining silent. The walk-in spirits are laying in wait for your children, as well as yourself. What is the price of your soul? What is the price of your children's souls? I, YAHUVEH, have told MY Daughter Elisabeth to warn you. How many will listen? Warn even the heathen or the blood will be on your hands! There are those who have the knowledge to know how to assemble boycotts. Don't remain silent any longer or the blood is on your hands. This is only one vessel of clay that I have molded to speak forth these warnings, now what will you do to help her get this message to the masses of people?