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We need to speak up! / So called pastors


Prophecy 16:

Warn about Craig Martin (Vanguard), Andrew Strom (Revival ministry), and Pam Clark (Prophecy Site), warn them. For these so-called prophecy groups are speaking forth lies and cursing MY Prophets by using the 3 monkey curses. Beware of books authored by the wolves that seek to lead MY Prophets astray. I warn you for many have already fallen into the traps being taught error doctrines. They must repent for twisting and voiding MY Word. There is a thus saith the Lord and they are receiving it now.

Prophecy 17:

Sheep and lambs warn the shepherds I have named so they can repent. Only I know who will have the heart to hear MY voice and speak forth these same words to their pastors who are so busy redecorating and rebuilding and are thinking of new ways to fleece the wool from the sheep, leaving them naked twisting even MY Holy Word to do this to their benefit. Warn them for I am chasing them with MY ROD of wrath and judgment this year, thus sayeth Almighty GOD YAHUVEH.

Prophecy 90:

On that morning YAHUVEH woke you and said, "Beware, every ministry named after man shall fall, for when the shepherd falls the sheep scatter." {On February 21, 1988}

Pride enters in when a man or woman does this. So beware Joyce Meyers, Marilyn Hickey, Juanita Bynum, Paula White, Jan Crouch, Paul Crouch, Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes, Jessie Duplantis, Joel Osteen, among countless others both women and men, you once were so humble, filled with MY Spirit, and now are ready for a great fall. Because of your pride you shall be knocked off your pedestals and if you do not repent from your wicked ways, that which has been done in secret shall be shouted from the housetops and you shall be buried under your own pedestals.

Prophecy 91:

I am using this ministry to judge those who think that they have been promoted, I will use this ministry under MY Anointing, to pull you down from the pedestals you have placed yourself upon and I shall bury you underneath them. You, Juanita Bynam, you are a whore in MY eyes!!! You are all I despise, I not only just speak of you, I say this to all those who do secret sins and preach one way to Heaven and yet their own spirits will never enter in. John Hagee, Juanita Bynam, Benny Hinn, Ron Howard, Rodney Howard Brown, you are doomed.

 Jack Barr, you're a dead man. You know MY Words, you don't live MY Words. The one who calls himself "Zeph Daniels," (a.k.a. Woody Keith) and his wife, you're only fit for hell and the Lake of Fire. Richard Keltner, you've been playing games too long, the depths of your depravity has been going on way too long. I'll not take the time to list all the names. Most of the names Elisabeth you won't even know. They send their curses, they do their rituals. Peggy LeTrent, who do you think you're fooling? I call out your name. You are nothing but a game player but Elisabeth sees through you. She had to get too close to the stove and she got burnt.

Prophecy 92:

Evangelists and Pastors are suppose to feed MY truths and to lead by example. These evil ones have compromised, twisted MY words to conform into their own self made comfortable image that strives to offend no one. All of these named have proven by their works and thoughts they have lost their fear of YAHUVEH. They will all quote the scriptures, but all of them have gone astray. Creflo Dollar, I have this against you, you worship the Almighty Dollar! Paul and Jan Crouch, Joel Osteen, Marilyn Hickey, Joyce Meyers, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Steven Munsey, Rick Joyner, Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, Richard and Lindsey Roberts, Juanita Bynum and Thomas Weeks, Paula White, Rodney Howard-Browne, Mike Murdock, Carman, Billy Graham, TD Jakes, Rod Parsley and Kim Clement. These are just a few examples of Evangelical Prosperity Pimps and they are pimps for the devil as they have forsaken their original calling and humble beginnings. Evangelical Prosperity Pimps have named the Ministries or Churches after themselves.

This Ministry. This Minister. This Prophet. This Ring Maiden of MINE has not lied! She warned you ahead of time, do not listen to the lies of Kenneth Copeland! Do not listen to the lies of Choo Thomas! Do not listen to the lies of Shelby Corbitt! Do not listen to the lies of Sherry Shriner! And now she adds, do not listen to the lies of Linda Newkirk! The false prophets are lining up and they are doing battle with MY true Holy Prophets! And it shall be like a war like no other!

Kim Clement, you are a liar! Rick Joyner, you are the spawn of satan! This is only the beginning! 2008 shall be a war like none other! As I call forth this Ring Maiden, as I called forth Elijah of Old. Fire! Fire! Fire! Shall fall on the prophets of Baal! You prophecy out of satan's mouth! For YAHUVEH is not a YAHUVEH that will lie. Away from ME you date setters! Is it any wonder when YAHUSHUA comes how few will have faith left?

Propehcy 103:

Instead of rebuking one another, instead of saying, "A lying, deceiving spirit has spoken from your dream, your vision, your revelation," where was the rebuke for Pastor (F.M.) Riley? Where was the rebuke for Jim Bramlett? And all the others who spoke falsely? What's the matter Jim? You won't post it. You won't acknowledge it. How many have been torn down? How many have been embarrassed, humiliated, given up, instead of admitting that you were wrong? Pastor Riley, I have this against you, you who use your format at Five Doves, it is not enough just to be in elementary school, call it grammar, kindergarten, in your eyes, preschool. When someone just accepts YAHUSHUA they're in preschool. They haven't even yet begun to obey the Ten Laws yet you guarantee them Heaven?! You guarantee them the rapture?! You give a date that does not come.