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We need to speak up! / So called pastors

Oprah Winfrey

Prophecy 13:

Even a beloved talk show host that the world knows once was MINE but now has gone astray. The world embraces her for she stands for the world. She no longer stands up for Holiness, but instead scoffs at what she knows is Holy. She mocks the Word of YAHUVEH she once believed. Seeking other gods for her itching ears, she has gone a whoring after other gods, yet tell her to REPENT and come back to ME for it is I who have given her this favor and popularity, so she would lead others to MY saving Blood at Calvary. Tell this to Oprah Winfrey. Tell her MY Child, tell her for ME for Princess Diana's fate will be hers for all eternity if she doesn't quickly repent and come back to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, who paid the price, so she could be from satan's grip set free. Tell Oprah Winfrey, to come back to Calvary to come back to the roots of her forefathers where she belongs. Tell her no one can love her like I love her.

Tell her I have blessed her with every desire of her heart, and nothing can fill that GOD made void but ME. I am waiting for her to return and yet she calls herself MINE, and MY Spirit is far from her. Tell her for ME MY Daughter, I weep for her. I weep for this world she leads astray. Tell Oprah, MY Child, tell her for ME though she may mock, she will know in her spirit a Prophet of YAHUVEH has warned her and the one I have sent is thee. Tell her MY Child, tell her for ME, return to the GOD of Holiness she once worshiped, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH who paid the price at Calvary. Tell her she must live by the Holy Word of YAHUVEH, or she will never see her family that waits for her in Heaven. Tell her, tell her MY Daughter for ME for I have called you to minister to the world's talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

Tell her she was meant to be MINE, yet she has run from ME time after time. Tell her MY Daughter, tell her for ME. All of MY Children that watch her each day, and make her rich, quote the words that she says, I now convict you sorely with a message like this. You call yourself by MY NAME, yet you watch her daily take the meaning of Holiness and profane. Rise up and tell her, tell her for ME, you also are MY voices that must bring her back to the Spirit of repentance through MY Blood Shed at Calvary. Tell her MY Children; tell her for ME it's you she tries and pleases and not ME.

 Prophecy 92:

Do not follow Oprah Winfrey. Do not support her, or encourage her, by watching her programs or buying her books she promotes. Oprah Winfrey will send you to hell if you believe Oprah's gospel. She rebukes Children of MINE before the world, who were sent to warn her that there is only one way to Heaven and that is through the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. The women I used to do battle with her called ME by the Greek name JESUS CHRIST when they confronted her on her television program. Oprah battled with them before millions and rebuked them angrily and said, 'She refused to believe there is only one way to Heaven.' She believes there are multiple paths to Heaven, one way can not be right.

Beware of Oprah Winfrey, as I prophesied through Elisabeth Elijah years ago she has sold her soul to satan for fame and fortune and now does her good works saying, "Good works is one of her way's to heaven." She became a Judas and where once she taught the truth, she has now forsaken it and chosen a path that leads to hell. You have been warned, and I will hold MY Holy Children accountable for supporting or encouraging her in anyway. Oprah Winfrey will lead souls to the antichrist, the one I call the only begotten son of satan, who came before in the form of Judas.