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We need to speak up! / So called pastors

Linda Newkirk

Prophecy 93:

You shall shout it from the housetops. You shall shout it from the internet. First I show you and I expose the one called Sherry Shriner as a false prophet, as an alien and now I show you Linda Newkirk who has crossed the line and can no longer even use the excuse of insanity. She dares call herself the Queen of Heaven? Even the spirit of insanity has no excuse before ME! Linda Newkirk, you have committed BLASPHEMY! No excuse for your mental health! For you were warned not to print this! Delusions of grandeur have now destroyed you. Not only your mind, not only your body but now you've doomed your soul. And all those who have bought her books, and have bought Sherry Shriner's books, I hold you now accountable. Burn those books!

Elisabeth, I rest you up for a great war that's coming, for the new revelations I'm speaking forth. The small message I've already spoken, you will post it before the world to let them know there's something more coming. YAHUSHUA's Demon Stompers, well done, MY faithful servants! Well done MY faithful beloved ones! You stand in the front lines. You sacrifice an hour of your time. For this Ministry is no ordinary ministry. I use it as a David to slay the Goliaths. The one who calls herself Sherry Shriner, claims to hear from ME and reveals so called Bible codes she twists at her whim. But she says, "Throw away any disciple that followed Paul." I tell you true, this one isn't listening to Heaven at all. But Linda Newkirk, you crossed a line not even Sherry Shriner has crossed. Beware MY Beloved Ones, for the devil is angry, for he knows his time is short. Linda Newkirk, you have not only aroused the ire of ABBA YAHUVEH, you have not only aroused the ire of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, but you have aroused and you have grieved to the extreme the ONE who is called the RUACH ha KODESH! I am the only QUEEN OF HEAVEN!!! And I will share MY Glory with no one!!

Who are you to say that you gave birth to YAHUSHUA?! For first I did it in Heaven. The ONE that's called the HOLY SPIRIT is the MOTHER of YAHUSHUA. It is I and only I that allowed the priviledge for Miryam, called Mary in others' tongues, to carry MY Child in her womb. But even she had to be a virgin.
Who are you Linda Newkirk?! What blasphemy you have done! Who are you Linda Newkirk to think you can bypass the cross? To say any heathen can come to Heaven, to be at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. I will not excuse you the spirit of insanity for you had your lucid moments. You know what you have done. And I warn now, let this Word go forth, anyone who transcribes this garbage sent from hell and proclaims it as truth is not written in the Lamb's Book of Life. You shall pay the same price she pays. You shall swim in the same Lake of Fire . I send this Prophet forth to warn before I send MY Judgment. Be not deceived for YAHUVEH is not easily mocked and I am not easily grieved.

I am releasing revelations as I set Elisabeth aside and the secrets that have been locked in, starting with Ezekiel 9, for I tell you this, it shall be secrets and revelations for she is that Scribe and Judgment starts at the House who claims to be of YAHUVEH. Sin is to know what is right and still continue to do wrong. "I come for a Bride without spot or wrinkle," YAHUSHUA speaks it forth again and again. Linda Newkirk, how dare you think you can just let anyone in?! Who gave you the keys to Heaven? Where did you get the keys Linda Newkirk? You have prophesied falsely. Now let the Holy raise up, everyone that hears this Word and rebuke her! Rebuke Sherry Shriner! Remember the warning I have given because the war has just begun. And it's not even 2008.

And those of you who will read this Prophecy and who believe that you are to be part of YAHUSHUA'S Demon Stompers, you've already put YAHUSHUA first in your love, and your life. You sacrifice all to HIM. You do not get tempted with sin. Write, introduce yourself, but woe be unto any enemy that seeks to creep in. Be warned, this group has discernment and the wolf shall die for I will not allow this group to be contaminated. There's innocent little sheep and lambs that try to creep in and as a little child they'll say, "I want to fight. I want to fight." I just pat them on the head and just say, "Wait till you grow up a little bit more. For you need to be ministered to, more than you are fit to be a minister. You need to be prayed for more than you are a prayer warrior. Continue to grow MY little ones. Do not take it as an insult for you just can't take the fire of the front lines." That is why this is an elite force assembled by Heaven. The Holy angels came themselves and told Elisabeth of the birth of this new ministry, YAHUSHUA'S Demon Stompers. For the Glory goes to HIM alone. Only through HIS Name, only through HIS Blood is any prayer answered. These are the Words that I have to say this day. Elisabeth felt MY anger stir up, she went to go speak in English. Instead MY Holy tongues of anger came forth. This is how this Word came forth. On this date of December 26, 2007, so it is spoken and so it shall be written each Word that has been spoken underneath the anointing and through the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and through the Blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.