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We need to speak up! / So called pastors

John Machaffie

Prophecy 92:

They deceive people, quoting scriptures as if they lived them, and yet they do not. Beware of the wolves disguised as leaders where people gather and discuss MY coming again. One in particular that hates this ministry, plots the rapture date. As if I am listening to them. They dare to call themselves rapturenow and the leaders have not MY HOLY SPIRIT within them. They lie to themselves and others, yet I am not deceived. I sent MY Holy Sheep again and again into this den of wolves, where innocent lambs lay amongst the wolves, who rule this evil internet forum.

John Machaffie you are the head wolf of rapturenow and I the Good Shepherd know how to beat off the wolves and remove the fangs from MY sheep. Who are you to label Elisabeth Elijah a false prophet? Are you not the same one that insisted you would be taken to heaven in 4 weeks, and that was Sept 14, 2007? Did you not speak it loud and clear over the internet and to all who would listen? Did you not say, that JESUS said 9 times to you,"You will be in Heaven in 4 weeks?" Well, since I, YAHUSHUA, cannot lie, and you are still alive and on earth and it is past Sept. 14, can you not admit you do not know MY voice? How then can you judge others and brand them a false prophet? How can you say before a multitude of people, stay away from, it is the work of satan?

 I speak now to the rapturenow forum and use as an example, but the internet is full of so-called Christian forums with the same spirit of Jezebel! You, who slander and mock this ministry and call Elisabeth Elijah a false prophet, beware, for none of you took this to prayer. None of you tasted or tested the good fruit of this Ministry, for all of you have motivations to destroy the truths spoken through MY Prophet. Jezebel tried to kill all MY Prophets and failed, and will always fail. Just as Elijah of Old I made a way of escape, so too I protect MY Elijah of New.

Enemies of this Ministry who seek its destruction, you know you cannot do it any other way than to slander it and speak lies about Elisabeth, the one I used to birth this Ministry. Do not think I am amused, for I know the number of hairs on your heads and I am going to use the rapturenow forum as an example of what the Good Shepherd does to wolves that say they are godly and yet have no godliness within them. They quote MY Words, attack MY true Prophets, and chase them away, and yet applaud the false prophets sitting in the den of wolves, for they themselves are false prophets! None truly know ME, and this Ministry has been set up to be a refiner of metals as in Jer. 6: 27-30. People don't like that they do not measure up to what ABBA YAHUVEH expects in HIS Holy Children, so they try to stone this messenger. Yet those whose names are in the Lambs' Book of Life, know the voice of the Good Shepherd and they recognize the truths found in this Ministry.

 There are some right now that have slandered this Ministry and Prophet and yet have felt the Holy fire of MY conviction burning in your bones. Repent now privately to YAHUSHUA and publicly to Elisabeth. Others have felt the fear of YAHUVEH, knowing they have sinned against this Prophet, REPENT NOW before it is too late! Still others knew they were to write and speak forth and defend her and this Ministry, but were more afraid of what the bullies in the rapturenow and fivedoves forum would do to them, they feared Jim Bramlet and what he would say, they feared being banned from the forums, instead of what I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and ABBA YAHUVEH would do to them.

The beginning of wisdom is the fear of YAHUVEH, have you not read this in Scripture?
I caution you, test the spirit that speaks, and realize the leader of the rapturenow forum is a false prophet by his own words he has hung himself and been exposed. The governments of many nations are sitting in these forums, watching and waiting as they have spies there, taking names and disguised as sheep or prophets for the evil future days ahead. Use wisdom now and discern what I am warning about. Satan has his moderators there taking names and taking notes on all of your weaknesses, use wisdom and discern what I am warning about.

Prophecy 103:

For those of you who are counting down the days and there is a website at Five Doves, how much harm you have done and although you mean to honor ME, you build people up for such a day that you say, "The rapture shall come." You tell people, "All you have to do is accept YAHUSHUA as MASHIACH and you are guaranteed in that first rapture." You Americans are so puffed up in pride.

You say, "Before devastation happens to America, before any war can break out in America, before any nuclear bomb could hit America, we'll be gone for YAHUVEH loves Americans so much! More than anyone else on the face of this earth! Yes, we Americans, we shall be spared." Foolish, foolish, foolish, foolish, foolish, foolish, FOOLISH! Do you think that I, YAHUVEH, that MY Son YAHUSHUA, love Americans more than the rest of the world?! Where do you get these ideas from?

Instead of rebuking one another, instead of saying, "A lying, deceiving spirit has spoken from your dream, your vision, your revelation," where was the rebuke for Pastor (F.M.) Riley? Where was the rebuke for Jim Bramlett? And all the others who spoke falsely? What's the matter Jim? You won't post it. You won't acknowledge it. How many have been torn down? How many have been embarrassed, humiliated, given up, instead of admitting that you were wrong? Pastor Riley, I have this against you, you who use your format at Five Doves, it is not enough just to be in elementary school, call it grammar, kindergarten, in your eyes, preschool. When someone just accepts YAHUSHUA they're in preschool. They haven't even yet begun to obey the Ten Laws yet you guarantee them Heaven?! You guarantee them the rapture?! You give a date that does not come.