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We need to speak up! / So called pastors

Donít have the blood on your hands

Prophecy 1:

Copy this and give it to all those that have ears to listen. Let all others remain deaf. Just because they don't believe doesn't mean I will not do what I have spoken, it shall come to pass. Ezekiel 3:17-21 says warn them and if they don't listen, the blood will not be on your hands. If you don't warn them and pass on this prophecy, then they will die in their sin but the blood will be on your hands. I send my prophets to warn before the doom comes. I send MY Prophets to say a blessing is coming, before the blessing comes.

Prophecy 4:

Now please warn the people, though in the times of Noah most won't listen. Still, don't have the blood on your hands like Ezk 3:17-21 says, "Let not the blood be found on your hands." WARN THE PEOPLE! There is yet a small amount of time left, for MY Son's sake I have had mercy on the people, but the time of vengeance and judgment quickly approaches. Warn them, and seek ME while I yet can be found.

Prophecy 14:

Taxpayers beware, the blood of the unborn babies will be on all Christian and non-Christian hands, if Clinton succeeds in passing federally paid abortions. All those who have ears to listen -- hear, all others remain deaf. You who would never murder your babies will be committing murderous abortions, by allowing the government to use your tax dollars to pay for this hideous crime against YAHUVEH and Man. You will not be paying for one abortion, one murder, but untold millions of babies will die, and with the money I gave you to prosper you.

This innocent blood will be on all your hands. The wrath will fall on this nation and world undiluted and you MY People will have angered ME by remaining silent. Beware I am not only a GOD of love, but I am a GOD of mighty wrath when angered. Start protesting now. Let you voices be heard. Stand up for what you know is right, now before it's too late. Clinton condones homosexuality in the armed services. He wants you to support this sinful lifestyle.

You MY Children, you the taxpayers will be condoning it by paying their salaries, and by doing this I will no longer bless America. America will never win another world war again, it has only been by MY grace, you have not lost this country thus far. All those who have ears to hear, listen, all others remain deaf.

You who are called by MY NAME (Christians) have done little to nothing, to stop this holocaust on the unborn. You pray to your GOD to stop this, but do little else. It's the minority who lay their reputations, freedom, finances and lives down. These are MY Children I am proud of, and great will be their blessings in heaven. Does not MY Word say, "Greater love hath no man than one who lays their life down for another?" These are the ones who will have no abortion blood on their hands for they did more than talk. They put action behind their protests.

If your hands are soaked in the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) and you put action, finances behind these prayers and you warn the people, protest to the government and refuse to allow your money to go for the executions of innocent babies. Then you too will not have the blood of the innocent babies on your hands. The more you protest and pray, the less the blood will be on your hands.

Let the White House know, MY People will not accept the blood of the innocent babies on their hands, nor will you accept the stench of the sins of homosexuals, and you refuse to pay for armed services that condone homosexuals and their lifestyles. Do not allow the public schools to teach this damnable lie that will corrupt the youth of this nation, sending millions into Hell.

Homosexuality is in the minority now but will not continue to be, if this is taught as an acceptable lifestyle in schools, beware again. Taxpayers, you pay for these schools and this sin will again be on your hands if you don't rise up now and put action behind your prayers. America was given to MY People; take back what the heathen have stolen before it's too late. (Genesis 19:1-28) Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.

You MY Children, by remaining silent condoned the act of the heathens, while the government, because of a handful of people decreed no GOD in school, no bibles, no prayer; you allowed it and now wonder why the public school systems and the youth seem to be accursed. How can you ask ME to bless, what the people have said is not MINE. Take back the schools in MY NAME and take your children out of these dens of iniquities. For without MY Light, MY Presence, MY Truth, these dens will only get darker and the children also. They (the public schools) are quickly becoming dens for the antichrist and your silence and tax dollars are supporting them.

Christians were once thrown to the lions, murdered, tortured and yet they stood up for YAHUVEH. Great is their reward in heaven.

You must start somewhere, so sign petitions; take them everywhere you go, churches, mall, employment, go door to door, there is power in great numbers, PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST!

The dung hills don't stink when it's in the neighbor's yard. You look at it, shake your head, and say that's my neighbors problem, it's terrible, but it's not my responsibility.

But now I say unto you, the dung hills are now in your yards, in the front yard for all to see it's now your responsibility to clean it up. Because you are taxpayers, you MY Children must protest. The innocent unborn have no voices or screams of protest but yours, no one hears them cry but ME. Let Clinton and the heathen hear your cries of outrage. Don't you think if YAHUSHUA was walking the earth still he would protest. Where are MY Children who have been given the Spirits of Jeremiah, or John the Baptist?
Come forth MY Children who have the Spirit of the Living GOD within, all those who know, and have the power of the RUACH ha KODESH, come forth all those who know you are more than a conqueror in YAHUSHUA's NAME. Come forth, you who know what is right and what is wrong. Come forth you who understand. The government who seeks to give free abortions to the poor and also the majority are Spanish or black will be attempting to commit genocide on those who cannot save themselves.

I created all life. All life is precious in MY sight, rise up, speak up, and show the heathen all life is precious in your sight. The poor don't realize the government is doing genocide. It's cheaper to pay for a baby to be ripped from a mother's womb, pretending it's for the mother and baby's best, instead the real reason is the government doesn't want to pay 18 years for that poor mother and child's expenses. The poor must wake up and realize they are being exploited. How long before the poor will be forced to have abortions?

WAKE UP! How long before the government will force Christians to have abortions? Never could happen? They already did it to the Jewish people. Hitler almost wiped out an entire race of people. Who is next? What race? What age? Now they say kill the elderly, they've outlived their usefulness. The unborn never lived so what does it matter? It matters to ME, the Great GOD of all Creation charge you, don't stay the silent majority anymore.

Wake up MY People. You've slumbered too long. The nightmares have only begun. The dung hills are now in your yard, together we can clean it up. One voice alone is hard to hear, but millions of voices joined in one accord, in one Spirit, in one name, the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, not only will the world hear but all of Hell will hear also. Come forth MY Children, rise up, speak up, tell the heathen and devils to shut up in YAHUSHUA's NAME and you have the power, use it wisely for MY Glory and the sake of all mankind.

Prophecy 16:

There is little time so warn the people.

Prophecy 73:

Because of the mercy of MY Son I have held MY rage back. When you see one nation under GOD, the last of the seals go, you will have truly evicted even the word, the generic word GOD from your nation. You let a select few, handpicked by satan to take one freedom after another away. You remain silent yet you come to ME and pray? The enemy does not stay silent, the enemy roars and makes itself known as satan goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. So for those who do not have their sins washed in the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA, for those who have not made ME and MY Son first in their life and their love, you will see these calamities come.

Prophecy 74:

Oh, why do the masses stay silent? For even some of the heathen know that the laws now that are being passed are making them shudder and shake. 'I AM' YAHUVEH and the evil ones of this earth I do hate. I am the same yesterday and forever. I will not change just for the whim of a man. America, you say you need no God? When even the heathen nations bow to a foreign God. For they know by in themselves they are nothing, for they desire a higher power and although it be false, at least they acknowledge they are not a God. Oh, but you evil, evil, evil nation of America. I speak not of MY Children, MY Sheep and MY Lambs. I speak of you evil politicians and warmongers who go to try and conquer space as well as every nation in this land, around this world from sea to sea, America if you had your way you would say, "It belongs to me."
I, YAHUVEH have decreed war on this earth. Fire is coming from the sky and no one can stop ME. Need I remind you of what happened at the Tower of Babylon? So it shall be once again and your towers of Babylon shall fall.
I have given you chance after chance to repent. I have told the people to take back the freedoms that are being stripped away. They just shrug their shoulders and say, "What can we do, Nothing." Your newspapers are censored, your news is censored. But still you can protest. Why do you not even offer up a prayer?

 The stench of the sins of this earth have reached Heaven and now I have no alternative but to proclaim war on this earth from Heaven. Your eyes will see in the sky that which you will not want to see. But it won't be by any weapon of man, so do not be deceived for I, YAHUVEH give this proclamation of war as I did in times before, so I will do again. So MY Children, I forewarn you of what is to come, see that your hands are not to blame, see that your mouth has warned, so the blood of the wicked will not be on your hands. It is only by MY mercy that I even have the Prophets warn for even MY own Children shake their heads and these Prophecies some scorn. But I do nothing without first telling the Prophets, so again I speak forth from this Ring Maiden this is a proclamation of war!

Prophecy 77:

 Remember this, MY Children, one with ME, YAHUVEH; through the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA are a majority, a million even ten million without ME, without MY Son YAHUSHUA's Blood covering them is in the minority. You can do all things through I, YAHUVEH that strengthens you. So this is just one of the new births, MY Children that I have sent you forth. Walk not into their churches smug and even on a Sunday. Do not despise them for what they do not know, do not condemn them for what they do not know, for I have forgiven them for it is only after they know that they are held accountable for what they know, just like you are.

Prophecy 84:

Run, run, run, MY Little Ones run, run, run away, run from FEMA, and run from any bureaucracy that tells you to take away your faith in ME. Protest while you still have a voice, protest. Jam the capitol's lines, say, "You will not take away our provisions to give to you this city, you will not ration our food, you will not ration our water, you will not ration our emergency supplies." Can you not see if you stay silent, the illusion will win? Did I not warn you, how many prophecies ago, that the homosexuals were in the minority but now you believe the illusions lies. America, you are the fabricator of the illusion's lies. Now you've taken that lie across this world and you've spread it far and wide and yet it is a lie. Homosexuality is still in the minority and yet they pass laws and they change laws to approve of that which I said was an abomination. America, you will reap what you have sowed, just as surely as Sodom and Gomorrah did.

Prophecy 90:

The Holy have become more holy and the evil have become more evil, now is the time for a greater anointing and revelations through prophecies, and words of knowledge. Take not the communion for granted it is a daily weapon to be used against satan as you put him in remembrance, he has no claim on you! Rebuke sin and sinners and don't fear what others think when you speak forth and warn. Would you rather offend mere humans or YAHUVEH? It is so sad, how freedom to speak against the evils of this earth is being silenced because so many of MY Holy Children remain silent. One freedom after another is stripped away from you all over the world!

 I have used this Ministry to warn, when you see the mandatory Sunday worship law passed, DO NOT enter into the Sunday Churches or you will lose your soul. I have warned to learn now what the True Sabbath Day of rest is (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset). This has been a hard message for Elisabeth to deliver because the Christian Churches don't want to hear it. However, to those of you, who have been faithful and spoken forth these truths, you know you have been given the mandate of Ezk. 3: 17-21.

Prophecy 91:

Pray for a Holy leader to raise up for at least then you'll have a choice. For the Republicans and the Democrats are the same. They work together; they plan together; they pass laws together that are an abomination unto MY NAME! Again I say, "Stand up, Speak forth and Shout!" and tell satan and his servants, "Enough is enough!" Because I tell you this, all these new laws that have been passed are an abomination unto ME! They're telling you America , put your trust in them and not your trust in ME, the good "I AM" and I am the ANCIENT OF THE DAYS. I know the beginning from the end and I know exactly how each nation will pay. These are the Words that I have to say this day.

 Prophecy 92:

You who desire to have a heart after MY own heart, you please ABBA YAHUVEH. I have put a boldness in you where others have refused to use this gift of boldness for MY GLORY or used it for evil purposes for their own motivations.

Lawmakers, you think because you decree new laws, because of the stench that rises to heaven from your sins, because you change the laws of the land, it changes the laws in Heaven? You shall reap hell and the Lake of Fire for doing this. You cannot erase MY Name so easily or that of YAHUVEH. America and Europe, you embrace the heathen gods now because you have forsaken your one and true God YAHUVEH and I, YAHUSHUA. Your hearts are full of every evil. Not enough Holy People rose up to protest against the abominations that became laws. Now it is a race to see which politician can speak the most abominable lies and pass the most abominable laws.

 Prophecy 99:

This is why I am on a countdown of MY patience now. That which you think is years away, all of you, all of you have a rude awakening coming. I am commanding this Ministry to do that which they are to do and do it quickly. There is no time any longer to mollycoddle (over protect) the babies. It's time for them to grow up. It's time for men to be men. This is why I have put women in the leadership. This is why I raised up a Deborah! The men are Baraks! They are cowards! Not all MY men. I have MINE, MY own. And they hear MY voice and they speak forth MY Words but oh how few, how few. And you women who have been browbeaten in these unequally yoked marriages and the Scriptures have been used against you to say, "Keep silent." I only told you to obey that husband as he lines up with MY Word. If he does not, kick him to the curb! Enough is enough! Enough is enough!

I anoint you this day to speak forth the words in boldness to these men so they can remember what a man is supposed to be! They are to please ME before they please any woman, before they please any child and for the women who are unequally yoked in a marriage, I remind you of the spirit of Deborah! You are to please ME. You are to please YAHUSHUA! Before you try to please any man! Before you please your children. Obedience, obedience, obedience is better than sacrifice! Take away your tithes and take away your offerings and take away your praise, if you are not obeying ME! For if you do not obey ME now, what makes you think you will obey ME in the Great Tribulation when it will be rare to hear a Prophet speak as this? Learn to obey now! How do you prove that you love YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH? Does not MY Word say, "If you love ME, you will obey ME."How did YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH prove that HE loves YAHUVEH? By obedience to every Word I say. Do not make promises to ME that you never intend to keep.

But know this, this famine is not of MY making. It is the manipulation of those who are full of greed. As they heap the gold and the silver to themselves and plot to kill those that are in need. It started with abortion and then it went to those too sick to defend themselves. This was the genocide that I speak of. There is death in the vaccinations. I have warned again and again. Because this world does not think it needs poor children. I warned you it would go to the elderly. All of it is genocide. All of this is so the rich can be provided for in their own eyes. And now you wring your hands and you wonder why teenagers suicide is so high. Your only hope is in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Your only hope is in repentance and obedience. Your only hope is in MY mercy. For I am long suffering. So continue on what you are doing. Continue on warning. While you have the freedom to speak forth for there are powers that be that seek to silence you, that seeks to silence MY true Prophets. So speak while you can.

 Prophecy 101:

Now is the time to stand up and take a stand for Holiness while you still can. Stop compromising with the devil and with the servants of satan. Fear offending I, YAHUVEH more than offending mere mortal men.

 Prophecy 103:

Every time you write that letter of support out, I judge you and the percentage. When a Word comes forth that offends the flesh, just like this Word is going to do, I judge your heart. Do you thank ME? Do you thank the Messenger? Do you put action behind your words? Do you do anything to help this Ministry? I, YAHUVEH, judge you for you see, the Holy Scriptures say, you're held accountable for what you know. (Are you) afraid of offending your loved ones' flesh, your neighbor's flesh, stranger's flesh more than you are afraid of offending I, YAHUVEH?

Do you speak up and speak out against homosexuality, that which is an abomination you call, "same sex marriage"? That is no marriage! Satan mocks ME through this!

Do you defend the unborn? Do you stand up for morality? Who did you vote for during the 2008 elections? Do you compromise with sin?