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We need to speak up! / So called pastors

Choo Thomas

Prophecy 92:

Choo Thomas, repent now publicly! The words you have written in a book describing your so-called trips to heaven, is a trick from satan! Beloved Children, just because someone says they have been to heaven, test it with MY Word and see if it lines up with MY description of Heaven. Every Pastor that has promoted and promotes the lies that Choo Thomas has written, you also are fit for MY fury if you do not openly REPENT and rebuke these lies! You have helped lead the sheep and lambs astray! How could you not recognize these lies she has written in her book?

Any true Prophet would rebuke and warn. You know who the true Prophets are, because like this one I am speaking through now, they are loudly crying out Choo Thomas is a False Prophet, who claims she has walked and talked with JESUS. She claims she had an out of body experience and Jesus took her to heaven 17 times in one month and each time it was proceeded by violent manifestations (siezures) at an appointed time.

Why would I do such a thing as this? Am I not a loving Shepherd, it is satan that shakes her body, not I. It is satan that violently abuses her in what she calls an anointing on her hands and arms to make her feel as though her hands are breaking apart. It is satan who mocks her, and it is satan that rewards her, as this illusion is believed by MY Holy People. She say's that whenever Jesus took her to heaven all she did was cry because it was so sad there. But I, YAHUSHUA, say, "Heaven is a place where there is only JOY. For is it not written,'That I will wipe every tear from your eyes.' MY beloved, no words can ever describe the beauty of Heaven.

All who believe these lies must repent for believing that I, the Good Shepherd would treat MY Sheep and lambs like this. All those that believe this must repent for not asking for discernment whether this be truth or lies. Choo Thomas' book is full of false doctrine. Study and show yourself approved and burn her book, letting satan know you no longer receive his lies.

In these Endtimes, why would I not tell anyone that has been to Heaven MY true Hebrew Name? Why would I encourage you to attend a Sunday Church, knowing what the Sunday Churches will be used for in the Great Tribulation? Why would she not return from Heaven with a warning to the Pastors to change their day of Worship to the true Shabbat? Where did I ever mention there was purgatory outside the gates of heaven. In Choo Thomas' words 'there are two valleys outside the gates of the Kingdom,' this is NONSENSE!

 Those who have sold books stating a thus saith the Lord, 'This is the date of the rapture of the church,' or they say, 'Say a prayer and be guaranteed heaven.' I ask you, will you refund the money people paid for your book? Holy People write and ask for a refund of your money. Shelby Corbitt, Kenneth Copeland, Choo Thomas, and others, you lead MY people to a false rapture. You calculate the day of their deaths and you slowly kill the faith of the few faithful silent frightend innocent lambs that are in the rapturenow and five doves forums and many other forums.