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*** What is sin? ***


Prophecy 4:
Witchcraft is SIN!  

Prophecy 44:
Foolish ones, oh foolish ones! Those that I, YAHUSHUA, desire to call MINE, though you call yourselves MINE and yet why do you say you love ME and not obey ME? How can you call ME Lord and yet you disobey MY scriptures. Since when does the servant rule the Master? You do not even hear MY still small voice when I warn of the dangers of sorcery and demonic possessions through what your eyes see and your ears hear. Because of this, your children are becoming possessed through the films, books, and video games that are a steady diet of occult, sorcery, demonism, satanism and shamanism.

Repent today! Turn away from this evil. Turn your children instead to I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA. We alone are to be the potter of you and your children's clay. They are to be molded in our image not Harry Potter's. Even the name was chosen for a purpose, to mold your children into the image of the fictional character of Harry Potter. Does not MY Scriptures say, "Train up a child in the way he shall go and when he is old he will not depart from it." What are you doing oh foolish ones? You are training your children up to be warlocks, shamans, witches and Satanists. Oh what a price you will pay when your own children turn on you with evil spirits that will make you wonder, where did your children go? You will look at them with eyes of wonder, for your innocent babes will be possessed with every kind of evil spirit.

Why will I allow these innocents to be harmed in this way, where their very soul will be endangered? Because I gave the parents a choice, even the heathens know better, for they know that children are not to have occult powers. They realize that witchcraft is a sin and yet your own airwaves promote this, even to the children through sitcoms. Do you boycott the television stations or boycott the advertisers? NO, you remain silent and warn no one. Does not MY Word say, 'Suffer a witch to be burned in hell and the Lake of Fire,' they shall burn after they die if they do not repent. Oh MY foolish ones this is the penalty you shall pay.

Your children are paying and will pay a price, for you foolish parents have allowed this evil into your homes, and allowed this evil into their ears and allowed them to view it with their eyes. Shame on all who do these atrocities and call themselves MINE. Repent today and turn away from this evil or don't call yourself MINE anymore for I won't even know you. Be warned, do you not yet understand? Pray and discern whether this be truth and whether it lines up with MY Holy Scriptures. If it does not, then don't listen to this apostle's warnings that I am speaking through her now. Encouraging your children to read and watch films glorifying the occult is an abomination unto I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA! Listen up, learn and discern.

This is the same as passing your children through the fire. This is the same as sacrificing your children to Molech. Don't you dare think you're called MINE when you sacrifice MY children, not only in abortions, but now even endangering them by sacrificing their souls? Opening their souls and spirits up to all that I call unholy. Don't you yet realize that satan wants your children's souls? Satan wants to bring anarchy to your homes and the spirit of rebellion, murder, thievery, and disobedience, oh this comes with various ages, and environments of children just from living in this wicked world. How much more will it be for all those that allow their children to feed on this evil? Encourage this evil, and yet call themselves Christians or Jews. Even those worshipping a heathen god like Buddha or Allah, be warned when I say all children, this means you also.

You parents who endanger your children's souls like this, do not even realize how angry you have made I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA. It is better that a millstone be hung around your neck and you drowned. Don't expect ME to hear your prayers, when you cry out to ME when you see the children possessed. Did you listen to ME when I warned you with MY RUACH ha KODESH? I will hear your prayers to the degree you have listened to ME to warn you not to let your children be entertained with what I have forbidden you to study, or to take part in the teachings of devils. Don't be surprised when your little ones start practicing casting spells. Don't be surprised when your little ones turn on you in hatred. Don't be surprised, for you fed them these evil books that teach everything against the only Good Book.

Forbid your children to be taken to this film or to read the books. If you have the books in the house or in your grandchildren's house, pray over the books, cast the curses off of the books, plead the Blood of YAHUSHUA over the books, ask MY forgiveness if you have sinned and encouraged this in any way. Come to ME in the name of YAHUSHUA and burn those books. Boycott the schools that allow this to be part of its curriculum. Get the teachers fired if they insist to teach your children witchcraft. Forbid them to feed your children anymore of this evil. The teachers will regret this. The schools that take part in this will regret this, for if they think they have problems now with the students, just wait until what the children view in the Harry Potter movie and books is used to experiment on the teachers and parents. Satan will give your children the occult powers to harm. Your own children shall become your worst enemies.

Parents who call themselves MINE and don't repent and warn others, know this: because of your rebellion I, YAHUVEH, will turn a deaf ear when you pray, and dare to face ME after I have warned you and when you come weeping to ME and I will say, "You were warned" and now you shall feed on MY wrath and you won't like the taste of it. All of Heaven watches and you are surrounded with a cloud of witnesses. How many after this prophetic warning will care enough and warn others. You are held accountable for what you know. Don't say you don't know, for even before I spoke out of this apostle of mine, you know I demand you protect your children and how can you say this is protecting your children. America, where is your repentance before ME? Why do you keep heaping judgments upon your head? I hear prayers going forth in YAHUSHUA's Name, yet where is the turning away of sin?  

Prophecy 84:
Foolish churches of Babylon , why do you not listen? Do it the old way and you will see these miracles again. I tell you all this even before MY wrath is poured out. Do I not send MY Prophets to warn before the judgment comes? You in your organized, rich pompous churches, you and the church made of glass, you who will not speak what sin is, you who take the bribery of the governments, you who muzzle and kick the Prophets out. MY RUACH ha KODESH isn't even in your churches. It is all an illusion, a trick of the devil, no different than a David Copperfield, a magician who operates under satan's power or one who calls himself Criss Angel (a magician who defies death) who is a fallen angel in disguise. Who isn't even human, he's an illusion before your eyes.

Prophecy 98:
Remember the Prophecy that I told you that I would speak forth out of you? It was started and it was never finished. You need not have to test the spirit of other Prophets as Coenrad sends you a Prophecy to be tested. I told you I would speak forth a Word through you. Satan would rather take your life than have that Word spoken forth. He tries continually this day. The Holy troops that I have surrounding you and protecting you in this house, MY Holy Sanctuary, shall intercede and shall pray and their minds shall not be upon groceries, (today was grocery shopping day) they shall not leave this house for I am about ready to give birth and finish that which I started in you, for the Africans pant for a Word, not a "feel good word", not a word patting them on the back, patting them on the head and saying, "Do not worry South Africa. Do not worry Africa. YAHUVEH will bless you. Do not worry about returning to Holiness. Do not worry about stopping your chanting and your voodoo and then walking into a church, do not worry, YAHUVEH will bless you."  

Prophecy 103:
I warned the U.K.(United Kingdom) I warned the world about Harry Potter. The witchcraft now pervades, not only in homes, but in nations. I warn before I send Judgment. How many would not listen? How many of you who call yourself Christian still read the Harry Potter books to your children? So do not be amazed when you see the spirit of rebellion and the worst of sins manifest in your children, the tiniest of the tots. I, YAHUVEH, warned you. Do not be amazed when you see devastation come to your nation for not standing up for Holiness. These are the End Times and by your fruit I know you. By every nation, by every leader, I know you. How much is just worthless, rotten stench to MY nostrils!