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Supporting our brothers and sisters

Prophecy 6:

The Prophets have been alone for so long. They have been rejected so many times, they now only know how to reject and isolate one another, though MY desire in these end-times is for you all to join together in MY NAME, in one accord.

All five-fold ministries, you must stop isolating yourselves and come together in MY love.

Do you not realize it is the enemy that comes at you and says these evil things to stir up MY Warriors to fight amongst themselves and not join in together, fighting the enemy but thinking they can do it all alone. Does not MY Word say, "I put a thousand to flight?" How many more demons will be put to flight, if you join together and not against each other? This is what divided Gideon's army. The discord they had for one another. This is what divides many armies. You are in the great 'I AM's' Army. You are the end-time battalion I have hand chosen. Yes the enemy has deceived you, GET OVER IT!

In MY POWER, in MY WORD, in MY NAME, under MY ANOINTING, through MY BLOOD you will be more than conquerors through YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH your master. But you must join together. No believer is a chain, merely a link in a golden chain. Some are bigger links than others, but still you need one another in this chain, that will bind slewfoot (satan) up and cast him into the lake of fire at his appointed time. Remember, I am for you, all Heaven stands at MY command. You will not fail unless you choose not to listen to these words that I have spoken this day. But even then I will not fail. For I am not a GOD who can fail, I will only raise up more end-time troops to take your places. You will not fail as long as you heed these words spoken forth this day through MY Handmaiden, Sherrie Elijah on 5/12/97.

Prophecy 9:

I brought you to this site to encourage you and to soothe your ravaged heart. For you and I know the pain you feel. The rejection is not for you though, but they are rejecting a part of ME. You have your sense of humor for I have given you that sense of humor, I called you and ordained you just as you are. You have been given the gift of laughter, to help ease the burdens of yours as well as others. Laughter doeth good like a good medicine.

Prophecy 12:

I will use you to bind up the wounded, for what mother does not have this compassionate Spirit I already gave her? You shall use the gifts of a mother, teacher, warrior, and all the gifts the RUACH ha KODESH has so generously given you.

Prophecy 16:

Allow this one who I have anointed to be like a mother to the young Prophets and the abused Prophets. I have called Sherrie to nurture, encourage, bind up your wounds, teach, love and war in your behalf as mother lion wars for her cubs in danger. I will put a roar in her mouth, MY roar, and the enemy shall go running in 7 different directions.

She has been attacked for as it has been prophesied, 500,000 mouthpieces of MINE shall rise up and all shout together. MY Prophets shall gather together and shout in unison and just like in the days of old it will be for MY Praise, Honor and Glory, a witness I am the same and do not change.

She will nurture you and encourage you once again so you once again will have confidence that you are called to be a warrior on the wall sounding forth MY Messages like a loud trumpet blast for all. Station yourselves on the wall and speak forth what I tell you to say.

Prophecy 20:

 You see I told you, you're one minute until midnight through this Prophet but what you don't understand, what happens at 59 seconds, 58, the count down the fires of persecution will grow hotter. You need one another. Again I say no more lone rangers. Yet so many of you think you need no human person to cover your back as you enter into territories satan has claimed for his own. Assemble yourselves together especially in these end times.

 Prophecy 27:

 I, YAHUSHUA am returning on a SABBATH, you know not which one. Come forth MY Women Apostles and Prophets, arise NOW! No longer let anyone tell you I have not called you to be Prophets and Apostles, Teachers, Evangelists or Pastors. I am the Potter you are the Clay. Why will you listen to man or those with the spirit of Pharisees? Speak this message forth I give this Apostle to speak. Join with her voice, women and men who recognize MY voice speaking forth from what I write through her. Encourage one another. Satan has silenced you far too long. Apostolic Prophetic Warriors you know who you are. Write MY Handmaiden and encourage one another, learn from one another. I am coming back very shortly. Join hands with one another, you're not alone. I have scattered you around the world, but you will know one another in time.

 You need one another. You shall join with the men with the same calling. Yet, those that refuse to acknowledge you leave them to ME. Argue not with those with deaf ears that mean well, and yet have done much harm to those women who are told they cannot have a calling of Apostle, even the one writing was discouraged and told this. She said, "Oh well, I shall continue doing what I am called to do, by whatever name you call it." Yet the man that tells her this was deceived by another voice, not MY voice. He must repent for doing so. Will you be ready? YAHUSHUA IS COMING BACK ON A SABBATH! Tell all who will hear, expect them all not to believe. This is not your problem, but their problem. You are but to obey.

 Together, those that I put together with you will be as a jigsaw puzzle and no other pieces will match perfectly. Keep your eyes open for others. I am bringing a troop of Prophets, Apostles, Evangelists, Teachers and Pastors and yet they will work as one unit. Never thinking more of themselves than what they are. Knowing standing together they will accomplish doing what I ordained to be done. A great harvest of souls will be reached and this will be one of the greatest soul bringing ministries to walk the face of this earth. For I the FATHER YAHUVEH, MY SON YAHUSHUA and MY RUACH ha KODESH's Glory. Many would not have been saved if I had not raised up this ministry.

 I have brought you and the men and women all together to be one in MY RUACH ha KODESH, you will move as one in MY RUACH ha KODESH and you will speak as one in MY RUACH ha KODESH. You will reach out to the unreachable and many a people that have been rejected and cast away as not savable and yet I will send you forth with an anointing and words and love that is not your own to reach these people, Yeh, I say to reach a people that you will fear offending them, but by not speaking will be the greatest offense of all. I trust MY laborers who I send forth, for I am the Potter and you are the clay. I know what I put in each laborer to join with her. I know what she is made of and her weakness. Where she is weak, others I have made strong. Where the others to join are weak, she has been made strong, as a metal that is tempered with fire so have I done with all those that are to join with you. You need not fear who will be joining you, for I tell you it is not your choice but MINE.

 When I chose the partners to join with MY Daughter, I chose very carefully and I tested thoroughly. I Love you so much. I trust you so much. I know you will not harm MY Servant but instead will protect her and she will not harm you but protect you. All those that join are very special as a chain made of solid gold. I do not put any metal like tin, or silver, or lead along with MY golden chain but only the best metal I can find that has been tempered in the fiery furnace and came out as pure gold seven times refined.

 Prophecy 28:

The weapons of your warfare are not carnal but are mighty in pulling down satan's strongholds. A laptop computer will be one of those weapons used to expose the enemy, used to warn of the enemy, used to stop the enemy from destroying MY People for lack of knowledge. Tell MY People to invest in this tool of today for when they are to flee they cannot travel with large computers. I created the computer for this time and this purpose. This is the knowledge that increases running to and fro. This is how you are able to be in one place and yet in another place speaking to MY People all over the world. Do not think for a moment that this weapon is not powerful. Satan seeks to control the internet, to silence MY People but he cannot do anything I do not allow.

Your time is short but I will connect you with those that have computer knowledge. A network of MY People shall be a loud voice in this end time. MY computer geniuses have been hidden for such a time as this. Those with the wisdom of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA have been hidden for such a time as this. They work in the world to learn the ways of the heathen, to be able to be used against the heathen and their ways at the appropriate time. I have MY People in all areas no matter where you have feared, from the police, to the military, to the IRS, to the government, to the grocers, to the internet providers, look for MY People. You will find them. Now is the time they will arise and shine. Like the sun they will shine forth.

The knowledge that has been learned in colleges provided by the enemy will be used against the enemy to protect those I call MINE. They shall know ways around laws you think are impossible. I have lawyers, doctors; I have teachers in all areas. Think not the heathen have more wisdom. MY Geniuses have been kept hidden until a set time. MY Geniuses have the wisdom of I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and can learn anything quickly, even though they never thought of learning this before.
Communication will be a valuable tool in these end times. Ways around what the world intends to do, to silence MY People, are there. I will not reveal now the ways, but you will recognize them when you hear them. I tell you this they can build their towers of Babel; I will provide a way for MY Children to always keep in contact. Trust ME and learn MY ways, be aware MY People have been hidden, have hidden gifts of the RUACH ha KODESH, have walked alone without counsel of one another, to be taught, and yet have been taught of MY RUACH ha KODESH.

 Prophecy 34:

Now I speak words you will again not want to hear and yet I warn ahead of time, do not stone MY messenger, these are not her words. Where are MY other prophets who hear MY voice and refuse to speak forth the messages that offend the flesh of this world? I will judge you for doing this and not speaking up and warning of this manifestation that is sweeping the temples and churches with false signs, wonders and miracles. A carnival atmosphere! Only "I AM" is not amused. Where are MY Prophets who I told to warn this world to stay Holy and set apart? Where are MY apostles and prophets and others who are not playing follow the leader and warning to not take part in this demonic MARK that is placed in the teeth of congregations and sprinkled upon their bodies making them think they are more Holy and privileged than those who do not have this. FOOLS! Satan sets you up and you know it not. Hitler pulled the gold from the mouths once before and the anti-christ will do it again. You who believe this have been deceived and have gold fever forsaking the truth for lies sent from hell.

Now I speak about this coming earthquake that is prophesied to come that will devastate this earth like never before. I now release this prophet to speak what I told her days ago. What shall I do stomp both MY feet now at the wickedness of this world and allow the man made evil to go ahead of MY schedule? What shall I do? I have seen the fasting and heard the prayers to postpone what I was going to allow. But does not MY Word say "If MY people will humble themselves and fall on their faces I will head their land?" Not very many are doing this and this grieves ME but what should I do with the few who grieve over wars and grieve over the wickedness of this land? What should I do? If I allow this, then MY people who trust that I will not do this and it happens will think their prayers and fasting have been in vain. Even satanic followers and worshippers, those bowing their knee to Baal know there is power in fasting in unity, how much more power when MY people who are called by MY Name do so. Do not MY Holy Scriptures say some things only change by fasting and prayer.

Prophecy 35:

You are to be there to lift this Prophetess' hands when they are too weak for her to raise them in the time of battle. "I AM" will continue to protect those who help, encourage, pray, and support as I lead by MY RUACH ha KODESH perhaps an encouraging word or encouraging prophecy is all I will lead you to speak to this Minister. Ask ME what you can do to help. Ask her what you can do to help. She is but one voice. Join your voices with hers and help her to reach this world with MY Words. You will be blessing ME by obeying and helping to share all the messages given her.

Prophecy 36:

I leave you with these words, "Have you done all you can to help this handmaiden in the ministry I have placed upon her shoulders? Have you taken the truths I have spoken and like a sampler platter of delicious food given it to others to sample? Or did you just eat it yourself and then forget it? I have spoken what is to come to pass again and again through her. Now you shall see what I have spoken come to pass. For those with spiritual ears to hear and spiritual eyes to see you will know what is to come, what to do, what to expect, for those who choose to remain deaf and blind you will continue to mock, continue to seek a refuge and there shall be found none."

Prophecy 37:

I shall send forth this handmaiden I prophesy through now with the cup of MY Living Water. She shall be anointed with others who go before her in ways this world has yet seen, as she feeds the hungry and offers the living water to those who thirst after righteousness. Will you be one to help her? Will you be one to hinder her? Each one reading this should remember if it was not for that tiny nation called Israel, where would your savior have been birthed, ministered, died and resurrected? It was for your sake and your sake alone Israel pays this price. For satan hates Jerusalem and Israel with a hatred like none other! He brings his anti-christ to rule and reign in Jerusalem.

Prophecy 39:

Anointed Holy Eagles come forth. This is an Eagle's call. Baby Eagles come forth. Attention all Hindu's and Buddhists and all other religions, The God of creation calls you to listen to this prophecy. We stand together or fall together all our religious freedoms are at risk. We worship a different god but in this area of religious freedom, when one is taken, all will be take. Anointed Holy Eagles, arise. Come forth in YAHUSHUA's Name! Fight against the attacks of the unholy vultures! Anointed Holy Eagles of MINE, I have hidden you safely away from this world's eyes, away from the church systems. I have hidden you and taught you how to fly and soar for such a time like this. You have been out of the nest and are no longer baby Eagles, but you are mature spiritually, discerning with the eyes of the eagle, and you know MY voice.

Anointed Holy Eagles, you must gather and fast and pray for this world. The unholy vultures seek not one religion as prey, the unholy vultures seek not one nation or country or providence. The unholy vultures that gather against you seek to corrupt and control the ENTIRE WORLD. There is no religion that believes in a God that the unholy vultures will not seek to devour as prey. It is not only MY children that the unholy vultures seek to devour but warn those that do not worship I, YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and the RUACH ha KODESH! The unholy vultures will also seek to devour and shall devour the Buddhists, Hindu's among other religions although they do not submit to MY authority as they lose their religious freedoms so shall you if you don't gather together now and fight the unholy vultures that gather together against you all.

It will be rare when the doctors will not do what the unholy vultures command them to do. You have been warned. Beware of any type of injections for the unholy vultures have plans to use this as a weapon against you and your young Eagles. Do not be dismayed and have faith when I tell you to soar as the Eagle soars and to fly somewhere. Do not question ME. Just move when I say move. Can an Eagle stand still in the sky? NO, neither can you. All MY Anointed Holy Eagles shall follow one another and not even understand what they are doing as they fly in perfect formation not one wing overlapping another wing all will circle the same prey the unholy vultures and will discern who is an anointed Holy Eagle and who is a unholy vulture.

The baby Eagles who cannot fly alone will have to be carried on the wings of the more spiritually mature anointed Holy Eagles. I will speak more on this when you retain what I have already spoken here. One more thing, remember this and do
not take this lightly. You must ask MY Blessings and protection from this moment on for every morsel of food you eat and every beverage you drink, thank ME for it. Get in the habit now for there is coming a time when you will find it necessary to eat what you rather not eat and drink what you rather not drink but all will be a blessing to your body. Yes even that which I have forewarned you is unclean MY Son YAHUSHUA's Blood will make clean when it is necessary!

Now take these words and digest them as food for your mind, body, spirit and soul. More will be forth coming but listen as I speak forth the words through MY other Anointed Holy Eagles, for no one Anointed Holy Eagle has all the answers. You need one another and never let ME see an injured Holy Eagle be devoured by another Holy Eagle. Help one another to soar high in the sky and have faith. Psalm 91 is your secret nest where I dwell.

 Pophecy 51:

Do you ever count the cost it takes to deliver such a message as this one? Why should you as long as it is not you that has to pay the cost right? I know who is reading, and hearing this, and I shall one day ask you what you did to ease this minister's burdens. Did you even encourage her? Do you even lift her name up in prayer? Do you realize how few pastors will invite her to minister in their churches after this prophetic message is given? But I, YAHUVEH, speak this forth, not this handmaiden. So I have this against you so called pastors that are no pastor at all. It would be better to resign than face YAHUVEH's wrath for harming MY Sheep and lambs.

Prophecy 55:

MY Son Chuck, you must post the dream and I will give you one interpretation of the dream. But call forth the Apostles, and call forth the Prophets, for each one will have a part if they will but obey and they will tell you the full revelation of that dream. For, MY Children, the heathen bring devastation and I allow it. But those that cry out to ME, in MY Son YAHUSHUA's NAME, they will be in the Ark of MY safety, I will protect them from devastation and pain. In big letters put this date and time down along with the dream and tell them, just as in the days of Noah, just as in the days of Lot, DEVASTATION IS COMING!

Are you hearing from ME to help this Ministry and are you ignoring what I tell you to do? Whatever they're going to do for ME, whatever they have promised to do for ME, have I laid it on their heart to help this ministry? Have they put it off and said, "
Oh, tomorrow or perhaps another day, I'll just come and I'll just read, I won't even contact them." They have gifts and yet they choose not to share because they say, "Oh, on another day." But I tell you this and I speak this forth DEVASTATION IS COMING and whatever they've done for ME, whatever they've done in MY Son's NAME; however they've helped the Good News to be proclaimed, these are the ones I will hear their cry.

Did they help feed MY Prophets? Did they offer water?
Did they offer an encouraging word? Did they offer shelter? I ask Prophets of Old again and again in the Word that's been foretold and I always sent them with MY message and it was always their choice whether the people would hear or whether they would respond in godly fear or would they chase the Prophets away? Nothing has changed this very day. So tell them, MY Daughter, tell them for ME so they won't say they weren't warned. DEVASTATION IS COMING! Are they ready? Ask them what they have done for ME?

 Prophecy 56:

Why does America think it's better than any nation on earth? I'll tell you this, Prayer Intercessors. Those who fervently pray had better get in touch with you from these five states [California, Nevada, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri], for those who will be raised up from other places around the world, you know your calling. It is for a Prayer Intercessor. Come forth now! Contact this Apostle before it's too late. For America, you're getting ready to celebrate another birthday and because of MY mercy and love, I have shown you compassion and I now send again an Apostle to warn them. Pray once again MY judgment on America will be delayed.

 Prophecy 58:

You mock the Apostles and Prophets for they don't have a church. Yet the church is not the building, nor the pastor, the church, MY Temple, is the Body of YAHUSHUA, and that is MY People who hear MY voice and obey and love and put I, YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH first in their lives. Even before the wishes of their families, even though it means a dividing sword separates them from their loved ones that deny ME and MY Son YAHUSHUA and the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH. Woe be unto you if I did not send MY Apostles and Prophets to intercede and warn you like I am doing now. Woe be unto you for I send MY Apostles and Prophets to warn before I send MY wrath and judgment. But how few even bother to thank them? How few have even cared to try and help sustain the one even now that types MY Words.

I, YAHUVEH ask you this, tell ME if you dare, "How many have been saved, healed, delivered and encouraged, how many would have committed suicide and gone to Hell (Luke 17:11-18) if I had not raised up this ministry?" You have personally been blessed and yet so many never have once tried to be a blessing back to MY Daughter and yet again and again she has poured her mind, body, spirit, and soul, pouring out the last of her strength, finances and ignoring her health as she is told to rest and yet does not even know the meaning of rest. Why does she do this? For I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA's Glory and for your sakes.

I, YAHUVEH ask you this, think carefully for I will hold you accountable for what you say and do, "What is the price of your soul, your health, who would have ministered to your wounds if I had not had anointed her to speak forth MY words?"
How many are blessed with this ministry? Do you think I will allow this to continue without holding you accountable? You who come and mock and send her messages that a woman is not to teach a man. Do you not yet realize it is satan that speaks forth out of your mouths to discourage her and other women with similar callings? Hand chosen by 'I AM'. Do you not realize those who think they know the scriptures and yet do not, the letter killeth and the Spirit giveth life? (2 Cor 6:3)

Stop trying to tell ME what gender I can use to deliver these messages and teach and use as MY Apostles and Prophets. (Gal 3:27-29) The RUACH ha KODESH anoints who I decree, not who you decree. I do not chose MY Apostles and Prophets without first putting them through tests and who are you to say whether it be a man or a woman? Have you not read MY Word? Do you know more than I, YAHUVEH, it is I that anoints MY Vessels and I pour forth MY anointing oil and Living Water without measure.
Now I speak to those that have taken and never gave anything to this ministry or minister, not even a word of encouragement.

I, YAHUVEH sent Elijah of Old to the widow of Zarephath for I, YAHUVEH knew ahead of time that the little widow woman was making her last meal for her son and
then she and her son would have died, if I had not sent Elijah to multiply her cruse of oil and meal in the barrel. She had to obey and recognize the anointing in the Prophet of Old Elijah and she did. Elijah had the anointing to call water from Heaven to fill the stream that went dry, but I, YAHUVEH did not allow it, instead I sent Elijah of Old to test the widow of Zarephath (1 Kings 17:8-24). Although the scriptures say there were many widows, Elijah of Old was sent to that one particular woman (Luke 4:25). I am using her like an Elijah of Old. I, YAHUVEH instructed her to write and speak her needs and how few have passed the tests. Millionaires have come here and scoffed now they won't have the millions much longer, for I am telling you use the paper and plastic cards while you can to help this Elijah of New, not for her sake but for your sake.

Prophecy 67:

I, YAHUVEH, tell you, no longer shall you know each other by name, but by the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH, MY HOLY SPIRIT! I am commanding you to join together with those you called strangers and now I join you together to support one another, for you shall recognize each other not by earthly names but by MY Anointing. You shall travel with my anointed ones and one's needs shall be all's needs and you shall share what you have with one another as I YAHUVEH bless you.

My troops anointed by Heaven will not be concerned with one another's name, for they will recognize the RUACH ha KODESH within MY Children. They will not recognize the name, nor even know their past, but they will recognize one another by the anointing of MY RUACH ha KODESH. You shall gather together in MY NAME and walk in Holiness and Truth to MY statures and walk side by side, traveling together for one purpose and that is to warn people MY Judgment is soon to fall.
The year 2003, MY anointed hidden ones will come out of hiding and join together with MY Daughter speaking this and together they shall pray for delay of MY Judgment and if enough people repent, I shall stay MY hand of Judgment another time.

Why do you not study and show yourself approved? You know the truth and yet still have not held your Pastors accountable for changing the fellowship day back to the true Shabbat day. If you had told the Pastors, "You tell us the Bible is truth and yet you don't follow the truth and I won't be part of a fellowship that doesn't walk in the truth." Instead you whisper the truth and don't follow through.
No Pastor has thus far contacted this daughter I am speaking this message forth from and thanked her or encouraged her for rebuking them in YAHUSHUA's NAME. MY Children who have taken the prophetic messages of rebuke to the Pastors are rejected or patted on the head and told, "Thanks but we will continue on the same way," and MY Children disobey and still sit in these churches that refuse to speak forth the truth and do things YAHUVEH's way and not man or woman's way.

You who call yourself Christians, I, YAHUVEH, charge you this. You who preach YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA is Love, and yet do not show it, nor live it. You serve the King of Jews and yet you shun MY Jewish People, you mock and slander and allow others to do this. You secretly follow the truths in this ministry and yet do nothing to support it. You do nothing to defend this ministry and you recognize the voice of your Heavenly Father speaking forth and yet stay silent as this apostolic handmaiden gets mocked and slandered all because I use this ministry to teach the Jewishness of YAHUSHUA whom you call Jesus Christ. You are the only religion that maims, beats, and tries to kill or do kill those of your own religion. You won't find this in any other religion.

Do you not yet see the Book of Daniel is being decoded before your eyes? What was once a mystery and closed to you is now opened, if you will but seek ME for wisdom and now new revelations are coming forth from MY anointed ones such as the vessel I am prophesying forth from. Listen and join together and warn together for you need one another in a new way in the coming year of 2003. This is why I have given this dream to MY Handmaiden to warn you to start assembling together.

The enemies do not attack alone, a wolf travels in packs and so must YAHUVEH's Sheep and Lambs. Christians, you must stop shunning the Jews, Holy Days, Feasts and what you call the Old Testament. I AM both the Old and New Book, stop trying to divide what never was meant to be divided, for a house divided cannot stand. Christians, reach out to the Jewish people and embrace Israel in love for they are blinded now for a season, but Israel shall be saved as MY Son YAHUSHUA opens the eyes of the blind in Israel once again. I, YAHUVEH, decree the blind eyes and deaf ears in Israel shall once again behold MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Read and show thyself approved, all those that are recognizing the words of your Heavenly Father YAHUVEH, study the below words in the Torah I have instructed MY Daughter to put you in remembrance of.

 Prophecy 70:

I, YAHUVEH have been taking note of who is blessing this ministry and sowing financial seed now and who is hindering you by only watching to see if and when I perform this financial miracle for the miracle bus. I, YAHUVEH tell you this, I have used this as a test to the people who know that I, YAHUVEH speak forth from you as my anointed vessel. This ministry has been there to comfort and encourage and warn the children who call themselves MINE and now when this ministry needs encouragement and blessings I am taking note who is blessing you and who is not. How few have even joined you in this prayer and anointed fast when it is for their sakes also you do this, as well as standing in the gap for the nations and for MY mercy to delay MY wrath. I have watched those who are watching and not helping this ministry financially or even offered up a prayer in your behalf.

 Prophecy 76:

Just as Elijah of Old was protected from Jezebel and Ahab, so shall you also be, so shall all the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH be protected. Now is the time for the Shield Maidens to come forth and cover you in their prayers, love and support for they also will be attacked at the same time as they step out in faith and contact you. I give them now the mandate. Those who recognize that they are the Bride of YAHUSHUA come forth and gather together with this Ring Maiden I am releasing this word from. Shield her with your intercessory prayers, encouraging words, and support and come together so she can encourage and nurture and support you also against the attacks of the enemy of your mind, body, spirit and soul. Here is a secret; just as I have a Bride, so too does satan and when the Holy Golden Eagles gather, so too shall the vultures gather.

Bride of YAHUSHUA, you need one another for your enemies are great in number. Many years ago I gave this Handmaiden a message in two dreams, back-to-back. "Assemble the troops on the wall." This is now that appointed time, don't miss your day of visitation with one another. Now Elisabeth, be bold as Elijah of Old and speak forth the words I have commanded you to write and speak and fret not yourself with those like spirits like unto a Jezebel and Ahab. But know that those who attack you for obeying ME shall suffer the same fate as a Jezebel and Ahab and the prophets of Baal, for those that attack you are attacking the one that anoints you to speak forth. Beware you with the spirit of the Pharisees before you attack MY Beloved One. You had better examine your own hearts. Who ever doesn't agree with this Prophetic Word, take it to the Judge of all Creation for MY Beloved has only obeyed. These are not her words but MINE and those with spiritual ears to hear and listen, I ask you to encourage her and let her know.

These are secrets I share with you such as the book of Daniel I sealed until the end time generation.
Ask of ME and I shall tell you more for I share these secrets with MY Bride and I do not give all MY revelations to one person or Prophet, so share with this messenger who is speaking forth MY message as a blessing unto you. Bless her back and let her know how much you discerned MY anointing and the revelations I have given you. Some I have given dreams to and others visions and others prophetic words. Now is the time for the Bride to come together. I am issuing a Clarion Call. If you cannot come together in the flesh, you can in other ways. Email or write her. There are those reading this who discern someone they know is the Bride of YAHUSHUA and yet this person may not see this, so share this with that person and have them write MY Handmaiden, for she will have a gift to discern who is the Bride and who is the Honored Guests after the Angel Gabriel appears to her, I have at times already shown her in advance of this.

Prophecy 80:

As the Bride of YAHUSHUA, who is MY Esther, prays for the peace of Jerusalem, realize as you do this it is hastening everything that has been preordained. The coming of the son of satan, who is called the son of perdition, you are also hastening the Great Tribulation, as you hasten the coming of YAHUSHUA to rule and reign from Yisrael and sit in the Holy Temple. When you say, "Come YAHUSHUA, come quickly," realize the new anointing as you speak these words forth in anointed prayer. As Haman sought to kill every Jew, so too do satanic rulers on this earth and they will seek to kill every Messianic Jew also who has accepted YAHUSHUA the only MESSIAH. Ezekiel 9 has already begun. MY Holy People are sealed by MY hand alone. I prewarn now, destruction is on the way to the unholy and reprobate. I have a remnant in Yisrael who are hidden and yet are part of the members of the Bride of YAHUSHUA. Now is the time to arise and contact this one I am speaking forth these words from, for you are one.

Prophecy 83:

Those of you who have hoarded gold and silver, those of you who I have blessed with gems, what good is it going to do you, when it is left behind? I have abundantly blessed, financially and in all ways and yet some of you who are the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH have never even written this Ring Maiden. Yet you have grown in secret with knowledge and gotten spiritually fat as all the knowledge and anointing you have hoarded and you have not shared and yet I have given you no lack. I will hold you accountable what you do for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Prophecy 85:

You cannot even conceive what I have planned for you oh, America and Canada. Those who flee from America think they run to a sanctuary called Canada, those in Canada flee to what they think is a sanctuary in America but they are the same, there is no difference, they both mock MY Holy NAME. Those of you who think you are escaping poverty to come to a wealthy land; you have no clue what they will do to you. I have more children that are anointed and Holy in the poorer countries than I do in the wealthy countries all put together. More of the Bride of YAHUSHUA is what I call the International Bride of YAHUSHUA, so few are found in the wealthier nations. African Bride of YAHUSHUA, come forth. Introduce yourself to this Ring Maiden. Your prayers are the Light that holds back the evil from taking over Africa completely.

Oh, I know the majority of the European churches are only lukewarm. You are only fit to be spewed out of MY mouth and yet I do not zero in on you yet.
Instead I, YAHUVEH command the European Bride of YAHUSHUA, come forth. Introduce yourself to this Ring Maiden; it is your prayers that have helped to hold back MY wrath on Europe thus far.

A new anointing has come forth all over Europe when you stepped foot on it. Now the forces of lightness and darkness shall battle in a greater way. For the Bride in Europe are going to know they are no longer alone. Oh, they have always had ME but they have been asking, "Oh where, Oh where are the others?" Now is the time I start to bring you together. That which has been prophesied so many years ago and a brand new, more powerful anointing. MY Bride shall go forth and battle the evil spirits around the world.

Elisabeth, you will find a way to get on that Internet. There is one that wrote you and you are to contact her right away, for it is in MY NAME she continually prays.
There is a German Bride you are to call forth; they contacted you once before and now you must find them again. YAHUSHUA has an Italian Bride and when I speak of Bride, I speak of more than just one. Italian Bride of YAHUSHUA, come forth. Send your invitations now and introduce yourself to the Ring Maiden. Are you willing to share what you have with this Ministry? Will you cover them with your prayers and love?

Over all the nations of Europe now I, YAHUVEH call you forth. Come and gather with this Ring Maiden, for there is a new anointing that will be imparted as all of you bring your lantern lights together, it will block out more of the darkness around Europe. Think about it. The more light, the less darkness, Europe you have been covered in darkness. But I bring the light to dispel the darkness. European Bride, are you willing to share what you have with this Ministry? Are you willing to bring your anointing together?

I speak forth these words now. Do not fear, oh Bride in Israel, and think I do not care for I shall send them to you also. This is just a stepping stone to get them there. Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH in Israel, come forth. Introduce yourself to this Ring Maiden, for it is part of this Ministry's job to pray blessings and protection on the Bride of Israel. You are one with her as she and her husband are one with you. Are you willing to share what you have with this Ministry? Now is the time to start inviting her and start praying and interceding for this Ministry to come and bless the Holy in Israel, to pray the enemies will run away in seven different directions. Judgment will fall on the wicked and they will fall into the Winepress of I, YAHUVEH's wrath. Pray, oh Israel Bride and Bride of the Middle East, who belong to YAHUSHUA for the anointing on this Ministry to be increased so your anointing will increase also.

I, YAHUVEH speak to the International Bride of YAHUSHUA. I give you this mandate. Help this Ring Maiden to reach this world for YAHUSHUA's Glory. Volunteer and translate these prophecies into your various languages. There is a Hebrew member of the Bride of YAHUSHUA who reads this now and knows they are to translate all the prophecies into Hebrew. Another knows they are to translate these prophecies into African and Arabic. Why have you not come forth and introduced yourself to this Ministry? Why does not the International Bride of YAHUSHUA obey and use the blessings, gifts and talents I, YAHUVEH have given you? Why are you burying them where they are no value to anyone?

To the others who have started working on the translations of the prophecies into your languages, I have this question for you. Why do you not finish what you started, the work on the wall, do you care so little about your own country? All of you who have done this, I will ask you this question one day before MY throne. Be prepared to have an answer, for you were called and appointed to this task, and yet have not completed this task. This delays YAHUSHUA coming for HIS Bride, for these prophecies and messages must be in many tongues before HE returns. Bride of YAHUSHUA in all International Nations, I caused this couple to forever leave their homeland, leaving all worldly possessions behind, to come and be a blessing and share what they have with you. Is this really too much to ask of you? Are you willing to share what you have with this Apostolic Messianic Jewish Pentecostal Ministry? Assemble Holy intercessors to pray for them on a continued basis, for the battle is fierce but the Victory is already done for YAHUSHUA's Praise, Honor and Glory!

 Prophecy 86:

Does not your entire body have to operate in unison? Can one foot say, it is going to walk to the left, and the other foot say, it is going to walk to the right? Can one side of your mouth say, I am going to speak out of one side and the other on the other side? This is what it is like when I try to deal with a disobedient so-called Bride. I say, "Walk this way" they say, "No, I want to walk that way." Do you remember when I said, "It is the last call for the Bride?" Do you know how many are missing it because they refuse to listen to MY voice? I am not an earthly husband, when I give an order I expect it to be followed. When I say, "Lay it on the altar of sacrifice, I expect it to be put down.

 Do you know how many still smoke cigarettes? Do you know how many still get drunk behind closed doors? Do you know how many still read porn? Do you know how many have lust in their hearts and yet they say, "I want to be part of the Bride." Away from ME you disobedient so-called Bride! When I tell you to lay everything down, when I tell you to lay your finances down, when I tell you to join together with the others, to depart from the unbelievers, when I tell you that lightness and darkness do not go together. Instead you keep going trying to find a Prophet for your itching ears. Well, you're not going to find it here.

MY Bride comes together and they say, "What is it that I can share? What is it that I can do for you?" They love each other with a love that is oh so true. These are MY Bride. I have warned and I have warned again, I said, "Give up your sin." I am not saying that you are not saved. But I am saying you are not worthy to be called MY Bride. Oh, but these gathered here, oh what a love you have for one another. I sent you forth to call the European Bride and the other Nations beside.

Prophecy 88:

I pronounce MY blessings to the faithful, to those who refuse to compromise. Not one thing that you have gone through will be wasted, will have been in vain. Remember this Bride, you need one another, so no longer shake your heads and say, "Oh well, I can't find a place to donate." Go the extra mile. Go through the open door. Contact her. Contact her husband. Pound on heaven's door for books are being published. Some are just now in the process of being written and these books will be handed out (by others) during the Great Tribulation. Ask how you can help for the publishing costs are great.

Prophecy 90:

It had already been decreed before this earth was formed which of you were chosen and will obey and write her and thank her for her boldness in obeying and sharing this secret revelation with the world. Before this earth was formed you were chosen to be part of this Ministry as a helper. You have read the prophecies and heard the truths and the mandates to be Holy. Now I want you to ask yourself this question, 'If you would have been given this secret to share, would you have been bold enough to release it and take the persecution that will come with this truth'? Those who claim you love the Holy Spirit, why would you not rejoice to know this secret I reveal to MY Children of MY HOLY SPIRIT? I warn you, do not grieve ME for I shall not always strive with humans.

I can hear the sigh of relief of those who recognize the truth and yet also acknowledge you are glad it was given to her to speak forth and not to you. However, now those who are grateful will have a greater desire to be a helper to this Ministry for you will realize how much more you are needed in all ways. By now you should realize this is no ordinary Ministry and no ordinary Prophet. Elisabeth is not a feel good Prophet, she does not prophesy only words you want to hear, or prophesy out of the flesh, daily words that anyone can write. True Holy Prophets are given secrets reserved for the friends of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and the one you call the RUACH ha KODESH. How do WE know WE can trust the Holy Prophets, because as it is written, they were already tested in Heaven?

(Jeremiah 1: 4-5 (Yirmeyahu) Now the word of YAHUVEH came to me, saying, "Before I formed you in the belly I knew you, and before you came out of the womb I did set you apart, I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.")

Does it not say in the Holy Manuscripts and proven by the Prophets of Old, 'YAHUVEH shares HIS secrets with the Holy Prophets,' this is a secret I have now released through her, to be a blessing unto those who have desired to know the NAME of the HOLY SPIRIT and have a greater intimacy and love with ME. There will be those reading this that are filled with MY HOLY SPIRIT and they will realize thus far they have done nothing to help this Ministry, or encourage this Prophet, but in gratitude from hence forth they will do all they can to be a blessing unto this Holy Prophet and this Ministry. Great will be their blessings as they labor together in this Harvest field.

This was a secret that was revealed to Prophet Daniel, in the Book of Daniel, and was sealed for such a time as this. Again I repeat, now is the time YAHUVEH has decreed MY Word of Wisdom to be released. It is a time when the spirit of religion will raise up and show just how evil it is.
The Pharisee's had a spirit of religion and remember how they persecuted not only YAHUSHUA but ALL who are Holy? The Holy must stand together now, help and defend one another, because a house divided cannot stand.

Prophecy 92:

YAHUSHUA's demon stompers arise now and cover this Ministry and support it in a way you have never done thus far. Write and encourage them and set a time to pray. Let Elisabeth and those who stand with her know they are not alone as they take on these battles in MY Name. Encourage them and set a time on the clock to commit to pray for them and ALL the Partners in this Ministry. I have asked this Ministry to take on attacks from humans and demons, and yet now they are asked to fight in a battle that comes from outer space and the realms of hell itself.

There are some right now that have slandered this Ministry and Prophet and yet have felt the Holy fire of MY conviction burning in your bones. Repent now privately to YAHUSHUA and publicly to Elisabeth. Others have felt the fear of YAHUVEH, knowing they have sinned against this Prophet, REPENT NOW before it is too late!
Still others knew they were to write and speak forth and defend her and this Ministry, but were more afraid of what the bullies in the rapturenow and fivedoves forum would do to them, they feared Jim Bramlet and what he would say, they feared being banned from the forums, instead of what I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and ABBA YAHUVEH would do to them.

To all the people who are reading this and have eaten and enjoyed the fruits of this Ministry. Yet, have never contacted them or have never encouraged this Ministry in anyway, you will be reminded at this time also. Remember if one Holy person can put one thousand demons to flight, two can put ten thousand demons to flight, how much more can a million believers do? This Ministry will battle for you as you battle for this Ministry.

How few of you reading this would be willing to pay this price. Most reading this are focused on their own world, their own life and family. They are not out on the front lines of faith doing spiritual warfare. Now is the time for YAHUSHUA's demon stompers to arise and cover this Ministry, support and encourage this Ministry and Prophet. Defend this Ministry, for you are fed by MY hand through this Ministry. It is green pastures for MY sheep and lambs.

Prophecy 93:

And those of you who will read this Prophecy and who believe that you are to be part of YAHUSHUA'S Demon Stompers, you've already put YAHUSHUA first in your love, and your life. You sacrifice all to HIM. You do not get tempted with sin. Write, introduce yourself, but woe be unto any enemy that seeks to creep in. Be warned, this group has discernment and the wolf shall die for I will not allow this group to be contaminated. There's innocent little sheep and lambs that try to creep in and as a little child they'll say, "I want to fight. I want to fight." I just pat them on the head and just say, "Wait till you grow up a little bit more. For you need to be ministered to, more than you are fit to be a minister. You need to be prayed for more than you are a prayer warrior. Continue to grow MY little ones. Do not take it as an insult for you just can't take the fire of the front lines." That is why this is an elite force assembled by Heaven. The Holy angels came themselves and told Elisabeth of the birth of this new ministry, YAHUSHUA'S Demon Stompers. For the Glory goes to HIM alone. Only through HIS Name, only through HIS Blood is any prayer answered. These are the Words that I have to say this day. Elisabeth felt MY anger stir up, she went to go speak in English. Instead MY Holy tongues of anger came forth. This is how this Word came forth. On this date of December 26, 2007, so it is spoken and so it shall be written each Word that has been spoken underneath the anointing and through the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and through the Blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.

Prophecy 95:

Seasoned warriors come forth! Join them in the battle lines. MY Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH come forth! Join us in the battle lines! For there is victory there. The more you need deliverance, the more you need blessing, the more you need healed, the more you need forgiven… the more, the more, the more, do not discard your only weapon, that which you call communion. And I tell you this, do not take it with a sinful mouth, a sinful heart, repent before you do this and repentence is not merely words that come out of lips. Repentence is turning away from that which you know is evil! For I am faithful and I am true and as you give ME your heart and you lay this repentence down before ME, I will forgive you. And for those of you who are listening and reading this, you haven't given your life to ME yet but you come here and you read the Words that I speak forth out of this Prophetic Ringmaiden, I remind you of this, do not wait to become perfected. Do not wait until you think, "Oh now I'm Holy." For it cannot happen like that.

For those of you who have not written this Ministry I speak forth out of, you've known, you've learned, you've received the Words I've spoken, your lives have been changed! You desire Holiness where you used to desire sin, what are you waiting for? Why have you not introduced yourself? Why have you not become part of the Holy warriors on the wall? Did I not say long ago, through this Ringmaiden of MINE, "There are no more lone rangers". You need one another. Believe ME. Satan's bride is complete. You can go from one end of the world to the next end of the world and you can find them. They are scattered all over, his networks. I use this Ministry to assemble MY Holy Bride together for they are Holy before ME. What are you waiting for? Oh you say, "I wrote them once, they didn't write me back." See I'm keeping track. What are you waiting for?

Prophecy 100:

I tell you this in advance so you will understand why the Hebrew translator has not yet come forth. But now is the time! I have been dealing with these for there are more than one and although they have held back, now MY Holy angels shoves them on! Write this Ringmaiden! Write this ministry! I speak to the heart of the translators now and I could even give your names but I will not allow the enemy to know your names. And words to the wise, to the Hebrew translators, do not use your true name.

 Prophecy 102:

This Ministry lays everything down, every finance down, sacrifice upon sacrifice in ways you cannot begin to comprehend just to reach one soul in ways that none of you will know. How many of you have helped? How many of you have even given a widow's mite? How many can say they have a part of this Ministry? How many of you even come back to say, "Thank you"? It is no different as I healed ten lepers, only one came back to say, "Thank you." You see when I tell you to support this Ministry so it can continue to do what I've called it to do I don't do it just to be a blessing unto them, I do it because I want to bless you! You who read all this, you who listen, you've not had to sacrifice, you've not had to pay the price, for with every Prophecy spoken through Elisabeth there is a price to pay, for the greater the Anointing the greater the price is paid. True Prophets know what suffering is.

Prophecy 103:

Every time you write that letter of support out, I judge you and the percentage. When a Word comes forth that offends the flesh, just like this Word is going to do, I judge your heart. Do you thank ME? Do you thank the Messenger? Do you put action behind your words? Do you do anything to help this Ministry? I, YAHUVEH, judge you for you see, the Holy Scriptures say, you're held accountable for what you know. (Are you) afraid of offending your loved ones' flesh, your neighbor's flesh, stranger's flesh more than you are afraid of offending I, YAHUVEH?

I grade you MY Children. And on that day in Heaven when you stand before MY Throne and the Book of Life is opened, there shall also be your grade.

Ask ME. Do not ask another. Ask I, YAHUVEH, to give you a dream, to give you a sign and if your heart is sincere and if I think that you're able to bear your grade, and it will not discourage you nor stop you from trying, I will show you your grade, how willing you've been to lay your life down for ME, for MY Son YAHUSHUA MASHIACH's sake, how willing you've been and what attitude you have when you share your Testimony of YAHUSHUA MY beloved Son. Are you a help or are you a hindrance to this Ministry? Since you're hearing this Message from this Ministry, you're now held accountable. Do you stand up and defend? Do you tell your family, your friends, where they can go to hear the Truth that comes straight from Heaven?