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*** Vain worship lies/and warnings from YAH for repentance ***

Repent pastors.

Prophecy 11:
Every church service should be praying for them. Every church service should be praying for MY conviction, MY judgment on those doing such things, allowing these murders, yet how few do. I AM GRIEVIOUSLY ANGRY for you say you're MINE and you are ignoring the cries of the unborn, and the cries of those that sacrifice their all to protect and stop the slaughter of the unborn. Rise up! Speak up! In MY NAME! Pray, Pray, Pray till you see this horror cease.

You want to know why I have allowed this to go on, because I have been waiting for MY Children to call upon MY NAME to stop this. To prove they care. Not just a handful, but millions should have spoken forth as these laws against MY laws were passed. There should never be a church service without this prayer going forth. Pastors you will be held accountable. You have been warned. Congregations warn your pastors. They are supposed to be representing ME. Urge them every service to pray for this horror to cease, for MY judgment to come upon those that refuse to repent. Stop giving ME lukewarm prayers. I will not listen.

You must repent now or you also will suffer what is to come and coming quickly. You have been warned. So worried about your tax exempt status but not worried about what the GOD you claim to serve will do to you, for not praying against this and for not moving MY hand to end this. Again there should never be a church service that ends without prayer going forth to end this spirit that has been sent forth to contaminate all that is Holy. The prayers of a righteous man avail much.

Don't say you are MINE and not stand up for all that is Holy or remain silent as you see others standing up for Holiness and getting persecuted for MY sake, and not help them anyway you can for fear of losing your tax exempt status. You will lose more than your tax-exempt status. You will lose more than your lives. You will lose your SOULS! You have been warned. The time is now! Rise up! Speak up! Tell the heathen to shut up in YAHUSHUA's NAME! One with YAHUSHUA on their side is a majority. A million without YAHUSHUA on their side is a minority. The time is now.

Prophecy 13:
You cannot serve two masters. You will hate one and love the other. You cannot serve two worlds, the world of the flesh, and the world of the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those that deny the flesh and live and walk in the RUACH ha KODESH will I spare. Tell them MY Child, be MY voice and tell them for ME. To whom YAHUSHUA has given spiritual ears and eyes, with this message will be set free. Tell them MY Child, tell them for ME. MY black sheep, no matter how far you have wandered, come back to your only Good Shepherd, come back to ME.

Prophecy 15:
My pastors are afraid to speak up for they can't afford to lose their tax status. I will show you who to fear, for you will lose your tax status.

You who look down on pastors that I have called, like this one I am now giving this prophecy to. You mock her, for she uses her own money along with others that give love offerings or tithes but has never taken a salary. But she shall have a salary, and MY other ministers who support the ministries out of their own pocket, never taking, only giving to others. They shall have the blessings, for MY Word says, "The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the just." I shall take your wealth and give it to those that will use it for MY Glory, not for their own.

You pastors who drive the expensive cars bought with the congregation's money that was to be MY Holy tithes. You pastors that live in plush palaces, fit for a king that MY tithe money was spent for. You pastors whom the government pats on the back, who sold out the truth for lies. Don't you see you have been bribed to remain silent or you will lose your tax-exempt status?You will lose your tax-exempt status and truly the financial blessings above shall come to an end also. You have been warned.

Those that you mock will see you humiliated before the world if you don't repent today. Give back to ME the tithes and offerings that have been stolen, heaped up for your rainy day. When you hear this, you will know MY conviction and know who this word is for. You are standing before ME and the hands of the clock are at one minute til midnight.

Prophecy 17:
Beware, You are held accountable for what you now know. Nora Lam, repent, I love you MY Daughter but fame, fortune and pride has corrupted your once Holy mission in life. Remember when your name was not used to raise money. Think back, MY Love, when you were starved, beaten and tortured so you would deny YAHUSHUA. Thus sayeth YAHUVEH, MY Little One, remember when I was your sole motivation, you needed nothing else to live? Remember when a crust of bread was like a banquet to you? Remember, MY Little One? Now your sole motivation is to RAISE millions of dollars. Nora, come back into the loving arms of your Father. You cannot serve two masters; you will hate one and love the other.

Beware; a word to all famous ministers, thus sayeth YAHUVEH, Larry Lea, what are you doing? Why have you offended ME so and use MY NAME as a scam, promising the people a prayer and that you would be their prayer covering and then say, "Send money for it." Where is the servant I once gave the anointing to teach MY Children to pray? Why is MY NAME used as advertisement to promote man and not the Kingdom of Heaven? Not for the sake of the salvation of souls. Beware anyone that is put upon a pedestal by man. I YAHUVEH, will be the one that knocks you off that pedestal proving you can do nothing without MY anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH. Benny Hinn, Oh MY precious son, where have you gone? Why do you use MY NAME for your own purposes, for your own glory and build buildings that I have not told you to build.

Why are the shepherds leading the sheep astray? Why are the shepherds leading them to the wolves to devour them? Why are the shepherds only interested in fattening themselves and not MY Sheep? Why do the shepherds care only about their homes and whether they have food, whether they have clothes and the finest in life, yet they see the flocks in their churches and they are homeless, hungry, naked and poor? How can these shepherds spend the Holy tithes to redecorate or build millions of dollars worth of mansions and yet MY Sheep go without shelter over their heads, shelter for the sheep's souls. So many will go to Hell, for the shepherds of this world are more concerned in building their kingdoms for their glory and praise and not for the one that paid the price so souls could be saved. Be warned you are held accountable for what you know. The shepherds are meant to provide for the sheep, not one should be lacking. These are MY lambs you are ignoring.

Thus sayeth YAHUVEH of all Creation, You have taken your GOD, MY Son, YAHUSHUA, and brought shame to HIM before all Heaven and Hell. Satan mocks at MY Shepherds I left tending the flocks for ME. Heaven grieves as the cloud of witnesses observe the fat shepherds getting fatter and MY flocks getting leaner. No one should go to a church and leave spiritually starving, yet they are. No one should physically starve; share what you have to those without. This is MY commandment. How can you stand by and say I will pray for you and know your sister or brother is going hungry? You have food, you have shelter, MY Children should not be homeless. Where are the shepherds 'I AM' called to take care of MY Sheep? Don't call yourself a pastor if you won't feed MY Sheep both physically and spiritually. Stop using the Holy tithes and offerings to fatten yourself instead use them to fatten MY Sheep and Baby Lambs. You are held accountable for you have been told. Does not MY Word say, "Lay not up for yourselves silver and gold on this earth where the thief steals, moth and rust does corrupt, but store up your treasures in Heaven."

Woe unto the prophets, shepherds who lead MY Sheep astray with lies that sooth the itching ears and harm the souls of MY People. You, evil shepherds, who use MY NAME as though it was your own. You use the NAME of JESUS (YAHUSHUA) to increase your worldly gains. You are afraid of offending so you teach unity at the expense of the lambs that are being sacrificed on satan's altar.

You evil shepherds and false prophets, you who teach the people to be conformed in your image of god and not MY Word that cannot lie, the image of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is the Word of YAHUVEH made flesh. You, evil fat prosperous shepherds, who have taken from the poor and given to the rich, you will be held accountable for what you know. Think not you shall hear "Well done thou good and faithful servant enter now in and rest". Your sacrifices will have been done in vain. Truly this worldly wealth, fame shall be your only reward. REPENT! Give back MY Holy tithes and offerings to ministries that are preaching MY Word without compromise and without fear. Repent before the GOD you have offended. Repent before the flocks you have fleeced. Repent before the one I am using to give these messages for they will come under persecution for obeying ME. Repent, you are held accountable for what you know. Listen to MY Holy Prophets speaking forth MY rage at your stubbornness, hard heads and hard hearts. Accept the rebuke and fall on your knee's before YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and I will forgive you.

You, evil ones that say we must not warn the sheep where the wolves are for if we do then we will offend them, the Almighty GOD YAHUVEH says this, "The powerful shepherds will be stripped naked of their fame and worldly power. I, YAHUVEH, promote one and dispose of another. Promotion comes from MY hand alone." Get ready for this year you shall see those that have preached error to MY Sheep and cut off their wool and left them naked for their own profit and fed them slop fit not even for swine. You shall this year see ME shake the trees of those who stand in their own righteousness, not in MINE standing in their own power and in their own image. They shall fall like David slew Goliath; the Goliath's who call themselves shepherds but are not. I have given the authority and mandate to warn you because I don't want you to fall but it is your own choice. Repent before the Kingdom of Heaven and this world. Repent for many souls have gone to Hell after leaving your so-called church services for you have not done anything to protect the lambs.

Jesse Duplantis, hear MY voice. MY Prophet could not remember your name yet she kept seeing your face. I have put your name on her lips because I must use her to chastise you. Repent, for you build multi-million dollar buildings I have not told you to build. You are being deceived, your name is being used to gather in the flock's wool once again and leaving them naked as you, Benny and Jan and Paul Crouch glorify what their hands have built. But I have not told you to steal the fleece from the flock to puff yourselves up with pride. Yes, you have done good along with bad but the good you are doing is being outweighed by the evil of the worship of golden idols of this world. Kenneth Copeland come back. Why have you strayed so far from MY Truth and MY Will? Come back. Those once called by MY NAME and now you answer to the call of another evil shepherd and yet still say it's MY NAME. All your sacrifices have been done in vain. Some will lose their souls and will be tortured for eternity in the Hell you have preached. I will hold you accountable for not feeding MY flocks and for fleecing them leaving them naked, hungry, blind and deafened.

You Prophets who applaud one another and join a Prophets club so you can compare prophecies and see who can get on which TV spotlight the quickest. I prophesy this now, you will see a prophecy come to pass as you will know MY wrath, for speaking forth words I have not spoken. For you have not done what this Handmaiden is doing now, you have not warned the fat shepherds to cease from their wicked ways. You have censured MY True warning of judgments because you want to remain popular. You will be held responsible. If you know where evil is you should be speaking it forth. Did I not warn the evil prophets through Jeremiah, Elijah, John, Jonah and the list goes on. Did I say, "Shh, don't mention names, we want to stay in unity or did I say the evil that has been done in secret will be shouted from the housetops." In this case the internet which is the biggest housetop I can find on this earth. Those who seek to silence MY Messengers sent forth with this warning BEWARE the ROD of MY wrath is coming upon you. The more you seek to silence them, intimidate, separate them and label them false prophets. You have been warned this is the year of the GOD you have feared. Unbind MY Prophets set them free to speak forth MY Words of Holy Ghost Fire. Take the gags from their mouths, take the blindfolds off. You have conventions and call yourselves alliances and judge one another's prophecies. Anyone who seeks to have their prophecies judged by man and not by Almighty GOD YAHUVEH who is the author of true prophecies and needs no judge of man or woman, BEWARE.

Pam Clark (Paz), you write a book and MY RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) is not allowed to speak forth the truth for you have chased away any Prophet that truly warns you to repent. You say an angel comes to you and tells you who to chase away and who not. Yet I tell you Heaven has not sent forth these angels. Hell has deceived your itching ears once again. You surround yourself with prophets who will only puff up your pride more. You call yourself a teacher and yet you teach error.

You can deceive the people and look so pomp and Holy and yet you can't deceive the one that knows your hearts.

Build for the kingdom of Heaven not the buildings of this earth. Even a tent will be better off and more anointed then those that build these million dollar buildings for MY RUACH ha KODESH will not be found there. Neither will MY True Prophets and shepherds be welcome there.

? Prophecy 23:
You have stolen their tithes and offerings. That which is meant to be Holy and I tell you this now, you will be held accountable for all that you have done. For you have done this in the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. You have pretended to be MINE and yet your heart is far from ME.

NO, OH NO, you may lose your tithe or congregation if you speak the truth that unconfessed sin, unrepentance and not turning away from sin leads to Hell. You don't tell them, fornication leads to Hell if they don't turn away. You don't teach that abortion is MURDER and leads to Hell if not repented of. You don't teach homosexuality and adultery is a sin and leads to Hell if not repented of. You don't teach be YE HOLY as I AM HOLY, no, you set yourself up for MY wrath. You're afraid to speak out against the government for you're afraid of losing your tax exempt status. You don't speak against other ministers that lead the flock astray or they must be aware, for that might cause others to turn on you. When you do tell others to live Holy you live like the devil yourself. You, who think I am blind and I can't hear or see what you say and how you mock ME and all that is Holy, BEWARE! For if you don't REPENT I will come when you least expect it and you will only be fit for MY WRATH!

This time when this new plague comes forth it will come upon those that have claimed to be MINE and yet they do not know ME. They have stolen the tithes and offerings. They claim to be MINE and yet they do not even know ME. They do not even care.

? Prophecy 25:
Stop building your treasures on earth and start building the treasures in heaven.

Prophecy 29: Lay not your treasures up on earth but build them in heaven.

Erase your unholiness with MY Son's shed Blood; forsake evil doctrines, and other Gods of gain. You have been warned this day by YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH, the ones you claim to serve."

Repent of the false doctrine you believe and teach. Itching ears and wandering eyes and a lust for gold has led you away from Calvary.

Prophecy 32:
I charge you spiritual leaders I once could trust, I cannot anymore.

Why are you not protesting and having your people protest this war? Why do you call yourself friend to the political leaders doing these atrocities? Don't you know you will be held responsible for not speaking out in fear of losing your tax exempt status? You Spiritual leaders you have accepted the bribery from the government to remain quiet. You have sold your birthright like Esau did for a handful of gold. The bigger the ministry the more you could have had MY People to raise up and speak up and tell the heathen no. Yet, for a bribe you remain silent and allow murders of innocents and the blood is on your hands spiritual leaders and all who follow after them and all who support them with your tithes and offerings.

I charge you with this, spiritual leaders and all those remaining silent you are no different than those that remained silent during the Holocaust. I charge you with this, political leaders who remain silent knowing what is being done is wrong, yet daring not to rock the boat in fear. You shall have your boat rocked but it will be by the hand of 'I AM's wrath. I will not only rock it, I will turn your lives upside down and hold you under.

REPENT TODAY! Speak up today. Hate not the one delivering this message; she is only obeying MY will. Someone must speak forth and be like a Moses and say, "LET MY PEOPLE GO!" When it comes time and you see Israel surrounded by troops will you then speak up? When you hear the threats of your own nation threatening MY Daughter Jerusalem will you then speak up? When the missiles point in their direction by your own nation, will you then speak up? You spiritual leaders who cower in the corner in fear with your mouths muzzled for you have taken the bribe of gold covered in your gold dust, lukewarm with a form of Godliness and no Godliness within.

You who read MY Words to the people, and yet do not act upon the words, faith without works is dead. You sing your praises to ME and yet I say, "Be gone with your praises for you show ME no praise in any other way than with the forming of your lips in song. Your hearts are far from ME. You speak of love and yet I charge you spiritual leaders where is your love? If you love ME you will obey ME. You will teach MY People to obey. Speak out like John the Baptist and not fear for your lives."

? Prophecy 36:
You pastors I shall hold accountable very shortly. Evil shepherds who look so holy and yet dare not oppose homosexuality or abortion, as it now runs rampant. You are more afraid of losing the bribes you have taken. I warn MY people you will be held accountable for sowing seed into a ministry that is more afraid of losing their bribes of the government to seal their lips as they see immorality and evil fill the land. Every church should have raised up, everyone who calls themselves MINE! Warning homosexuality the Bible states is an ABOMINATION unto "I AM!" I warned you in MY Word that this spirit would be contagious and must be dealt with. But did you speak out when you saw the laws passed that protected the things I call abominations?

All pastors, spiritual leaders, political leaders who did not, I call now an ABOMINATION unto "I AM!" You take your pretense of holiness and you take your pretense of worship and I say, "AWAY FROM ME!" I will hear you not in the day of calamity. You will answer to ME when I take MY true Bride home to be with ME and you spiritual leaders will sit in your congregations and face them and try and explain why their church is still there to endure the Tribulation to come. It is because you have been bought with a price a small price that will cost you your soul if you don't start speaking out now! REPENT NOW! THERE IS YET TIME! SMALL TIME! Oh if only you who think MY Son's coming is afar off could see just how close it is, closer than your breath when you breathe out cold air. How many spiritual leaders are warning of this? How many will even acknowledge the same God that spoke out of prophets in times of old is the same God that is doing it again?

Prophecy 49:
Pastors, Woe be unto you. Especially you who have the most to gain in your eyes, for you take your tax-exempt status and sell yourself to the highest bidder. You are a whore in MY eyes. You churches that never speak out against, nor told MY People it was wrong on the day you called assembly the day of remembrance and prayer, you grieved MY RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) deeply, not teaching, nor speaking out the warning. It is a sin to pray to any other GOD but YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA (Jesus). This is wrong and you did not let the government know this, how the enemies in other nations mock you America. For no other place but in America would this have happened. You were set apart America, for MY Glory, and then you say, "Anyone's god can answer prayer." You compromised with souls. You will answer one day for this at MY judgment seat.

Shame on all of you who held your silence and did nothing to take away the reproach of this being done on the airwaves. So I your Father GOD YAHUVEH would not be angry with America again, I put it on Pat Robertson's mind, to pray for the pastors, but he didn't say why I did this. He knows the pastors compromised and yet feared angering them more than angering 'I AM'. Woe to the pastors in America and around this world, I admonish you, 'No longer behave like cowards.' Don't call yourself a Pastor, Prophet, Apostle, Teacher, Evangelist, a Spiritual leader if you're a coward. Step down now before your held anymore accountable for leading MY flock astray. Stop teaching MY People to compromise for in the times of old they fought the right to serve 'I AM'. Those that followed YAHUSHUA were killed but they did not compromise.

MY Church, rise up once again and become the living Temple of MY RUACH ha KODESH. Stop feeding MY Sheep and lambs Pabulum that is only fit for the tiniest of babes. Shame on you. I will hold you accountable, you pastors who compromise and will not call unholiness what it is. Those who compromise will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. You fear your own deacons, congregations, and government more than 'I AM'. How can I continue to pour out MY blessings, and protection if you continue to compromise what you know to be true, backed up with the Holy Bible and scriptures.

What will you say to those that are left behind, all because you did not allow MY Prophets and Apostles to warn the sheep and lambs and the black sheep that could have become white, but you were to busy lining your pockets with gold, to even care when the sheep and lambs go astray, as long as the sheep and lambs don't call you to repentance. The sheep and lambs eat the same food day in and day out. You fear anyone else feeding them, in fear, the congregation who I call MY Sheep and lambs, will prefer fresh spiritual food from Heaven. Fresh new wine and insist that pastors, throw out the old wine so the wineskin does not burst.

Pastors, you are held accountable for every soul that is lost in your congregation and misses Heaven because you were more concerned with yourselves, and building your spiritual empires, and your reputations, twisting MY Scriptures, to conform to your image, to explain your abundance. And MY Children go in lack, as you puff yourself up with pride, getting rich from not speaking the truth in fear it would offend the sheep and lambs. You are a pauper in Heaven. Wear your tailored made suites and live in your mansions here on earth, for truly that is all you will have is what you have on earth, you are bankrupt in Heaven, no matter how well you may preach, and teach, MY gifts I did not take away once you went the way of the world, so you have deceived many, but not all MY Children for I have given the gift of discernment and they know you for what spirit now rules you, the sprit of mammon and greed. You are nothing more than a whore in MY eyes.

Prophecy 51:
True apostles and prophets are not taught to be such by a mere teacher in this world. Even your so called prophetic schools are a mockery. How can you teach what you never were taught by a human? Only the RUACH ha KODESH speaks and flows from MY apostles, and prophets. Those in such schools had better repent and realize man cannot make a prophet, or an apostle, or even the office of an evangelist. It is the anointing of the RUACH that draws the people. It is nothing learned, nor taught. To be a good pastor, the example is the Good Shepherd. Pastors and evangelists, stop trying to build your mansions here on Earth. Stop storing your riches on earth. You tell MY people not to prepare for disasters, yet how many of you are storing up the best of everything? How many of you wealthy pastors have a secret hideaway, and have made your plans not caring about your own congregations? Why do you think I want the money given to you in tithes to build you crystal cathedrals, or to build the biggest church in America, or the world? Wouldn't the money be better spent helping MY people to prepare for disasters? You own your own diamond mines and yet you throw away the true gems, MY Beloved children.

In this world you have them fooled, oh evil ones, but your days are numbered in this world. What will you do then? The law firm that is supposed to defend MY people with money sent to them to help defend those called MY children, now you fleece the flocks. Instead you help those that seek to take the privacy away from MY children. You have sold yourselves to the highest bidder, and his name is satan. I don't buy MY people, nor their affections, loyalty, or trust. I won't barter with the evil ones. I will only warn them. Repent in YAHUSHUA's NAME.

Prophecy 58:
MY People are sold and considered personal property as the pastors sell their mailing lists and as they count the heads of the people in churches and claim them as their sheep. Woe be unto you, you evil Shepherds who are wolves in sheep's clothing. Woe be unto you, those that call themselves millionaires and look down upon others. Remember, 'I AM' jealous for MY Sheep and Lambs. You will pay. Oh, you will come to ME and say, "But Lord I cast out devil's in your NAME and Prophesied in your NAME, and 'I AM' will say, "Depart from ME ye worker of iniquity, I never knew you." (Matt 7:21-23)

Prophecy 59:
I'll tell you this now, for every minister that stands behind a pulpit, for every spiritual leader that did not teach MY People to honor the True Sabbath Day and keep it Holy, even if your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life, you will be least in the Kingdom of Heaven. Your rewards you will not know. I'll tell you this, you spiritual leaders, for you did not lead your people to fast and pray of the ungodly laws that have been passed and the others that are on the way. IF your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life, you will be the least in the Kingdom of Heaven. Your work will be as stubble and hay if you have not laid all on the altar of sacrifice.

Prophecy 62:
Beware, MY Children, of poison injected in your veins. Beware, MY Children, of the very air you breathe. Beware, MY Children, of the very water you drink. Truly if it were not for MY mercy, life would be erased off the face of the Earth. Beware, MY Children, of what you have injected in you. Remember where your faith and your trust is. Stand up for what is right. Stand up for your freedoms now. Preachers, stop taking the bribes, for you've been silenced far too long. I will hold you accountable for not warning MY Sheep!

Prophecy 64:
Pastors you are now held accountable for what you now know. Repent and stop leading MY Sheep astray. I forgive you for what you did not know before, but now you no longer can stand before ME and say, "You did not know." I will remind you pastors of the day I sent MY Baby Lambs and Sheep to warn you to teach the truth so MY Children will be ready on their Wedding Day.

Prophecy 71:
You who call yourself Spiritual leaders but in MY eyes you are no leader at all for you sold yourselves to the highest bidder as a common whore as you take the tax free bribes and allow the Government to muzzle you. You became a traitor and a coward, Need I remind you in the Book of Revelations where cowards and traitors end up? Beware congregations the Spirit of the Pastor or Spiritual leader is the Spirit of the Churches and Temples. You with spiritual ears to listen and spiritual eyes to see have been given the gift of discernment. I, YAHUVEH now give you the command to speak up now before it is too late and your freedom of speech is completely taken away.

I, YAHUVEH have a warning to all the political and spiritual leaders who refuse to speak out against and vote against what you know MY Holy Scriptures condemn as abominations and sin. You have compromised with satan. You betrayed I, YAHUVEH before the foundation of the earth and you betray I, YAHUVEH now. Take your comfort now in your wealth and possessions for truly that is the only comfort you will have for all eternity. Your next bed shall be in Hell and then the Lake of Fire where worms shall be your sheets and maggots your blankets.

Prophecy 73:
The City of sin is the first wrath to enter in, to take a small cross from the seal. It shows you the power of the churches in that State. They have a form of Godliness, no desire for Godliness, no Godliness within. Those who are in those Churches where their pastors stayed silent and watched, did not even offer up a prayer, did not tell the congregation to fast and protest. You are whores, you are whores in MY sight, you sold yourself to the highest price what you won't do for that tax-exempt status, that I already prophesied will be stripped away.

Prophecy 95:
I prophesied through this Handmaiden of MINE, what was in the minority, would be the majority if you did not fight this sin and now look at the spirit of homosexuality, where has it not invaded in because you believed a lie. Long ago I told this Handmaiden of MINE, in the beginning it was Adam and Eve, it was never Adam and Steve. Never, never, never, never, never, never, never was this to be and so the boiling black blood plague shall be loosed. You do not have much longer now. All those who condone the spirit of homosexuality or who have stayed silent and said, "Just let them do their own thing." You shall sufferrrr a plague like none other! Those who partake in this abomination unto ME, you shall sufferrrr like none other! And those of you who know it's wrong, even if you don't belong to ME, from this sin, you have fleed and this shall not come upon you. Speak out now! While you still got a voice! You pastors who have embraced the homosexuals so you would not have to confront them, watch and see what I do to you for you shall share in the same plague! Dream of Boiling Black Blood Plague

Those who have embraced abortions, not spoken out against it, pastors, you who call yourself leaders and are no leaders of MINE, you shall feel the painnnn of that baby. You shall hear their screams in your ears for all eternity as it will feel like your very skin is being boiled with that saline solution. It shall feel like your body is ripped apart and asunder. Your very heads will feel like they are being cut off. You have not a clue what I am going to do to you! You mothers who abort your babies, you have no excuse before ME if you do not repent of this atrocity. The blood shall never come off your hand! For the screams of the unborn echo in Heaven's ears and although they're safely taken home, they still want judgment down here! This is what is spoken of in part when you read in the Bible the souls underneath the altar want Judgment and they cry out and they say, "How much longer? How much longer?" (Rev. 6:10) These aren't just the martyrs who laid their life down for ME, these are the unborn that would have been born who would have been Holy before ME. This is what I tell you in secret that other prophets don't speak. This is your fresh manna from Heaven. Now chew on what I've said this day.

Prophecy 101:
In times of old the children of Israel sinned greatly against ME. They took their gold and silver that I gave them as a blessing and made a golden calf to worship and bow down too, it is no different now. This world takes the gold and silver and bows down to the wealthy and worships them, but I am showing you as I shake this world as if you were cooking popcorn on a stove and those who are so puffed up in pride the very wealthy who have said they are god, they need no other god, they scorn MY Holy Words, they scorn MY Holy Commandments, they defile all that is holy, and as overcooked popcorn you shall smell the stench as you see them scorched and burn.

Woe be unto the evil, evil men who call themselves pastors. You who have taken the name church and use the spiritually hungry people to build your own financial empires. You shall scorch and you shall burn and your financial empires I, YAHUVEH shall tear down with MY own hand and you shall be exposed for the evil that you are. I will not apologize to Sodom and Gommorah, woe be unto the world who are following in their footsteps! You are at the edge of a cliff and only those who truly have a loving and obedient relationship with I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH will be rescued. Repent today for tomorrow may be to late.

Prophecy 102:
They cannot touch ME. But because you're in the flesh, the enemy knows where to hurl their weapons at. You live in an evil, evil, evil time where good is spoken of as evil and evil is spoken of as good, where sexual sin is running rampant and the morality line is all blurred; even in the majority of the churches they refuse to speak what morality is! They fear the government more than YAHUVEH! And for this you pastors are going to pay. You sold your soul for this tax exempt status. How ministering for ME could reward you monetarily.

Some of you have repented for you did now know what you had done. Some of you have said, "Take this tax exempt status (Elisabeth says, "OK, I'll say it.") and shove it where the sun does not shine!" You please ME. You have been forgiven. You have righted this wrong.

But for the other pastors of the other churches who have taken this bribery of the government to put a lock and a key over your lips. (Elisabeth says, "Oh boy, my hand is numb!") I said, "Away from ME! I never knew you! MY Spirit is not found in your churches."