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*** Vain worship lies/and warnings from YAH for repentance ***

Pastors say who can pray.

Prophecy 1:
There is a false doctrine going around in these end times and in some of MY churches where MY anointing has been poured out. A spirit of pride and religion has spread the lie that the pastors are saying only 'We' have the authority to say who can pray and who cannot pray. You are forbidden to pray one for another without our permission. Not even YAHUVEH Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth would say such a thing.

Prophecy 16:
Don't hinder MY Prophets from speaking.

Churches stop silencing them. Stop kicking them out. Admit that you really don't want your sin exposed and repent. Don't silence or think you determine who speaks and who does not. Pastors you have grieved MY RUACH ha KODESH. Who are you to censure those that I send? You say it's because you don't want to allow just anyone to speak forth as MY Prophets. Yet if they are not of ME I will expose them. I will show you the signs if they are speaking forth MY Words of Holy Fire or whether it is strange fire or occult fire. Let them speak. No, you don't have to proof read what is said first. Pastors you have overstepped your boundaries. REPENT TODAY! Cannot the RUACH ha KODESH give discernment what is of ME and what is not. Beware, for you are grieving the RUACH ha KODESH. You will be held accountable. You will know if they are a false prophet.

Prophecy 64:
But Oh, how many of the so called churches, OH how many of the so called Temples MY RUACH ha KODESH isn't even allowed inside. No moving of the SPIRIT. Any True Apostle and Prophet is kicked out. MY RUACH ha KODESH is quenched. MY Prophets even have to have permission to prophesy. Woe to you evil shepherds. Woe to you evil pastors. You teach MY People a lie. You won't even teach them the True Sabbath. You tell them any day will do. But I ask you this question what was good enough for the Creator isn't it good enough for you?