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*** Vain worship lies/and warnings from YAH for repentance ***

Once saved always saved.

Prophecy 13:
Even those that are listed under redeemed can have their name blotted out, and if it is blotted out, it will be because you knew the goodness of YAHUVEH the Father, yet chose to serve the god of this world fleshly desire and turned your back on ME and only pretended to give your hearts and lives to ME. I knew all this in advance which choices you would make, for I am the GOD of all wisdom and knowledge I am never surprised at anything that happens.

  Prophecy 24 part 2:
They once were Holy before ME. They once preached the truth and now preach the doctrines of devils.

Can't you see satan sends his cloning spirits to clone a person that once was Holy. But they turned away from ME because of greed, pride, sin, or lack of faith. Yet now that cloning spirit now speaks forth MY Words yet no RUACH ha KODESH is within. Only a clone of Hell disguised as an angel of light.

Prophecy 25:
I said there are two books, and every soul is either found in the book of REDEMPTION or of DAMNATION. What I now tell you is there are names also Blotted Out.

It is your choice whether your name is Blotted Out. Those that gave their lives to ME then took them back and died in that condition, whose souls stopped trusting in YAHUSHUA to save them denied MY Gift at Calvary.

There are souls that had their names on the redemption page, but because of their lack of faith, and loyalty to their God and Savior, their names were blotted out. Let this not happen to you.

Prophecy 32:
Woe be unto these that teach MY People to sin and accept what is not of MY RUACH ha KODESH. You are the same ones that have them rolling in the aisles and barking like dogs, and laughing in chaotic mockery claiming it is the joy of the Lord. You leaders I will bring you down so suddenly who have led MY flock astray you will not even be warned. Consider this your warning but so few will even hear MY voice for they have heard the voice of another that now speaks to them through satan. You leaders, you are held responsible and you are held accountable for what you know. You false leaders who lead MY People astray are the same ones that now use MY Word to claim YAHUSHUA is channeling through the people. Come out of the churches that do all of these things I have charged them with this day or flocks that once were MINE, your name will be blotted out forever in the Lamb's Book of Life.

Prophecy 71:
As you read this there is an anointing unlike any I, YAHUVEH have given anyone thus far. Read this aloud and the scales will fall from your eyes, spiritually your deaf ears will be opened. You will no longer be able to have a form of Godliness with no Godliness within, deceiving others, if you hear I, YAHUVEH and believe this prophetic message. The decision you made before you were born on earth will be manifested before all. This is a warning to all good and evil. The souls who were in the battle before the foundation of the earth who started to fight on the side of Holiness against Lucifer and his 1/3 of angels and then allowed Lucifer's lies to penetrate their souls, they too betrayed I, YAHUVEH. (Rev.13-8)

They now pay the price for their names are written in the Book of the Blotted Out, traitors first in Heaven and now on earth. These people start out following I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA believing the bible, obeying MY Commands, MY Torah and than forsaking all that is Holy. These souls were formed and put into a human body and are doomed to reap satans reward of Hell and the Lake of Fire. Everyone reading this now, hear this, I, YAHUVEH command you to share this with all the people you know, to reassure them, not one person whose name is written in the Lambs Book of Life will worship the beast or accept the Mark of the Beast! (Rev 13:15-17)

Prophecy 79:
Do not believe the lies that teach "Once saved, always saved." Do not believe that because YAHUSHUA paid the price at Calvary, now it no longer matters that you can sin, that you can lean over as close to the edge of Hell as far as you want because you said a salvation prayer. You think you don't have to put any works behind it and you are still guaranteed to enter Heaven's doors away from ME you workers of lawlessness. I don't want to hear any more of your excuses. Either you will be Holy or I will say to you, "Workers of iniquity, I never knew you."

Prophecy 92:
The Evangelical Pimps now love gold and silver more than they love MY sheep and lambs, and if they do not repent and turn away from this wicked road they are on. Most of those I name in this Word will never see Heaven. Some had their name in the BOOK OF LIFE and there name was blotted out! As they betrayed ME in Heaven, so they betray ME again on earth for their soul already knows where it will go when it leaves this earth. Now they have a form of godliness but no godliness within!

Those who have sold books stating a thus saith the Lord, 'This is the date of the rapture of the church,' or they say, 'Say a prayer and be guaranteed heaven.' I ask you, will you refund the money people paid for your book? Holy People write and ask for a refund of your money. Shelby Corbitt, Kenneth Copeland, Choo Thomas, and others, you lead MY people to a false rapture. You calculate the day of their deaths and you slowly kill the faith of the few faithful silent frightend innocent lambs that are in the rapturenow and five doves forums and many other forums.

Prophecy 95:
And I cannot lose one. I do not lose one. All, all, all whose names are found written in the LAMB'S Book of Life, before the foundation of this earth, all, all, all, all shall be in Heaven. The ones whose names are blotted out! As they betrayed ME in Heaven, they betray ME on earth. But even that name was blotted out before the foundation of this earth. As they betrayed ME in Heaven they betray ME on earth. All of you work out your own salvation with fear and trembling for your soul knows where you will go. You're only repeating what's already been done.

You see these preachers fall by the wayside. You see them betray the sheep and the lambs. You see them preaching another gospel than what I planned. But as they betray ME now, they betrayed ME then. For I tell you something in Truth that you did not know and even now Elisabeth you struggle to speak forth these Words, but there is no such thing as a new soul. For all of earth and all of earth's time have been filled with old souls. This is why I know the number of hairs on each of your heads. This is why I know each one of your names, be they friend or foe. This is why I know when I chose MY Bride on earth, I already know who was loyal in Heaven. This why I know and I let Jeremiah know as he was formed in his mother's womb, as each day of his life was charted out, I knew that I had ordained him as a prophet because I knew who I can trust.

Prophecy 103:
For those of you who are counting down the days and there is a website at Five Doves, how much harm you have done and although you mean to honor ME, you build people up for such a day that you say, "The rapture shall come." You tell people, "All you have to do is accept YAHUSHUA as MASHIACH and you are guaranteed in that first rapture." You Americans are so puffed up in pride.

You say, "Before devastation happens to America, before any war can break out in America, before any nuclear bomb could hit America, we'll be gone for YAHUVEH loves Americans so much! More than anyone else on the face of this earth! Yes, we Americans, we shall be spared." Foolish, foolish, foolish, foolish, foolish, foolish, FOOLISH! Do you think that I, YAHUVEH, that MY Son YAHUSHUA, love Americans more than the rest of the world?! Where do you get these ideas from?

Instead of rebuking one another, instead of saying, "A lying, deceiving spirit has spoken from your dream, your vision, your revelation," where was the rebuke for Pastor (F.M.) Riley? Where was the rebuke for Jim Bramlett? And all the others who spoke falsely? What's the matter Jim? You won't post it. You won't acknowledge it. How many have been torn down? How many have been embarrassed, humiliated, given up, instead of admitting that you were wrong? Pastor Riley, I have this against you, you who use your format at Five Doves, it is not enough just to be in elementary school, call it grammar, kindergarten, in your eyes, preschool. When someone just accepts YAHUSHUA they're in preschool. They haven't even yet begun to obey the Ten Laws yet you guarantee them Heaven?! You guarantee them the rapture?! You give a date that does not come.