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*** Vain worship lies/and warnings from YAH for repentance ***

If you know you donít serve YAH (pastors).

Prophecy 4: Oh, the pain. The grief I have bared over this. How long do you think these people who were too ashamed to stand and confess they needed a Savior, will stay saved? Right away the enemy will steal that little seed that was planted. Those of you, who have done this, REPENT! Openly refuse to do this anymore. For you will answer for the lost souls that would have been saved. Those of you who have made ME out to be a GOD of deceit as you say they can raise their hands in secret and say YAHUSHUA come into my heart, without first teaching they must weep and repent for their sins, and turn away from those sins. Agree to put YAHUSHUA first in their lives, and to follow after Holiness, not unholiness. You will answer to ME personally also, and for all of those that thought, once saved always saved, now we can do anything we want because all our sins are covered. You did not teach them, 'why do you say you love ME and not obey ME?'

Prophecy 11: Your laws can legalize homosexual marriages but I decreed it is sin. It is a mockery of marriage and what I created to be Holy. It is not legalized in MY eyes. Pastors, some of you have joined in these love feasts of strange flesh by saying nothing, you have partaken in it.

Prophecy 23: A new Prophecy is coming forth this day. A warning to the wolves in sheep's clothing that stand in the office of the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher that are out to devour MY Sheep to abuse, kill or to maim them, control, deceive, or chase them away. "LET MY PEOPLE GO!" As in the days of Moses, when I spoke to the Evil Pharaoh and I said, "LET MY PEOPLE GO!" So I say unto you this day, to the wolves who pretend to be MINE, but do not even know who I am. Those that pretend to love ME and serve ME and quote MY Words, and yet do not even know who I am. I say unto you this day "LET MY PEOPLE GO!"

There are many wolves in sheep's clothing, they are doing miracles and signs and wonders. They are saying they are doing these miracles in MY NAME. They are on your television and radio stations and yet I tell you this, it is not by the power of MY RUACH ha KODESH that they do these things. It is by the power of Hell itself.

I will show forth and I will expose the wolves and I shall use this vessel now speaking and she in MY power shall rip the masks from your face and the sheep shall see you for what you are. First you say you are a sheep and you put one mask on, but underneath you have another mask and it is the mask of the wolf. But I tell you underneath that mask the true face lies for it is the face of a demon that speaks these lies and it comes from the very pit of Hell.

Prophecy 51: MY children you can be deceived for a short while, but only as long as I allow it! Woe be unto that wolf that puts on the mask of a sheep to spy on MY children, and entrap them. What is the price of your soul? For that is what it will cost you. Your soul will be cast into the Lake of Fire. Repent today, before it is too late! Run from the evil that you have done, and expose that evil for what it is. Help MY children. Become one of MY hidden ones who will protect and not harm MY babies, Bride, chosen ones, and elect. Repent to all those that you have wronged. There is yet time for the wolves to become baby lambs. Only through MY Son YAHUSHUA's Blood covenant is this possible. Run, wolf, run, for I, YAHUVEH see you. You only think you're invisible and blend in.

In this world you have them fooled, oh evil ones, but your days are numbered in this world. What will you do then? The law firm that is supposed to defend MY people with money sent to them to help defend those called MY children, now you fleece the flocks. Instead you help those that seek to take the privacy away from MY children. You have sold yourselves to the highest bidder, and his name is satan. I don't buy MY people, nor their affections, loyalty, or trust. I won't barter with the evil ones. I will only warn them. Repent in YAHUSHUA's NAME.