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*** Vain worship lies/and warnings from YAH for repentance ***

Don’t discourage YAH’s prophets.

Prophecy 6:
Don't touch MY anointed and don't do MY Prophets any harm. Yes, judge what is spoken, does it line up with the Holy Word? Is it in context or taken out of context? You shall know. But stop silencing MY Prophets. Stop silencing MY Apostles. Stop telling them they will fail, for the task is too big and they must not be hearing from YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. Stop putting ME in a box. Am I not the GOD of the impossible? Is anything too hard for ME?

Prophecy 11:
As the evil gets more rampant in this world, and evil ones flaunt the sin in MY face saying, "What you gonna do about it YAHUSHUA? I will show them what I am going to do about it. As I show MY Children when I spank them, I will punish those flaunting MY commandments, homosexuality, immorality, and Bible in MY face and daring to mock ME. It's coming, MY wrath is coming to this earth undiluted.

As they teach the babes to sin and that MY Words are no longer for today, they are going to pay in a mighty way. I was only the sacrificial Lamb once; I come back as a Mighty Warrior next time. But first I gather MY Children home. MY wrath is reserved for MY enemies not MY Children. MY Children, those loving and serving ME, whose sins are washed in the Shed Blood of Calvary, have nothing to fear.

Prophecy 12:
Be warned all those that rise up against MY Daughters of Prophecy. For just as surely as Goliath fell, so shall all those that cause MY Daughters of Prophecy grief. BEWARE! For I am watching, I am listening. I will judge those that judge MY Daughters for speaking forth MY Words. As men protect women and I put that Spirit within them to do so, how much more will I protect MY Daughters of Prophecy? For it is prophesied in these end times I would pour out MY Spirit on MY Handmaidens and they would Prophesy.

Whoever touches MY anointed and do these Prophets harm, I shall surely quickly judge.

But dare not touch or discourage or put your man made ideas of what I would do, and who I would use on MY Daughters of Prophecy. Do not say YAHUVEH would not use these women for they don't have the appearance they should; they have not our permission to speak. Who are you oh men of this world to silence MY Daughters of Prophecy? I choose those who are the most not likely to be chosen.

Not all of MY Daughters of Prophecy will have a so called license.

I have saved the best for last. Because men said, "You can't use a woman." It will be the women that have the most powerful ministries in these end times and the last shall be first. 

Prophecy 16:
Don't hinder MY Prophets from speaking.

Churches stop silencing them. Stop kicking them out. Admit that you really don't want your sin exposed and repent.

Prophecy 17:
You, evil ones, who seek to silence MY Prophets know this; as one falls, I will raise up multitudes who will speak louder than the one you lead astray, bound, gagged and deafened. I will raise up Prophets that will not be silenced like MY Daughter who stands not in her boldness, strength or righteousness for she stands not in her power, she knows all these come not from her but from ME, the Great GOD 'I AM' who sends her to warn the wolves your masks are being ripped from your faces. Your not one of MY flock you have turned away from the True Living GOD and started serving another god that is not ME. MY face is not on your currency of your country, MY face is not minted on your gold coins, MY face is in the Word of GOD. You seek to know ME, then read the Bible. Get on your faces before ME and seek who the GOD of Salvation really is. Evil shepherds, false prophets you will not live out half of your days for the evil you have done in MY sight. You have been warned! I am speaking forth this warning again, stop building for the kingdom of this world and start building for the Kingdom of Heaven once again.

If you know where evil is you should be speaking it forth. Did I not warn the evil prophets through Jeremiah, Elijah, John, Jonah and the list goes on. Did I say, "Shh, don't mention names, we want to stay in unity or did I say the evil that has been done in secret will be shouted from the housetops." In this case the internet which is the biggest housetop I can find on this earth. Those who seek to silence MY Messengers sent forth with this warning BEWARE the ROD of MY wrath is coming upon you. The more you seek to silence them, intimidate, separate them and label them false prophets. You have been warned this is the year of the GOD you have feared. Unbind MY Prophets set them free to speak forth MY Words of Holy Ghost Fire. Take the gags from their mouths, take the blindfolds off. You have conventions and call yourselves alliances and judge one another's prophecies. Anyone who seeks to have their prophecies judged by man and not by Almighty GOD YAHUVEH who is the author of true prophecies and needs no judge of man or woman, BEWARE.

Prophecy 21:
Woe be unto those that have muzzled or tried to muzzle or discouraged or hindered MY Apostles and Prophets in speaking forth. Woe be unto those that have mocked, abused MY Apostles and Prophets for speaking this forth. You have been warned, now tell others.

Prophecy 23:
This time when this new plague comes forth it will come upon those that have claimed to be MINE and yet they do not know ME. They have stolen the tithes and offerings. They claim to be MINE and yet they do not even know ME. They do not even care. They have beaten MY Sheep and driven them away and when they could not control them they have shut their mouths and they have beaten them into submission and driven them away.

You say I do not speak of judgment. You say I do not speak of wrath. You put MY Holy Prophets down and you say, "The RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) Oh, you poor dear, you lack!" But I say unto you evil ones this day. I speak of judgment and I speak of wrath and YOU, YOU, YOU who have spoken in MY NAME. YOU, YOU, YOU who have abused MY Sheep and MY Lambs you who have abused MY Bride, MY Little Babes in YAHUSHUA. YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU shall feel MY wrath in a mighty way as judgment comes down on you, this very day.

Oh yes, you shall learn a sorrowful lesson. Oh yes, you evil shepherds you shall learn it well if you do not repent this very day. This is what I do tell. This is not a game that you decided to play. You fleeced MY flock and led them astray, but I shall make you pay. Oh, are you going to pay. RUN WOLVES RUN! Run away from that which you intended to do. Run away from that which you have done, run away, REPENT! Get on your knees, and cry out for mercy for that which you have done. Cry out for mercy that can still come. You silence MY True Prophets and Apostles. You say, "If you can't speak good and make me feel good, that if it doesn't edify, and exhort, and build you up," you say, "NO, you don't want to hear any prophecies from them." You call them false prophets and say, "Go Away!"

REPENT TODAY (Pastors)! Speak up today. Hate not the one delivering this message; she is only obeying MY will. Someone must speak forth and be like a Moses and say, "LET MY PEOPLE GO!" When it comes time and you see Israel surrounded by troops will you then speak up? When you hear the threats of your own nation threatening MY Daughter Jerusalem will you then speak up? When the missiles point in their direction by your own nation, will you then speak up? You spiritual leaders who cower in the corner in fear with your mouths muzzled for you have taken the bribe of gold covered in your gold dust, lukewarm with a form of Godliness and no Godliness within.

  Prophecy 35:
"I AM" will set your names upon the gates of MY walls. You will continue to shine as jewels set into the finest setting of Heaven's best. All of MY true prophets and apostles need your help including this one. They are attacked in various ways, some physical, some mental, some emotional, some financial, some spiritually. MY handmaiden is attacked daily in all these ways. Yet "I AM" hears the mighty prayers of intercession and "I AM" raises MY sword of the RUACH ha KODESH and just as surely as Goliath fell so too shall the enemies who mock this messenger sent to deliver the prophetic messages. As Goliath was warned by David, "I AM" speaks this warning this day. Though you mock, MY Word remains the same, "Touch not MY anointed neither do MY Prophets harm" (Psalm 105:15 and 1Chronicles 16:22.).

Be concerned for your very souls for discouraging MY true Apostles and Prophets that speak forth words of warning and you have hung yourselves by your own words just as surely as Judas hung himself. What is the price of your soul? Don't you yet see? MY enemies are seeking to find where your strength is. Your enemies seek to take your strength, your desire to serve ME, to destroy you and yes even to kill you if possible. Your enemies seek to confuse you and cause you doubt like Peter did when I told him to walk upon the water. Did Delilah betray Samson with a sword? NO, but with a KISS in the name of love she betrayed him after finding his source of strength. Did Judas betray MY Son with a sword? NO, but with a KISS. So to your enemies that live within your own homes and families will say, "I just want to help you" and then betray you with a KISS of DEATH to your freedom and your lives if I so allow.

Prophecy 49:
What will you say to those that are left behind, all because you did not allow MY Prophets and Apostles to warn the sheep and lambs and the black sheep that could have become white, but you were to busy lining your pockets with gold, to even care when the sheep and lambs go astray, as long as the sheep and lambs don't call you to repentance. The sheep and lambs eat the same food day in and day out. You fear anyone else feeding them, in fear, the congregation who I call MY Sheep and lambs, will prefer fresh spiritual food from Heaven. Fresh new wine and insist that pastors, throw out the old wine so the wineskin does not burst.

Pastors, you are held accountable for every soul that is lost in your congregation and misses Heaven because you were more concerned with yourselves, and building your spiritual empires, and your reputations, twisting MY Scriptures, to conform to your image, to explain your abundance. And MY Children go in lack, as you puff yourself up with pride, getting rich from not speaking the truth in fear it would offend the sheep and lambs. You are a pauper in Heaven. Wear your tailored made suites and live in your mansions here on earth, for truly that is all you will have is what you have on earth, you are bankrupt in Heaven, no matter how well you may preach, and teach, MY gifts I did not take away once you went the way of the world, so you have deceived many, but not all MY Children for I have given the gift of discernment and they know you for what spirit now rules you, the sprit of mammon and greed. You are nothing more than a whore in MY eyes.