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*** Unequally yoked/Family things ***

To the heathen spouse

Prophecy 23:
I speak unto the heathen that they are married to, who cover them with every kind of perversion, evil, guilt, and sin. LET MY BRIDE GO! You have contaminated her with SEXUAL SIN! You are out there whoring and then you come to her. I tell you this; you husbands who have been led astray. I tell you this, those who have husbands who have gone a whoring. Satan seeks to contaminate MY Bride, that which is suppose to be Spotless and White and I tell you this right now. I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS ANYMORE! I tell you this right now; I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS ANYMORE! I am taking MY Sword and I am dividing marriages. Those who are Godly will stand; those which are not will fall. I am not in Divorce it is only more bondage.

I come to set MY Children free and that is what exactly it's going to be. Oh, you who claim to be MINE and are married to Godly women, and yet you surf the internet for sin and porn. You contaminate your eyes, and you commit adultery with your spirit and soul and yet you think no one is going to know. Well, I've got news for you and believe ME I am telling you and it's true for I am a GOD that cannot lie for this sin if you don't repent, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE for you have contaminated MY Bride.

For when you are together, truly Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul then you are one with ME and the Holy Trinity. But how can you be one with one that goes whoring around? How can you be one whose mind thinks of every kind of sin? How can you be one that hates MY very NAME? Oh, I tell you this and I am going to make it very plain. I will no longer tolerate MY Bride being contaminated by sexual sin. I will no longer tolerate this and you better take these words seriously, for you see, I am not a GOD that can be mocked and you know MY very voice and I tell you this, be you the husband or the wife, you are not betraying them you are betraying YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Especially you so called Christian husbands who claim to be MINE and yet MY Spirit you cannot hear and your spiritual eyes are blind. You have not just betrayed that husband and you have not just betrayed that wife. I tell you this ONCE AGAIN YOU HAVE BETRAYED YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! I am going to hold you up to open SHAME. It was the beginning when this President of this nation went before the people and said, "Although I have done wrong, it's none of your business" and the people agreed.

Well, I tell you this, this day. It is the Lord GOD ALMIGHTY's business for I warn you this day. Church of the pretenders listen closely to what I say. Even if you pretend to be MINE, even if you pretend like the leader of this nation pretends to be MINE I will hold you up to open shame as I have done this leader and I will do it again. You who claim to be MINE, you sneak behind the spouses back and you go into adulterous relationships and sexual sin and lust, you have no lack. But I tell you this when you're in the very act of adultery the very next time, remember this, the very breath you breathe, the very next heartbeat is MINE, you won't know what day or time. I am going to let the spouse know exactly what you're all about. The world is going to shake their head and they're not going to understand why PROSTATE CANCER is so prevalent in man. But I am going to show exactly what I think of sex sin and I am going to show and you have been warned this day that you are held accountable for what you now know.

You had better REPENT and fall on your face and knees and you had better REPENT not only before your Almighty Lord YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and I will forgive you today, but then you must confess to the spouse you have offended and betrayed. For I tell you this, I am not going to be mocked, no not another day. You may be in the very act of adultery and think you got away with it. But I tell you this; I the Lord GOD will drop you DEAD and you know not when I am going to do it and you will slide on your own SPERM right into HELL! I am telling you this for I am a GOD of Mercy, you listen and you listen well. You're taught, "OH well, I am just a man. I can do whatever I want as long as my wife doesn't see it then all is well."

But you forget you have a Heavenly Father even if you're pretending to be MINE, I know you Oh so well and you so called Christian women who claim to be MINE are no better. You slip away how many days and you think as long as my husband doesn't know then everything is all right. But I tell you this day, I am holding you into account and you too know not when I will take your Life. You too will be plagued with cancers and there shall be no cure. Take ME at MY Word for these words you know you hear are of MY RUACH ha KODESH and fear has come upon you. For you know who I am speaking to. It's YOU and YOU and YOU! You can pass all the laws you want, and try and say same sex marriage is Holy.

If you marry a heathen there is always going to be a struggle whether it's lightness trying to take over darkness, or darkness trying to take over lightness. But I have heard the cries of MY Children who are in unequally yoked bondage and I am telling you this day, through this Prophet Sherrie Elijah, I am speaking it forth in a mighty way! I AM GOING TO REQUIRE THE LIFE OF THE ONE THAT CONTINUES TO CONTAMINATE MY BRIDE OF YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! MY Children, those that truly know ME you are to live in this world yet not become like this world. Be ye Holy as I am Holy, live Holy, talk Holy, think Holy and act HOLY! Separate from all that is unholy. Unholiness should have no place in thee. Children pray in the NAME of YAHUSHUA for I will set you FREE. Then have faith it is done and just believe.

Prophecy 34:
I spoke to her in her dream and told her to tell you this; the time has come when it is dangerous to live in the same dwelling as the unbelievers. For spouses shall betray one another, children shall betray the parents and so on. You who have been unequally yoked and yet manage to live together with both serving different Gods although the unbeliever may claim to believe in a God, it is not the God you serve and worship and put first. Pray now for a way of escape before you are delivered up to be a sacrifice. For those who have no way of escape and yet have prayed for a way of escape I will make a way of escape for you. I understand, only speak it in prayer and I will do what I have not done before I will crash the wall of Jericho down for you and the unbeliever shall be no longer a hindrance to you in worshipping and serving ME. You will truly be able to say, "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord!"

Prophecy 35:
The sheep will find it harder than ever to dwell peacefully in homes or families where the goats are. For you see, does not MY Word say in these end times that the Holy will become more Holy and the unholy will be come more unholy. You are a bright light shining forth. The sins are done in darkness. The children of darkness do not want their sins exposed as sin. For those of you in dwellings where you have been, that light is on a hill for all to see. Tell those who deny ME as Lord and refuse to live for ME or live Holy before ME, that now the God you serve "I AM" and YAHUSHUA will be taking those filled with the truth of Heaven away from the darkness, leaving them in darkness with their sins, and it has been those who are MY children I call MY sheep, that they have been the reason that the goats dwelling with them have not felt MY wrath. When the sheep are taken the goats shall feel MY wrath in full measure.  

"I AM" speaks forth this warning as MY enemies held swords to Samson and tortured and blinded him, so too "I AM" raises MY SWORD and will cut the cords the ungodly has bound you with! "I AM" will use MY sword to kill MY enemies in many different ways. "I AM" will chase MY enemies and they shall run in fear in seven different directions. "I AM" will set the captives free who cry out for ME for their Passover! "I AM" will blind the eyes and deafen the ears further of those that refuse to listen though they have been warned again and again, they want to be blind so they shall like the evil pharaoh be seven times off worse till the latter will be greater than the former and they would have been better off not knowing so they could not have mocked MY apostles and prophets I send. No longer will the sheep be content to lay with the goats. The time has come where there will be great danger in thus doing so. Pray for a way of escape. See the walls of evil come crashing down as the walls of Jericho did. March for your victory as Joshua did, each for your own need.