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*** Unequally yoked/Family things ***

Soul mate

Prophecy 85:
It is sad to say but there are MY Children who are reading or hearing this and you say, "I recognize the voice of YAHUVEH, I come here to see what HE says but I refuse to support or encourage this Ministry in any way." How many of you started out to be a blessing and then turned into a curse, compromising what you know to be true? You have cried out to ME and said, "Where are the answers to my prayers, where is my deliverance and my healing? Why is my soul mate being delayed?" This is your last chance to be a blessing and obey.

Prophecy 90:
Where do you think the idea came from that a Holy husband and wife were to be one? It was first done in Heaven. When you accepted YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH, you never realized at the same time you were being filled with a Heavenly Mother's love. The word 'comforter', is what a Mother does best. I AM your MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH and I AM your comforter, I soothe you when you need soothing, when your emotions are raw, and you are hurting, fearful, lonely or feeling rejected or confused. I AM the peace that passes all understanding. I AM the RUACH ha KODESH your MOMMA SHKHINAH that gives you Holy Heavenly Motherly love.  

Prophecy 92:
Remain pure of heart, body and soul, and I will give you a love with the same heart after I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. If you desire your Soulmate, their body will be pure before ME with a desire to worship and serve ME above all else as you do. Your Soulmate shall be full of Holiness and together you shall lead souls to the Kingdom of Heaven. You are not to wonder who this person is, I will bring your Soulmate when I know both are ready.

Prophecy 110:
I did not stop there, I used her to give birth to YAHUSHUA's demon Stompers (YDS) and even in that she had a price too pay before I could send the Holy Angels (Read about Elisabeth's healing by touching Archangel's Michael's wing) her way. Now they (YDS) stand against the forces of evil as they intercede and they pray each and every day at least an hour at a time. These are special holy anointed Prayer Warriors and great, great, great shall their blessings be as long as they remain faithful to ME.