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*** Unequally yoked/Family things ***

Parents protect your children

Prophecy 20:
It is you yourself that yoked to the sin of this world for you became one with sin when you chose to marry without asking ME if this was the right spouse for you. If this was the one I ordained before the foundation of the earth for you? When you yoked yourself with sin, when you became leaders over the heathen who chose to remain heathens you closed your eyes so your Daddy YAHUVEH has had to rip your eyes open forcing you to see what you did not see before. You yoked yourselves to satan and when your children go astray and they deny ME when they were raised up the way they should go, I said, "When they were older they would not depart from it" and yet you see your children you raised godly and you wonder what is happening? It is because you allowed your children to be yoked to the ungodly through the TV they watch, the music they listen too, the games they play, the friends they call peers and the schools they attend.

You allow the heathen to teach your children in exchange for a free worldly education, then you come to ME and quote this scripture, "Train up a child in the way he should go and when they are old they will not depart from it," and yet when you have allowed the above you failed in the training. When you stopped the Bible study and you trusted them to say their own prayers, when you marry and not consult who was to be the Father or Mother you have yoked to come upon yourself.

Prophecy 46:
I am Almighty God and I have been merciful thus far but you are testing MY patience when you speak against this apostolic handmaiden and disrespect Shandra, who is a mighty woman of God and also a prophet of MINE. You see the child in her and refuse to see the woman of age nineteen. I grieve as I hear the words you say that cuts her to the marrow of her bones. I am the one that hears her weeping as she longs to be loved and appreciated and yet you think she is for sale? What price tag do you put on her? For she is priceless in MY eyes, and MY daughter's eyes.

I raised up MY handmaiden Sherrie, and although the color of her skin is different than yours, both of them share MY RUACH ha KODESH with a desire to love and bless others and lead them to Heaven. This is not about a denomination but about a personal relationship with YAHUSHUA. What kind of relationship do you really have with ME? What kind of faith do you really have in ME?

You say you believe the Bible and yet you prove you do not with the words you are speaking now against MY daughter and the one you call your daughter, and MY other ministers that you slander? Beware, for you are not slandering a person, or persons. When you touch this anointed Messianic Jewish Apostolic ministry (minister) or other anointed Apostolic Ministries including Shandra's other church, you are slandering the one the ministries belong to and that is the Great God YAHUVEH and the RUACH ha KODESH.

Don't criticize what you don't understand it is better to cover your mouth and be humble. I have given Shandra a spiritual mother because you were not loving, nurturing, teaching, encouraging her in the ways of the Lord. I Almighty God YAHUVEH warn you that you are lukewarm and I know your heart and motivations when you attend church and it is for one reason, and that is because you are puffed up with pride and want everyone to think you are more holy than what you are.

MY apostle is only is doing MY will and loving MY daughter Shandra and others, with a love I have given her and teaching them MY holy ways in the bible, she does Shandra or them, no harm. But you call yourself a mother and yet are no mother at all. It takes more than birthing a child to deserve the word mother. Because you mocked MY apostolic handmaiden when she went through times of testing now you shall know the sorrow she suffered and you shall cry the tears she shed, for I have lifted the burdens off MY Daughter but now you shall carry the full load. Even the dividing sword shall come upon your household and your own husband shall look at you with disgust and disgrace. Repent!

Learn from MY apostles and prophets, for in them rests MY anointing. Stop looking at Shandra as a child, she is like an eagle that is learning to fly, and soon will be soaring with the other eaglets and ordained. Stop trying to hold back the mighty woman of God or I will hold you responsible.

Prophecy 90:
I tell you this because for a lifetime you have grieved and felt an empty void, as do others, always searching for an earthly mother and fathers love and yet you have been given Heavenly Parents, that will never leave nor forsake you, nor hurt you in any way. I tell you this so others who feel that they have the same void, with unsaved parents who refuse to accept YAHUSHUA as MASHIACH the only MESSIAH will realize they lack nothing in YAHUSHUA. They have both a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother and we are Spirit as were all humans before they were born on earth. As it is written remember, 'Flesh and blood cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven'.

It is not a sin to not understand the Gifts of Prophecy, or speaking in Holy tongues of men and Holy Angels, but do not speak against what is Holy just because you have not experienced it, or you had a bad experience with the counterfeit. Some reading this have had an experience of being filled with demonic tongues, so do not deny the genuine just because you opened yourself up to the counterfeit through sin or your blood line is full of the occult. 

Prophecy 91:
MY final Words I have to say this day, "Holy parents, get your children out of the dens of the antichrist called schools!" Do you not listen? Do you want to follow satan's rules? Protest! Let your voices be heard! I allowed this atrocity for one purpose to see how many of you will speak forth! Boycott the schools! Protest that which is being done in California even when you don't live there! All around the world if you are Holy, speak forth now before it goes to your state, before it goes to your country. This is the spirit of the one that is called the antichrist. This is the spirit of the son of satan who permeates this world with these lies. You have a mouth, use it! Refuse to send your children to school! You sat back and let a minority rule and try to convince you that homosexuality is in the majority. I tell you, this is all a lie. But the ones with the most money have heaped treasure onto the ones that make the rules. But take it back! Take it back! Take the power that I have given you back! Stop allowing only a few to speak out for ME.

Prophecy 92:
Some of you reading this now have suffered through divorce, child custody battles, unhappy marriages, drug addictions, alcohol addiction, other addictions, jail, sexual diseases, diseases, children born out of wedlock, nervous breakdowns, suicidal attempts or thoughts of suicide, depression, mental illness, confusion, adultry, fornication, homosexuality, pornography, lust, robbery,stealing, murder, abortion, unemployment, and poverty. This list is but a small example of what the spirit of rebellion against YAHUVEH's will, brings. All of you reading this now know what MY Love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness has delivered you from, only after you repented to YAHUVEH in I,YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH's Name and turned away from the sin of rebellion.