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*** Unequally yoked/Family things ***

How to get out of an unequally yoked marriage

Prohecy 23:
If you marry a heathen there is always going to be a struggle whether it's lightness trying to take over darkness, or darkness trying to take over lightness. But I have heard the cries of MY Children who are in unequally yoked bondage and I am telling you this day, through this Prophet Sherrie Elijah, I am speaking it forth in a mighty way! I AM GOING TO REQUIRE THE LIFE OF THE ONE THAT CONTINUES TO CONTAMINATE MY BRIDE OF YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! MY Children, those that truly know ME you are to live in this world yet not become like this world. Be ye Holy as I am Holy, live Holy, talk Holy, think Holy and act HOLY! Separate from all that is unholy. Unholiness should have no place in thee. Children pray in the NAME of YAHUSHUA for I will set you FREE. Then have faith it is done and just believe.  

Prophecy 34:
I now speak to MY children who recognize this evil as evil. You are to be MY Joshua's and do as Joshua did and whatever evil stands in your way to keep you in bondage march around it for six days one time. On the Seventh day march around it SEVEN times blow the Shofar horn if you have one then SHOUT what I tell you to say! You will see victory if you do this and obey all I tell you to do. Make sure your hearts are pure and not hiding treasures of this heathen world like that of Jericho. Make sure you are sincere and whatever has held you in bondage, if you have the faith to believe and you're living Holy before ME, you will see VICTORY in ways you never dreamed of.

Is it a pack of cigarettes that hold you in bondage? Is it alcohol or pornography? Is there a person who holds you in bondage? What is it MY child? What wall of Jericho do you want to see come crashing down? But beware, for remember DEATH came to Jericho. DEATH came to MY enemies and also to the ones who disobeyed. Those who did the marching I gave the victory! Read MY book Joshua 6, the walls of Jericho will come crashing down as those who have faith to believe they will see once again not by the hands of a woman or man but by the hands of Almighty God, "I AM" who "I AM" there is none other!

I spoke to her in her dream and told her to tell you this; the time has come when it is dangerous to live in the same dwelling as the unbelievers. For spouses shall betray one another, children shall betray the parents and so on. You who have been unequally yoked and yet manage to live together with both serving different Gods although the unbeliever may claim to believe in a God, it is not the God you serve and worship and put first. Pray now for a way of escape before you are delivered up to be a sacrifice. For those who have no way of escape and yet have prayed for a way of escape I will make a way of escape for you. I understand, only speak it in prayer and I will do what I have not done before I will crash the wall of Jericho down for you and the unbeliever shall be no longer a hindrance to you in worshipping and serving ME. You will truly be able to say, "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord!"

I know who of you are able to do this, and who are not able to do this, I will deliver those who have been unable but they must speak it to ME, pray to ME and put ME first, daring to offend where they had not offended before! MY people must not fear the unbeliever, the scoffer, the mocker, for although this world deems you as one, I have never decreed you are one with the unbeliever. I will deliver as I delivered Joshua at Jericho once again. Believe with not only your mind but with your Spirit. Do a Jericho march around that which you want MY hand to deliver you from. Pray and I will show you MY deliverance. AS I DID IT BEFORE I WILL DO IT AGAIN!

Who will do what Rahab did in the book of Joshua? You need not fear for did I not tell Joshua to spare the prostitute and her family and all her dwelling and all she owned? Before he took the city after the walls came crashing down. Jericho walls that were erected to protect this wicked city and yet I used MY people to shout a WAR CRY and the WALLS came crashing down to DUST! I used MY people who heard MY voice and obeyed ME and said not a word as they marched first once for six days then seven times around on the SEVENTH DAY and then shouted the victory war cry! Because unity is important become united and do as Joshua did.

Pray and I will show you how to help set your brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA FREE! It will be your fasting, prayers and Jericho march that will be used as a key that will turn locks that have been there so long it is as if it is rusted shut, yet in the Name of YAHSUHUA as you do this in unity it will be opened and what "I AM" opens no man or devil will shut again if only you can believe in faith this deliverance you will at last see. Break the lock of your captive brothers and sisters and set them free in unity. Offer up to ME all unequally yoked households as Abraham did Isaac and see what I do with your sacrifices. Multitudes will be freed if only you can BELIEVE!  

Prophecy 35:
Did I not say in MY Word your worst enemies will be found in your own home? Did I not say MY Son YAHUSHUA would divide with a sword! Read MY Word. Study MY Word. The Sword of MY RUACH ha KODESH is the Sword of Truth and MY enemies seek not to know the truth, but rather believe the lies that are soothing like a finger in an itching ear or eye. When MY finger of conviction comes upon the ungodly ones, they seek to instead point that finger of conviction back in your direction and turn it instead to a finger of accusation, accusing you of prejudice, or insanity, or stupidity. Your enemies accuse you of hate crimes when I have put no spirit of hate in you except for satan and ungodliness.

"I AM" speaks forth this warning as MY enemies held swords to Samson and tortured and blinded him, so too "I AM" raises MY SWORD and will cut the cords the ungodly has bound you with! "I AM" will use MY sword to kill MY enemies in many different ways. "I AM" will chase MY enemies and they shall run in fear in seven different directions. "I AM" will set the captives free who cry out for ME for their Passover! "I AM" will blind the eyes and deafen the ears further of those that refuse to listen though they have been warned again and again, they want to be blind so they shall like the evil pharaoh be seven times off worse till the latter will be greater than the former and they would have been better off not knowing so they could not have mocked MY apostles and prophets I send. No longer will the sheep be content to lay with the goats. The time has come where there will be great danger in thus doing so. Pray for a way of escape. See the walls of evil come crashing down as the walls of Jericho did. March for your victory as Joshua did, each for your own need.

Prophecy 45:
Speak unto this Goliath in the spiritual realm and he shall be no more a hindrance or a threat to her or this ministry in any way. For just as surely as Goliath was reprobate, so is this man who once called himself her husband but never was in MY eyes. Did not David speak unto Goliath and spoke what I would do? Did David not prophesy and speak what the end result of Goliath would be? Boldly speak to the Goliath's. Oh MY Son with an anointing like David, watch the Goliaths fall forever not to rise against you, this Handmaiden and those standing with you in MY NAME and anointing. She is battle worn and weary and at her most vulnerable now. Rise up to her defense and slay the Goliath's that seek to destroy MY anointed Handmaiden and this ministry in the NAME of YAHUSHUA.

Prophecy 99:
So ....... , you do your part, you know what I told you to do. You know what I told you not to do. Satan does not want this invention to ever see the light. So he has one woman stand in the way. And she is like a mouse that roars and you go scampering in the corner. How can she respect this?