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*** Sacred Names of YAH ***

Year of Jubilee

Prophecy 96:
MY beloved Son, lay aside the great weight that you carry. Cast off the corpse off your back. For although your wife is in Heaven with ME, you have carried a load that is likened unto carrying her corpse on your back 24 hours a day. Dead weight, dead weight of bills long past. This is the day I decree is the year of your jubilee. This is the day I tell you to take that weight of all the debts you have and use the man made laws of bankruptcy which is only the counterfeit of what I had called it to be.

Picture yourself and ask yourself would I want you to carry a corpse on your back 24 hours a day? It has affected your health to the point it is only MY miracle that you still live but you live for MY Glory. I forgive you for thinking you have to do things man's way. It is not MY desire for these bills to be paid. I am not speaking of your mortgage, I'm speaking of your past debts that were incurred during the time your wife was still on this earth.

MY heart is so touched for the love, the love that you have for ME, the love you have for your wife, for all that you do for others, MY heart is so touched that I touched the heart of this Prophet now speaking and I weep through her and I travail through her. Cast aside that corpse. No longer carry this dead weight for you owe them nothing, for they are a den of robbers who cannot even pay their own debts and yet they try to suck you dry of your blood like a leech.

This is what I think of these credit card companies. This is what I think of these debt collectors. Hospitals who raise their prices so high that even when a person lives, because of the crushing debt each day they die. Leeches! Vultures! Vampires, these financial institutions are. Mortgage companies shall come down! They shall lay in ruins for foreclosing on homes without any mercy. MY Wrath they shall feel and they themselves shall be homeless! For they shall reap what they have sown.

I love you MY son. Oh please listen this day. It was no accident I sent this Prophet this way. I do not give this Ringmaiden a Word for everyone. For she would not have the physical strength to do so, but because you asked for nothing, I bless you this day. You asked to see MY face. Instead I give you forth this Word for you cannot look on the face of YAHUVEH and live but you can look upon the face that is MY Son. Ask to see the face of YAHUSHUA. One day and it is not afar off, you will behold MY face, and your rewards shall follow you to Heaven. And you will be reunited with your wife. But for right now I have a job for you to do. So on this Sabbath Day, I give you an answer to your prayers, and I free you of your debt in a different way if you will be just obey and in honor of the love that you and wife share(d) I touch the heart of MY Handmaiden on this special anniversary day.

MY beloved son, there is one more thing I have to say. You must make a new rule, "As for me and my house, we will serve YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA." Anyone who sleeps under your roof, this rule must apply. They either do it MY way, and you tell them this is MY rule, your ABBA YAHUVEH, or they're kicked out to travel the world's highway. Remember your name is not YAH. You can only do what I tell you to do. Do not take any burden on unless you know that I have placed that burden on you. And then you take the burden and leave it at the cross. Do not try to carry any more for you have been traveling and carrying burdens I have not placed upon you far too long. You already know and you will know, as you take these Words to ME in prayer, exactly what I speak of. You are MY treasured son. Now I kiss your brow. And I end this with Words of MY love. Stand on MY Word for it cannot lie. As you abide in MY Word, I abide in you.