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*** Sacred Names of YAH ***

Why it is important to use the Sacred Names

Prophecy 24 part 1:
There is but one NAME that can save you and it's the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Whether you call him YAHUSHUA or YAHSHUA does NOT matter just call upon his NAME. You who call yourselves Jews listen close. You cannot enter into Heaven just by worshipping and believing in YAHUVEH's NAME, although that is MY NAME, it is YAHUSHUA who is the only MESSIAH. The price MY Son paid at Calvary was for your Salvation, both Jew and Gentile alike. †

Prophecy 25:
Yes, YAHUSHUA is MY NAME. Yes, victory is yours.

Prophecy 49:
Oh America, Come let us make peace with one another. You sing 'GOD Bless America', but do you not know that Buddhists say, "This is their god you sing too in America in that song," as well as the Moslems say, "That is their god" and satanists say, "That is their god." NAME what GOD you serve and NAME the NAME of the only one who is your Creator, and your Savior! NAME the NAME YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH also called by some Jesus Christ. These are our NAMES and they should be everywhere on every airwave. Are you so ashamed to call upon YAHUVEH that you have censored MY NAME from your schools, to your courthouses? Why is every other name found in America, even those that serve foreign gods?

Prophecy 50:
Oh Yisrael, Oh Yisrael, Oh Yisrael, now will you at last turn to the great ELOHIM 'I AM'? If it was good enough for your Father Abraham, once again will it be good enough for you? No, Abraham was not a god. 'I AM' his Father ELOHIM. But even then man looked at Abraham like he was a Elohim. Look not to man any more as a Elohim. Oh Yisrael, Oh Yisrael, hear ME, the POWER, the POWER, the POWER is in MY NAME! Listen not to the rabbi's and the evil ones that have censured MY NAME from your lips.

For I have placed a MYSTERY within Yisrael, and the POWER is within that BOX a POWER like none other, with all of your atomic weapons, they cannot begin to compare with the ROD that I have placed inside that BOX. It will once again dry the riverbed of the Reed Sea. The miracles that Moses did will once again be seen. If only they can once again believe. The NAME, the NAME, the NAME; the POWER alone is in the NAME. Call out to ME in the NAME of YAHUSHUA, for in YAHUSHUA's NAME the evil will not stay. Call out to ME in the NAME of YAHUSHUA, the Blood covering of this land and the world. For HE is truly YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, the MESSIAH not only of Yisrael, but of the entire world for HIS Blood flowed into the soil, into Yisrael's own soil, and it flowed across the world to every woman and man, boy and girl. MY Children know the power of that NAME. In the NAME of YAHUSHUA, MY Children will be saved.

Prophecy 51:
I, YAHUVEH am anointing MY chosen ones in a greater way than I have ever done before. Study and show thyself approved, so that no one can misguide you with the Scriptures. I, YAHUVEH am assembling MY troops on the wall to defeat satan, and the demons that surround you. The weapons you have are not carnal, but spiritual. No weapon can match the unusual anointings that I have imparted in each of you, though you know it not. In MY timing, you shall see the standard that I, YAHUVEH will raise up against those that seek to harm the Christians and the Jews. All Israelites who call upon the NAME of YAHUVEH, those who do not fear to use the Sacred NAMES, they realize that they have been deceived, and thereby taught wrong. There is anointing, saving, delivering, and healing power, in the names of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA.

Do not say that there is not yet time to do this or that. Instead realize am I not the Father of all time? The keeper of time, I YAHUVEH am time itself. Who else can stop time, speed it up, or back it up? Beloved child and all children of MINE who call YAHUSHUA by NAME and know they can do nothing without that Sacred NAME I have raised you up for such a time as this. You are part of MY hidden anointed ones. Although the enemy will gnash their teeth trying to harm you and they have written down your names, I also have written down their names in the book of damnation and these evil ones shall spend eternity in the lake of fire, reaping for what they are now sowing!

Prophecy 53:
I tell you MY Children, I tell you this true, don't murmur, don't complain, don't grumble, no matter what I allow to happen to you. Instead lift your eyes up to ME. Instead give YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA the glory. And know that I alone am your deliverer. And know that alone through the shed Blood of MY Son YAHUSHUA, that you have the victory. Through the sacred NAME of YAHUSHUA, you alone have the victory. I have promised you this if you will but obey. If you will incline your ear to everything I say, I tell you MY children this, you will have the victory. Remember, with a victory comes a price. Remember, there is no soldier that goes into a battle that does not feel fatigued. There is no soldier that at one time does not want to run.

Prophecy 60:
The earthquake fault lines are already there, but think not when this happens to a region that any of the wicked will escape for they shall go down and it shall be I, the Great GOD 'I AM' that tramples them underground. But the righteous ones that stand forth in MY NAME, the ones who are not ashamed of the NAMES of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, the ones that honor MY Sabbath Days and keep them Holy, the ones that know to love ME is to obey ME, the ones that love MY Scriptures and hide the word in their heart. These are the ones that have built their homes on the solid rock and they will not sink deep into the sand. For I am shaking this world in MY rage and in the days coming you will see earthquakes unprecedented as any time before, for they will be shaking in a greater magnitude as a parent that has lost it's temper and shakes that child. This is how I will shake this earth and say, "WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!"

Did anyone listen? Did anyone wonder why? I stand by and I watch man's inhumanity to man. Know this MY Children; you will not go through the Great Tribulation, those that can trust ME. But this does not mean that you will not taste the tribulation of man, man's inhumanity to man. Man that is power hungry and greedy and evil to the core, that wants to wipe righteousness off the face of the earth, that wants to wipe MY Son YAHUSHUA's NAME off the face of the earth.

Ohhhh, how many times I've repented that I made man, and yes, woman. But you forget that I know the beginning from the end, and everything shall be redeemed. Everything shall be restored. It shall once again go back to the time of Adam and everything that was lost, I will redeem it was finished at the Cross. But do not think that a battle must not be waged. But don't do it in your name, do it in the NAME of YAHUSHUA, for the battle is the Lord's. And MY Children, remember this you may lose some battles, you certainly have the wounds, but in MY NAME and in MY Son's NAME, YAHUSHUA your MESSIAH, you shall win this endtime war. †

Prophecy 62:
YAHUSHUA is on the way, the KING IS COMING! HE is your atonement for sin. He is the perfect Lamb that was sacrificed. No spot, no blemish, no sin was found in HIM. HE paid for this world, HE was ransomed for this world for all those that can believe and receive the Blood that was shed at Calvary. He paid the atonement for your sin. HE is your High Priest for those Jews that deny Him, for the Muslims that deny Him. They acknowledge Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but they will not accept HIM as MESSIAH, when it comes to the NAME YAHUSHUA.

And if you don't speak up as this Handmaiden is doing now, it will be like sheep led to a slaughter. First the very young and then the elderly and then the middle aged will fall. But not any of MY Children who on the NAME of YAHUSHUA call if they will but hear MY Voice and obey, and believe that I will protect them and live Holy for ME as I am Holy and flee even the very appearance of sin. I will protect them. I will give them wisdom. I will hide them. MY angels will camp around about them and war for them.

Prophecy 63:
I have spoken before through this Handmaiden. Those that think keeping the Torah alone will save them must realize all have sinned and fell short of MY Glory [Romans 3:23]. Breaking one commandment is the same as breaking all the commandments. You need a Savior. YAHUSHUA is that Savior. Those that refuse to accept YAHUSHUA as their Lord and Savior, the MESSIAH of all mankind will not be judged by YAHUSHUA but will instead stand before Moses who will open the Book of Judgment without mercy. For he warned Israel there would be a new covenant coming, a new Blood Covenant. He knew that it could not appease MY wrath. This was only temporary for the animal sacrifices. Oh Israel, I sent that new Blood Covenant to be born on your own soil. I did miracles through the name of YAHUSHUA. I used Him to be a human sacrifice, a human blood sacrifice, the only perfect blood atonement for sin. And I arose HIM from the dead in the soil of Israel.

On this first day of Yom Kippur, 2002, I speak unto Israel and I tell them I hear your prayers of repentance, asking for MY forgiveness. I see your fasting. I feel your fear as you realize your sins are a stench to MY nostrils. Oh Israel, you know I am Adonai and I will judge you for the works of your flesh. Oh Israel, you know there is no blood sacrifice. You long to build that temple with walls so can once again do sacrifices of animals for the remission of sins where your high priest can cry aloud for mercy, yet you refuse to receive the gift I gave you, a temple without walls filled with the RUACH ha KODESH, filled with MY love and mercy, MY miracles and MY judgment. A temple built not with human hands, a perfect, Holy, sinless temple. His name is YAHUSHUA. MY NAME [YAH] is contained in HIS NAME. The power is in HIS Sacred NAME, the power is in OUR Sacred NAMES.

Can you not see, Oh Israel, the old covenant has passed away. I do not desire animal sacrifices. Only the Blood of MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA who came from the tribe of Judah can be Israel's Blood Covenant and the whole world's blood atonement for sins. There is only one sin than cannot be forgiven, rejecting YAHUSHUA and the Life and the Blood HE sacrificed at Calvary. Beware, mocking and rejecting the RUACH ha KODESH is blasphemy. There is no remission of this sin except YAHUSHUA's Life and Blood and through HIS NAME is the only remission of sin. I gave you this gift at Calvary; I gave the world this gift.

The eyes of the world are fixed on you, Oh Israel. MY eyes never leave you. The saving power is in the NAME you reject, the cornerstone of the temple you reject. But you must accept YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH. It is through YAHUSHUA's NAME, Word and Blood. YAHUSHUA will save Israel. Oh Israel, YAHUSHUA fasted for you forty days and forty nights. Do you really think one day of fasting is sufficient to cover your sins? MY Children who have accepted YAHUSHUA as ELOHIM and MESSIAH rejoice that their sins were paid for in full at Calvary.

These evil wolves are worshipping and serving satan preparing the Lambs and Sheep as a sacrifice as they read the Holy Scriptures and twist them to conform to their image of their god and manipulate the Holy Scriptures making excuses for their own sins. Beware MY Little Sheep and Lambs! RUN from these Babylonian Pastors and evangelists, they have not MY HOLY SPIRIT inside. These evil ones have taken a blood oath for all 33rd degree masons have taken a blood oath to satan, swearing allegiance to him, even daring to use the name of 'I AM' but they shun the NAME of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA yet they do not fear the name of Jesus or Christ.

Beloved this does not mean that all those who use the name of Jesus Christ instead of using MY Sacred NAME of YAHUSHUA are wolves or 33rd degree masons. Multitudes of MY Children around the world call ME Lord Jesus Christ. Do not fear, be assured I know who MY Children are. I put you in remembrance that MY Holy Scriptures warn of those who will come and say "Lord, Lord have we not prophesied in thy name and in thy name have cast out devils and in thy name done many wonderful works"? And I will say "I never knew you, depart from me ye that work iniquity" (Matt 7:22-23)

Prophecy 67:
Christians, you will once again be handed over to the Roman Empire. You who call yourself Christians, I shall judge you for you have followed Constantine's laws and not YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA! Christians, you have celebrated pagan holidays, not YAHUVEH'S Holy Days. Christians, I shall judge you for saying you serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and sing songs of praise to YAHUSHUA and yet, with knowledge and forethought, insist on calling him a Greek name, Jesus. You do this no longer in ignorance. YAHUSHUA said, "In MY NAME you shall cast out devils." That is the NAME of YAHSHUA for MY NAME is YAHUVEH, YAH is included in that NAME! Is YAHUVEH'S NAME in the spelling of Jesus? What is MY NAME? I AM known by many names but what does your scripture say? Stop just studying the Greek start studying the Hebrew and Aramaic translations.

Prophecy 71:
You who have denied MY Sacred NAME, MY Torah and continue to live in sin even though at one time you accepted the shed blood of forgiveness of MY Son YAHUSHUA. Because you insist on living in the pigpen and serving satan, you have trampled the shed blood and mercy of MY Son YAHUSHUA under your feet. (Heb 10:26-29) There is no more forgiveness, knowing it is wrong and watched, listened or partaken of these sinful abominations that I hate. I speak this warning to those who claim they are MINE not to the heathen who don't know any better. JUDGMENT STARTS AT THE HOUSE OF I, YAHUVEH! (1 Peter 4:17)

To those who give millions to charities in your name, for your glory and for tax exemptions; no rewards in Heaven await you if you do not do this in the name of YAHUSHUA, if you do not do this as a child of YAHUSHUA. Your good works follow you to Heaven only after you have accepted YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH and strive to obey him and love him first in your life, and only when you do this for YAHUSHUA's glory and for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven will it stand. To all those that are heathen and refuse YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH, refuse to obey MY Ten Commandments, any good works you do no matter how many millions you give it will not buy you a home in Heaven. Again I say your good works will be remembered no more and you will reside in hell along with the heathen poor.

Prophecy 75:
You invite ME to your man-made holidays and yet why do you who say you follow, serve, worship and obey YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and make excuses why this is only for the Hebrew People? Are you not Hebrew through accepting MY Son YAHUSHUA's Blood at Calvary, as HE alone became the Blood Sacrifice for your sins? Do you not believe HE lives now in you through the RUACH ha KODESH? To really know MY Son YAHUSHUA, you must get to know the Jewishness of your Risen MESSIAH. Why do you insist on calling YAHUSHUA 'Jesus Christ' instead of by HIS Hebrew NAME, YAHUSHUA, which is a constant reminder to satan that YAH saves. Why do you insist on twisting scriptures in the Bible to make excuses why you do not Honor the True Sabbath Day and keep it Holy before I, YAHUVEH?

Prophecy 77:
From henceforth when they say, "What denomination?" Say, "Messianic Jewish Pentecostal" I said, "Messianic Jewish Pentecostal!" You see, they won't recognize the words Messianic Jewish, but they will recognize the word Pentecostal for every day should be a day of Pentecost. Every day I want to fill you with MY Power. Every day I want to speak to you. For the Pentecostals all over the world are crying out and they are saying, "Fill me with your anointing, Oh YAHUVEH." Oh, they call ME by a name of JEHOVAH, but I know MY NAME.

When they call upon MY Son, not just in the name of Jesus Christ, but when they honor the heritage I gave them on this earth for HE came from the line of David, HE came as a Hebrew, so teach them. I want HIM to be honored and called by HIS NAM YAHUSHUA. I make a promise and I make a vow, those that will obey, those that call themselves Pentecostals, you are scattered world wide, this is what satan shudders and shakes over. If you just receive the truth of the Jewishness of the Messiah you have given your life too. If you will just but obey and know the Sabbath Day is not on a Sunday.

Teach them, MY Child, teach them, MY Elisabeth. Do not grumble, do not complain about all the years you did not know, but teach them and they will come and they will fall at MY feet, and they will say, "Father, I did not know, YAHUSHUA I did not know, I did not know your Hebrew NAME." You see, there is not really that much difference between you and them. They too and I speak of the true not the false, they are filled with MY RUACH ha KODESH. I speak in words they understand also and I speak to them in signs, wonders and miracles manifest through them. Thus far they have seen through the glass darkly and now I want them to see through the glass clearly, especially in these end days.

Prophecy 79:
You listen to these men now and you sit in your churches believing the lies that Sunday is the Sabbath or it makes no difference which day is the Sabbath. You believe the lies that both preachers and some Rabbi's teach that there is no greater anointing power in the Hebrew sacred NAMES of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH that any name will do. The preachers tell you it is not important to learn the Jewishness of the MESSIAH. They say if you're not a Jew it does not apply. These lawless preachers teach you that you are a gentile and you don't have to obey the laws given to the Children of Israel. Did you forget that when you accepted MY Son YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH you became one with HIM? (Rom 11:16-21)

You obey these evil spiritual leaders now that make excuses for sin. What makes you think in the Great Tribulation you will not do the same again with the son of satan? I told you through the prophecies that I have released through Elisabeth that MY Son YAHUSHUA is coming back for HIS Bride on a Rosh Ha Shanah and it shall be on a Shabbat [Sabbath]. If you are not being taught how to observe MY Shabbat and MY Holy Days, and to learn OUR Sacred NAMES (see "Why We Use the Sacred Names") and MY Torah to obey, how will you know how to honor ME and MY Son YAHUSHUA as I have decreed? How will you know which day without studying and showing yourself approved that I, YAHUVEH, have set aside to be MY Shabbat, how can you be ready when YAHUSHUA comes again?


Do you want to know what sets you apart from being YAHUSHUA's Bride or a Guest? I tell you now; it is how much you desire it, how much you prove it by Holiness, love and obedience. How much are you willing to sacrifice to be YAHUSHUA's Bride, doing things HIS way and not yours. Glorifying HIM in all you do. The Bride knows she is to Keep MY Holy Days. The Bride knows she cannot compromise what she knows to be true; she is bold in speaking forth the truth. That is what sets her apart. Communion is also a reminder of the marriage covenant with YAHUSHUA. YAHUSHUA's Bride uses OUR Holy Sacred NAMES of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. It matters not the spelling for I know your hearts and they are not ashamed.

Prophecy 80:
Bride of YAHUSHUA, this year of 2006 you are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem in a way you have not done before. Realize as you pray for the peace of Jerusalem, you are praying for the Prince of Peace who is MY Son YAHUSHUA to hasten HIS return and rule this earth as King of Kings, removing all that is unholy from this earth for a set and appointed time. Bride of YAHUSHUA, realize as I, YAHUVEH command you to do this, realize that YAHUSHUA cannot return and rule and reign until Yisrael suffers greatly. Much lamentation, weeping, travailing, and blood will pour forth and only I, YAHUVEH, foreknew what it would take to get Yisrael to again walk in obedience to MY Torah Laws I gave them through Moses, and to love I, YAHUVEH where they no longer are afraid to speak forth MY Sacred NAME where there is anointed Power.

Prophecy 81:
Oh Yisrael, I look over your land and how much of it is Torahless. Lawlessness abounds and you wonder why? You fear your enemies of this world more than you fear ME, I, YAHUVEH. You allowed those you called Rabbi to steal MY Sacred NAME, to teach you, 'Do not call upon that NAME, you are not worthy to call upon the NAME of the Creator!' You believed their lies but I send MY Handmaiden Prophet to tell you now, "Do not believe these lies!" Call upon ME in MY NAME, YAHUVEH once again and use the NAME of YAHUSHUA to get to MY throne. YOU ARE allowed to know MY NAME. What child doesn't know the Father's NAME? Believe not these lies. There is anointed power in MY NAME and I will hear and answer your cries when you come to ME in MY Holy Son YAHUSHUA's NAME!

Read your own scriptures. How many times do I tell you to call out in MY NAME and I will deliver you? Ask yourself who is it that would teach us that we are not worthy to call upon the NAME of the Creator? This has been the devil doctrine's lies taught to you by your own Rabbi's. Rebuke these lies. I am not G-D. I am not L-rd. When you have deleted MY NAME, you have sinned and taken MY NAME in vain. 'I AM' YAHUVEH. However you pronounce it, at least you are acknowledging MY NAME. I defy you tell ME where I have told you in your Holy Scriptures you are not worthy to call upon MY NAME? MY NAME is not Ha Shem (the name). MY NAME is not merely Adonai (Lord)!

'I AM' YAHUVEH, Creator of all. MY NAME is not spelled God. These are labels and titles given to ME by your Rabbi's and translators of the scriptures who desire to omit MY NAME, spelling it YHVH or YHWH. I have given each person a name. 'I AM' YAHUVEH, I have a NAME. Prove you love ME and trust ME by using MY Sacred NAME. Did King David not call upon MY NAME for deliverance? Do you not read your own Psalms? What does Psalm 91 promise if you call upon MY NAME? Oh Yisrael, so much as been stolen from you, even as the Holy Books have been rewritten to exclude MY NAME. Take back what has been stolen, and see when you call upon I, YAHUVEH in MY Son YAHUSHUA's NAME, will I not quickly deliver you from your enemies.

Prophecy 83:
As in the days of Moses so it shall be again, as in the days of Lot, so it shall be again. To the sinners who refuse to repent thus far, today is the day of salvation, you are reading this coming from the last chance Ministry, tomorrow may be too late. What are you waiting for? A religion will not save you, only a Holy loving, obedient relationship with YAHUSHUA and I, YAHUVEH will save you. You can only return back to Heaven through the NAME and Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. All who are invited to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, I have this warning for you, in the Great Tribulation, the one coming that is commonly called the anti-christ, who is truly the son of satan, the son of perdition, he will come using and counterfeiting the name that is known world wide, in every kindred and tongue the name that Christians know and love the name of Jesus Christ.

Beware, signs, wonders and miracles are still done and souls are still being saved in the name of Jesus Christ, do not fear. However, it was not yet the end time and you were only held accountable for what you were taught. I, YAHUVEH honored and anointed the name 'Jesus,' although MY Son YAHUSHUA was given a Hebrew NAME by HIS Hebrew mother and 'I AM' HIS Father; HIS NAME is to contain MY NAME YAH. The name of Jesus has deleted MY Sacred NAME, the NAME that is above all NAMES. MY NAME is YAHUVEH and the NAME of YAHUSHUA translates to a constant reminder in every tongue YAH SAVES! Is it not your custom to name the Son after his father? Why do you think it is any different for your Heavenly Father to do the same? It is a constant reminder to you that I, YAHUVEH and MY Son YAHUSHUA are one.

It is satan and his servants that fear the NAME YAH, but I know MY Children's loving hearts. I even forgave you for forsaking MY True Sabbath rest day, breaking the 4th Commandment again and again, but I will forgive this no more. Now you are held accountable for what you know. You are held accountable to warn others. There is a higher sacred anointing in the Hebrew NAME of YAHUSHUA and in MY NAME, YAHUVEH. Now the endtime is nigh and I warn you teach others what you now know as truth. There is more anointing in OUR Holy Sacred NAMES. Use them, make no more excuses. During the Great Tribulation you must call upon MY Son's Hebrew NAME YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. MY NAME YAH is in HIS NAME, the NAME above all NAMES.

If you do not learn this now, in the Great Tribulation when you pray for deliverance, or healing, and you use the name 'Jesus,' remember that the son of satan will be using this name as God. How can you expect to be healed, delivered or blessed by using the same name that the son of satan will be using? You will be calling upon the son of satan and know it not. In the Great Tribulation the son of satan will have his own day to be set aside to be worshipped and it will be Sunday. When Sunday worship is MANDATORY and you are ordered all over the world to go to your nearest local Sunday church, beware, DON'T GO.

This doesn't mean that all Sunday churches are evil now, but you are so close now, the end is nigh, you must warn the people where the pastors are failing to do so. You must teach the truth of the Hebrew Sacred NAMES of I, YAHUVEH and MY Son YAHUSHUA the only MESSIAH, the only Blood shed for humanity for the remission of sins. I will accept no other blood sacrifice, and no other intercessor can intercede for you. That includes no so-called dead saints. Not even YAHUSHUA's own mother, Miryam (Mary), for even she needed YAHUSHUA as her MESSIAH.

The only true healing, signs, wonders, miracles and resurrections come from Heaven, any other healing or deliverance is an illusion, and during the Great Tribulation there will be illusions that appear to be truth but are lies straight from the throne of satan. Learn now and warn others now. In the Great Tribulation ONLY in the NAME of YAHUSHUA, NOT the name of Jesus, will true delivering, healing, resurrection power come forth. People who love and serve 'Jesus' now will wonder why their prayers are not being answered, their faith will suffer and they will even die for their faith, not understanding why deliverance did not come in that [Jesus] name.

Warn them now so they will become accustomed to using the Hebrew NAME YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH and the RUACH ha KODESH. Satan does not want to counterfeit the NAME YAHUSHUA with MY NAME YAH in it. There are millions reading this that will be the Guests at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and blessed you shall be. However, you will see all or part of the Great Tribulation and your eyes shall be forced to behold the horror. Remember this, MY wrath is not appointed unto you, it is appointed to MY enemies. Stay holy and don't compromise and call upon the NAME of YAHUSHUA and rely on HIS strength and anointing and hang on tight to your faith, for it will not be easy. For there will be mind waves in the air that will try and brainwash you. Learn Holy Scriptures now to use as a weapon during that time, for Bibles will be banned, but even satan will not be able to burn all the bibles.

There are secrets I have that are not to be spoken yet. Just know that I, YAHUVEH will never leave nor forsake anyone that truly loves worships and serves YAHUSHUA and I, the King of Creation. Learn MY NAME, it is YAHUVEH the Eternal One. YAHUSHUA is MY Son. YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is your only deliverer, the only NAME and way back to Heaven. To all those who scoff and mock at this prophetic word, you will learn the hard way that it came from MY, YAHUVEH's mouth, and given to this Ring Maiden. To MY Sheep and Lambs around this world, take this word like a chain reaction and let it ring around the world. Remember, even the very elect will be deceived if possible because your pastors have starved the lambs and sheep. When you read these prophecies, you are feasting and eating Holy spiritual meat.

All others who deny this Word, even though they claim to love 'Jesus' and yet refuse to learn the Hebrew Sacred NAMES, Sabbath, and Holy Days and feasts. They will continue to nurse on milk for they don't want spiritual teeth to eat this spiritual meat. In the Great Tribulation they will remember what they had read and some will repent and know this Ministry was truly Heaven sent. For MY Beloved Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect, look up, your redemption draweth nigh. One way or another you will be coming back home to Heaven again. †

Prophecy 84:
Just because the Greeks gave MY Son a name, just because the King James Bible repeated the name of Jesus Christ again and again does not mean that HIS NAME was changed. It will always remain a Hebrew NAME, a NAME that holds the NAME of I, YAHUVEH. I, YAHUVEH a NAME that is a reminder to this earth of the price MY Son YAHUSHUA had to pay. Again, I'll say it again and again and again and again and again, you can call this Prophet blasphemous, you can slander her, you can say that she's going to Hell, but I tell you this I, the King of Creation, I the Holy Eternal One, tells you this, HIS NAME that is above all NAMES, is NAMED after I, YAHUVEH, I, YAHUVEH! It means 'YAH SAVES.' Nothing has changed. [Read about the Sacred Names of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA] †

Because I honored the name of Jesus Christ, because I anointed the name of Jesus Christ, because I saved in the name of Jesus Christ, because I delivered and did signs, wonders and miracles in the name of Jesus Christ, because I still do it in the name of Jesus Christ does not mean that you are not to know HIS True Hebrew NAME. You will and you are held accountable for what you know. Because I allowed all this time for you to assemble and call Sunday MY Sabbath day, I did the same thing, I allowed it. It was not MY will, I allowed it. But in the Great Tribulation satan is going to show you how he is going to counterfeit. [Beware the Sunday Churches]

For again I say, even the very wealthy evangelists who know this truth have sold out this truth, have compromised this truth, will lead you right into the arms of the anti-messiah, the son of satan. And they will say, "That's Jesus Christ, that's your Messiah, he's come, he's come and now peace is all over this earth, don't worry about Hell." Why can't you see? They don't want to counterfeit ME. MY NAME is YAH. King James will pay. King James has paid when he blotted out MY Son's Sacred NAME. READ! READ! READ! Study and show thyself approved. It was not always King James, read the Holy manuscripts. Read where the Hebrew translations are. Read where even the Aramaic know HIS NAME. WHY, WHY, WHY will you not believe?

So much suffering the Christian church is going to go through because they threw out the Messianic Jews. And you of the Messianic Jewish synagogues, I point MY finger also to you. You who took out MY NAME YAH and said, "Yeshua will do." You didn't want to offend the orthodox Jews. You compromised. You who call this Prophet of MINE speaking a Sacred NAME user, you're right, that's why I anointed her and not you. You who dare to spell MY NAME 'G-d.' What is that? What is that supposed to mean to ME? You even take away MY Deity and then you wonder, where are the miracles of old? Why can we not bring the dead into the churches? Why are they not raising up? Where are the miracles of old? If we would bring the lepers, why would they not be cleansed? If we bring the paralyzed, why do they not walk? If we bring the mutes, why do they not talk? When we bring the deaf, why do they not hear? When we bring the terminally ill, why do they not live?

Did you compromise? Did you share what you had? Did you offer a place of sanctuary? Did you so much as give a drink of water to a Prophet in MY NAME? In MY Son YAHUSHUA's NAME? Did you just say, "God bless you, I will pray for you" or were you a blessing? These are the questions I'M going to ask you when you stand before MY throne. Did you take these words; did you take them to the Sunday churches so the pastor would be held accountable for what he knows? Did you go in as a Jeremiah's army, at least two by two? Did you go to the congregation and explain to them about the Sabbath feasts? What did you do? Did you teach MY Hebrew NAME? Did you teach the power and the anointing in the sacred Hebrew NAMES of I, YAHUVEH of MY Son YAHUSHUA? You see, it's not enough to care about your own soul. I'm going to ask you, did you care about anyone else's besides your family? For who did I, YAHUVEH say was your family? Did I not say through MY own Son YAHUSHUA's NAME who your family was and it's those who belong to ME, those who accept YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH as Messiah as MY only begotten Son. (Mark 3:31-35) Do you want to know why your family is not saved? Do you want to know if your family will be saved? Just as that jail keeper said, "As for me and my house, we will serve YAHUSHUA." Oh, I know you were taught, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." But again, they blotted out the NAME of MY Son. Read the Holy Manuscripts and you will see MY Son's NAME was there. That meant, not only did that jail keeper have to turn his heart to YAHUSHUA, but his family also. That is not a 'carte blanche,' a free pass for a family. Everyone is working out their own salvation with fear and trembling. Before they were put on earth, their soul already knows whether their name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life or not or whether they're in the Book of the Blotted Out.

Prophecy 85:
Despite whatever the enemy tried to do, all of Heaven cheered, the angels cheered, in Heaven the shofar horns sounded, for in America they say, "Nothing is stronger than Homeland Security." But I proved as I will prove to everyone who tests and believes in ME, who obey ME, who knows the power of MY Sacred Names. I, YAHUVEH make this solemn oath: Those that follow the truths that I have given and spoken forth in this Ministry shall have the same victory over Homeland Security or by whatever name in whatever nation it is called. For similar agencies are set up to entrap not only the criminals but the innocent.

Canada, your fate is the same as America. When I look at America and I look at Canada, there is no difference. You are sin, you are stench, you are dung in MY eyes. Oh, I shall begin to prophesy to the other nations, but right now MY eye is upon the one that led so many astray. America, you will pay. Now this Prophet can speak forth the words of fire I stored up. In the coming days, as you approach the day of Pentecost, everyone who belongs to ME, everyone who calls upon MY Sacred NAME had better start quoting Psalm 91 again and again, because he has known MY NAME, he will call upon ME in trouble and I will answer him and I will deliver him, I will not lie.

Prophecy 87:
How can you dare ask ME to bless Israel and Jerusalem until you stand for Holiness? Can you not see I am fair in all ways; I am almighty in love and in war. I bless those that obey I, YAHUVEH and I curse those that disobey. Can you not see it is written in your own Torah and Tanakh there is sacred anointing power in MY NAME which is YAHUVEH? Does not MY Word say in Psalm 91, "I will set him on high because he has known MY NAME?" Why do you not study for yourself and count how many times I have pronounced blessings on those who know and use MY SACRED HEBREW NAME? Why have you allowed the Rabbi's to steal this blessing from you? This is not always the way it was. What loving Father hides his name from his child?

MY NAME is YAHUVEH and it matters not to ME how you spell it or pronounce it as long as you acknowledge MY NAME has YAH in it and so does MY Son the only MESSIAH his NAME is YAHUSHUA it matters not how you spell it as long as you keep MY NAME YAH in it. Our NAME is not merely a title like HaShem or Lord, or Adonai. MY NAME is above all names and it is YAHUVEH. Take back what the Rabbi's have stolen from you. You take MY NAME in vain when you spell it G-D or abbreviate it with YHVH or YHWH for how is that pronounced? You have a name, what makes you think I your Creator do not have a name? When you pray call ME by MY NAME, YAHUVEH. Those with spiritual ears to hear will listen all others will remain deaf.

I will send forth MY Two Witnesses one male and one female to demonstrate I, YAHUVEH's authority and to call down I, YAHUVEH's judgments and curses and to speak forth anointed words and show the Power in the Holy SACRED NAMES of I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. Truly listen and hear Oh, Israel and Jerusalem, I will not bless Israel until you bless the NAMES of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and until you bless the Holy Ones who come and minister in our NAMES.

I am chastising Israel because I love Israel but the trains will collide because both of them are on the wrong track. The Bride of YAHUSHUA is feeling what is taking place in physical Israel. For the Bride of YAHUSHUA is Spiritual Israel. Physical Israel you will be blessed with Deut:28 blessings when you return to Holiness and obey I, YAHUVEH and the only way this is done is when you accept YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH and admit HE is your only Blood Sacrifice that was given at Calvary. The blessings I have reserved is for Spiritual Israel and for all those who love ME, obey ME and put ME first in their love and in their life, those who obey MY Torah, those who respect the sacredness of MY Holy NAME and those who receive YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH.

Prophecy 89:
You want to know one of the things that grieves ME. You want to know one of the things that offends ME? Elisabeth, when you feel MY anger and MY rage, they speak of the FATHERís rage, of ABBA YAHUVEHís rage, you do not have a clue of the rage of the MOTHER of CREATION! You just have a fraction of MY rage! When you feel that volcano ready to blow inside of your head and itís in the name of righteousness, you just have a fraction of MY rage!

When you read in the Word thatís been translated and they dare to call MY SON YAHUSHUA, the son of man. He was never the son of a man. HEís the SON of YAHUVEH! The SON of YAH! When you see this in the translation, for how long now I have caused you to grieve and you have never felt peace in this and yet you explain all the translations do this. It was not by MY hand! This is by satanís plan. Although HE was born in a human frame, although HE suffered on the cross the pain HE was never, never, never the son of man! HEís the SON of YAH and HIS NAME, even to the world proclaimed. Why do you think satan in the translation, tried to regulate HIM and give HIM the name of a man. Iíve had to allow this and at this time, before the Great Tribulation, the name of Jesus will stand.

Oh, but in the Great Tribulation those who are saved now and have been living Holy before ME, MY spirit is within them, just as you were saved in the Name of Jesus, youíd still be calling upon HIM in that Name. And do not misunderstand ME, there is power, Heavenly power to back up that Name because of the mercy of your ABBA YAHUVEH. But in the Great Tribulation so many shall die, even though they are saved now, so many will wonder why their prayers are not answered. It is not because WE do not love them. And I do not speak of those who will go to the Sunday churches and will take the MARK, I speak to those who will call out in the Name of Jesus, who know that HE was the one that was crucified and rose again from the dead and on the 3rd day did arise.

Wait for them in Heaven. But they must understand while now there is power in that Name, there will be no power then in that Name. That doesnít mean for those who are still walking Holy before ME they will not return to Heaven, but it means I cannot answer them as I said it is MY anointing, like blowing a kiss to ABBA YAHUVEH that their prayers are answered but on that day I cannot back up the words they say for there will be another on the face of this earth who will say, "I am Jesus." And although I know what Jesus they speak and call to, because that name will be as a curse, their prayers will not reach Heaven and they will wonder why. This is why you are warning them now. This is the importance of that Hebrew NAME. You see satan does not want to use the NAME YAH. Oh, I have many enemies out there who now dare to operate their ministries and use the NAME YAH to deceive the wolves and the lambs. But the son of satan does not want to use the NAME YAH, he wants to use the name that the world became familiar with and that was the name of J-E-S-U-S.

So although those whose names are written in the Lambís Book of Life, during the Great Tribulation, they will return to Heaven. It will mean they have to give their life but they will never, ever enter into a Sunday church or their name will be blotted out. And there will be no salvations at that time in the name of J-E-S-U-S; it will only be in YAHUSHUA. Some will say YAHSHUA. But the NAME YAH will not be left out.

For the anointed 144,000 will not be teaching the name of J-E-S-U-S. This is now. That will be then. Iíve given you this message to warn again. Thatís just like now, that doesnít mean all those who attend the Sunday churches do not belong to ME, are not filled with MY Spirit, but it does mean in the Great Tribulation it will not be allowed for this is where they sell out to the Beast. Do you understand? Souls are saved now in the Name of J-E-S-U-S. I anoint in the Name of J-E-S-U-S. I heal in the Name of J-E-S-U-S. I deliver in the Name of J-E-S-U-S. But that will not be then.

Warn them. How could I answer them? How could MY SON YAHUSHUA answer them? When they scream out, "Jesus, help me," and the son of satan is there, and says, "Here I am." They will say, "Jesus save me, forgive me of my sins!" And the son of satan will say, "Here I am." Can you not see the danger? Can you not understand? You do not know the grief that I will feel when those whose names are written in the Lambís Book of Life, who know better than to go to the Sunday churches will run and hide, and will have to give their lives because they will be crying out and they will refuse to say the NAME of YAHUSHUA. They will hold onto what they were taught and they will say the Name of Jesus and their prayers will not reach Heaven for I will not blow them like a kiss because the son of satan will cry out, "Here I am." This does not mean their name is blotted out. It merely means I cannot save their life. I cannot hide them. I cannot feed them. I cannot deliver them.

This is why I raise up ministries such as this that teach the NAME of YAHSHUA, that teach the NAME of YAHUSHUA. It doesnít matter. So many refuse to speak the name the way Iíve given you but the NAME YAH cannot be left out for even HIS NAME means "YAH Saves."

I gave you the dream when the flying saucers come truly they are satanís army but they have a right to those who will cry out in the wrong name because he (son of satan) will claim "Here I am."

Prophecy 90:
I am speaking forth these revelations through you Elisabeth so you will tell the Holy people. If they will receive what is spoken in this prophecy they will once again see signs, wonders and miracles as in the times of old when YAHUSHUA walked the earth. If they will embrace the truths of the True Shabbat and I don't mean Sunday! Learn the importance of honoring YAHUSHUA through the Holy Feasts. Shun the pagan Holidays that try to take the place of the true Heavenly Holy Days, use the Hebrew Sacred NAMES, live Holy and do not compromise nor be ashamed to speak forth what you know to be true. You will see a greater anointing than you have ever experienced in these end times.

I AM MOMMA SHKHINAH, the one that speaks forth in Holy Tongues as described in the book of Acts. I AM MOMMA SHKHINAH, MOMMA WISDOM. Others call ME the HOLY SPIRIT or the RUACH ha KODESH, this is MY Title, and it is MY description of who I AM, the SPIRIT of YAHUVEH. We are all ONE. For those who CHOOSE to use these NAMES that are reserved for those who truly desire more intimacy with the RUACH ha KODESH, you can call ME MOMMA SHKHINAH, or MOMMA SHKHINAH GLORY, or MOMMA WISDOM or MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH, just to hear you acknowledge ME as MOMMA will please ME. Test ME and see if this does not stir up your love for your MOMMA SHKHINAH even more.

You know the NAME of YAHUVEH; you know the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, now through this Ministry and this Ring Maiden, I now share MY NAME as MOMMA SHKHINAH your MOMMA WISDOM. MY NAME is reserved for those who desire to grow, bask and be mentored more in MY Heavenly Mother's love and a stronger HOLY SPIRIT anointing, MOMMA SHKHINAH is MY NAME. I AM the still small voice that speaks in the Holy Wind, and ignites you with anointed HOLY FIRE; this is why your body heats up under MY anointed touch. I AM YAHUSHUA's comforter and HIS Heavenly Mother. YAHUSHUA is MY Begotten Son as much as YAHUVEH's Begotten Son. I AM the only Queen of Heaven. Do not give that title to any other.

It is I your MOMMA SHKHINAH that leads you to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, baptizes you with MY HOLY FIRE which you call the HOLY SPIRIT. It is I MOMMA SHKHINAH that mentors you, I also can be called MAMA RUACH ha KODESH, or MAMA RUACH, it is your choice. I mentor and teach and speak forth through this new anointing I have given you Elisabeth, and those with spiritual ears to hear and believe will hear MY voice more clearly in a way they have not heard from ME before.

I AM the one that anoints with Heavenly Powers and pours forth MY New Wine and fresh manna from Heaven. I AM your MOMMA SHKHINAH and I share MY Glory with no woman or man. YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and I are ONE. When you worship YAHUSHUA you worship all 3 of us at the same time. If you prefer you can call ME MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH, others can still call ME the HOLY SPIRIT but I desire to reveal more to those who desire more intimacy with ME. I warn now, anyone that denies or insults what Shaul (Apostle Paul) taught about the reality of the Holy gifts of the RUACH ha KODESH, Repent now! For you have insulted and grieved to the extent your soul is at stake! I now speak forth in the NAME you recognize as YAHUSHUA, if you do not repent you are eternally damned!

Elisabeth, I am your MOMMA SHKHINAH GLORY. I AM the one that anoints you for signs, wonders and miracles that includes prophesying and praying in Holy tongues of men and Holy Angels. I AM your MOMMA SHKHINAH GLORY. I AM the one that intercedes for all the Holy Children as I carry your prayers to the throne of YAHUVEH like a Kiss is blown in the air, when it is done in the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH this also includes the name of JESUS CHRIST for now, but beware, because the son of satan in the Great Tribulation will counterfeit the name of JESUS CHRIST. I will not be able to send the prayers at that time in JESUS' name, because the devil's spawn will also be using the name of JESUS CHRIST. Teach now the Sacred Hebrew NAME of YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH to all who have spiritual ears to hear, listen and obey. Learn and become accustomed to use the true Hebrew name of the one most call JESUS CHRIST, now before it is too late. Tell the people don't wait until the Great Tribulation to learn it the hard way.

Shout it until they hear and the message rings around the world, in the Great Tribulation there will be a great deception and at that time, no longer will YAHUVEH be able to answer prayers in the name of JESUS CHRIST, only in the Hebrew NAME YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH will hold healing, delivering, resurrection power. Because the one who is called the son of satan will use and deceive millions upon millions doing false signs, wonders and miracles while counterfeiting the name of JESUS CHRIST before the world. Even the elect will be deceived if possible. Beware, right now there are evil men with the spirit of the anti-christ and they use the name of JESUS CHRIST but they hate the Hebrew NAME of YAHUSHUA for it is a constant reminder that YAH saves! YAHUSHUA is the only MASHIACH (Messiah).

I release this secret so you can encourage those that truly LOVE and put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their life and love and to also remember ME, MOMMA SHKHINAH, for I AM the Glory of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA just as surely as a Holy wife was created to be the Glory of a Holy husband. When you are attacked for revealing the NAME of the HOLY SPIRIT which is MY NAME SHKHINAH and revealing the HOLY SPIRIT is not made in the image of a man, but instead a woman, tell them to study and show themselves approved, for does not the Books of Old in Psalms and Proverbs call 'WISDOM' a 'She'? Does not the Holy Scriptures say, "The beginning of wisdom is the fear of YAHUVEH?" Remind them that in the KJV Bible the NAME of YAHUSHUA also spelled YAHSHUA is not in the KJV bible either, only the name of JESUS is there.

Know this, the name of JESUS CHRIST is still honored and anointed at this time and saves souls, delivers and heals. However as I have warned you, in the coming Great Tribulation the one who is now called the anti-christ, will also call himself JESUS. Even now a counterfeit has risen up and deceives millions with the name of JESUS CHRIST, even going so far, to tell them to tattoo themselves with the number 666 to prove allegiance to this evil man. He calls himself the son of God and tells the people, "There is no such thing as sin and hell is a lie."

I have repeated myself again and again because this seed of truth is so powerful that satan will want to rip out the garden of truths in this prophetic word of knowledge before it can take root. I have used this Ministry to warn why it is urgent to learn the Sacred Hebrew NAME of YAHUSHUA (translated means YAH saves) who is now also called JESUS CHRIST, because in the Great Tribulation only the Hebrew NAME of YAHUSHUA will have the anointing, healing, delivering and saving power. Again I repeat and warn if the organized churches were doing there job people would not be deceived.

This ministry has been given a mandate to teach the Holy Hebrew Sacred NAMES of the Creators and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Who better could I have chosen to teach those who want to know the NAME of the HOLY SPIRIT? Elisabeth, you asked YAHUVEH for the NAME of the RUACH ha KODESH and I have told you, now I give you this mandate to share what was told to you in secret. I promise you, that those with spiritual ears to hear will listen, and support this Ministry and defend this truth and teach others.

Prophecy 92:
In these Endtimes, why would I not tell anyone that has been to Heaven MY true Hebrew Name? Why would I encourage you to attend a Sunday Church, knowing what the Sunday Churches will be used for in the Great Tribulation? Why would she not return from Heaven with a warning to the Pastors to change their day of Worship to the true Shabbat? Where did I ever mention there was purgatory outside the gates of heaven. In Choo Thomas' words 'there are two valleys outside the gates of the Kingdom,' this is NONSENSE!

All of the above will come to pass and at separate time intervals in history, and all over the world, not just America. I gave this Prophet writing a warning in a dream about portals of hell opening up and a UFO invasion happening, TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. Only those crying out in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH will be spared at that time. Seek ME while you can yet find ME!

Some reading this now, insist on calling MY name JESUS, although you know MY true Hebrew Name, but you say, 'You prefer the Greek name JESUS.' Again I repeat MYSELF, do not misunderstand ME, there is still forgiving, healing, delivering, ressurection power and signs, wonders and miracles done in the name of JESUS CHRIST at this time in history, because MY true Hebrew Name was not common knowledge and because it is before the Great Tribulation, but you have been warned.

Even now a man uses the name of JESUS CHRIST and proclaims to have a million followers, and yet is a servant of satan! This evil man goes by the name of Jesus Miranda. Just because he uses the name of Jesus, you must test the spirit of the man. The name of Jesus is counterfeited all over the world, especially in South America. The man who has taken the name Jesus Miranda is a false prophet and a Evangelical Prosperity Pimp that has sold his soul long ago and is totally possessed by satan. He is evil in every way.

He preaches there is no such thing as sin, hell is a lie, he proclaims to be God, and denies most of the bible. Everyone that has received the mark 666 as a tattoo, because Jesus Miranda told them to show loyalty to him in this way, has already had a for taste of the curse of the damned. Everyone that calls this man god, or believes he is Jesus Christ has already been taken over by satan and received the curse of the damned.

Satan mocks to show how easy it will be in the Great Tribulation to get Christians to compromise and reject what they once knew to be true. Satan shows how easy it is to mock the name of Jesus Christ. Can you not see why in the Great Tribulation it will happen again, and no prayers will I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH answer in the name, the son of satan whom you call the antichrist, will use? People will pray in the name of JESUS and just like the one that calls himself Jesus Miranda, the only begotten son of satan will be tricking people with false signs, wonders and miracles and he will proclaim to be god, and say, "Here I am." You are being warned through this Prophet I call MY Ringmaiden and this warning is like a gong ringing around the world.

In the Great Tribulation the name of JESUS will again be used by the counterfeit and it will be by the one called the antichrist, whom is the only begotten son of satan. At this time in history, there are some Sunday Churches that still are used for MY Glory, but in the Great Tribulation ALL the Sunday Churches will be used for satan's glory and the Mark of the Beast will be in the Sunday Churches at that time. You have been warned.

Do you not understand the importance of knowing this warning now. And learning MY Hebrew Name now, getting in the habit of using MY Hebrew Name now, that MY earthly Hebrew Mother gave ME when I was born? I always send MY true Prophets to warn before the judgment. Teach others now these truths, so they will not go to the Sunday Churches in the Great Tribulation. Because if you enter the Sunday Churches during the Great Tribulation you WILL RECEIVE the Mark of the Beast, that final act of rebellion will cost people their souls. I grieve as I see MY Holy Scriptures quoted as in the times of old, the pharisee's and saudicee's also did this to ME, not realizing I am the Word that became FLESH.

Remember your works will be rewarded in Heaven and the only rewards you receive on earth is what you do for ME. Teach the babies you lead to ME to pray and use MY Sacred Hebrew Name, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Warn them they must not compromise. Teach the people the true Shabbat, and the importance of observing the Holy Feasts. Continue to teach of Heaven and hell, for more souls will go to hell than to Heaven. Learn of ME and I shall use you to teach and lead others to ME. Out of the mouth of babes do I speak.

Prophecy 95:
Beware! Beware! Beware! Beware! Beware oh sheep and lambs of MINE, of those who puff themselves up with fame and fortune and fill your airwaves. Beware! Beware! Beware! Beware of those who refuse to preach the Message of repentence, who do not live the life of repentence, refuse to live a life of Holiness, refuse to warn the sinners of sin. Beware! Beware! Beware! Beware, oh sheep and lambs! For these are not MINE and as they betrayed ME before, they betray ME now again! Oh pastors of greed, you know you don't belong to ME! You are a farce! You are a fake! MY SPIRIT'S not in you! I've named the names before through this Ministry! And there's so many more that I have not named. But watch them oh sheep and lambs. Have they sold their soul like a common whore just to get the tax exempt status? Beware, MY sheep and lambs, of those who try to put all the religions together as one! Of the One World Religion! There is but one YAH. You have but ONE CREATOR. YAHUVEH is HIS Name. Others pronounce it YAHWEH. But there is but ONE. There is but ONE MASHIACH. MY Name is YAHUSHUA. Call ME YAHSHUA. But don't take the Name YAH out and think you're hearing from MY Spirit.

You who call yourself Messianic Jews, so many things you got right but where you compromise and you no longer have MY light, you have taken the Name YAH out of MY Name to pacify the Orthodox Jews for they know the CREATOR'S Name. They believe the Rabbis' lies. But read your own Torah. Read the Bible. How many times is it written, "In MY Name, you shall cast out devils. In MY Name, you shall lay hands on the sick," only in MY Name. Does not the Bible say this?

And in the Torah, in the Tanakh how many times does it say, "In YAHUVEH's Name"? What will you do with Psalm 91 you Orthodox Jews? You read so faithfully the Torah and the Tanakh but you take away the power when you do not say your CREATOR, your PROTECTOR'S Name. And you have no protection when you do not receive MY Body and MY Blood for I am the only begotten Son of ABBA YAHUVEH. I am the only begotten Son and MY MOTHER is called the RUACH ha KODESH. SHE is MOTHER of WISDOM.

Prophecy 98:
Sheree, sitting so comfortably over there in New Zealand, you come as a little sheep and a lamb and you say, "Teach me. Mentor me." For truly it is MY desire that you learn. But I know your heart. And I know the heart of the one called Jill. I know your motivations. Do you not know that the letter killeth and the Spirit giveth life!? I am not impressed with how much Scripture you can memorize for does not even satan quote it backwards? You say you're offended because they use the word "Lord" and "God", because they have the Name of Jesus Christ as they teach the Hebrew Word that is Sacred of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH side by side. Who are you to tell them? Who are you to teach her? She has but one TEACHER and I sit in Heaven! Who are you to call this Ministry "Egypt" and say, "It is not of Israel"? What price have you paid? What Standard of Holiness do you live by? You shall pay the price. You and your cohort Jill. For I tell you this, the land that you offer as a bribe, will remain uninhabitable. You cannot give away to a Holy Ministry land that is cursed, fit only for the birds. You cannot say, "YAHUVEH told me a tenth of all I have goes to this Ministry," and turn around and say, "Wait a minute, I have changed my mind. You did not do it MY way. You did not allow ME to manipulate this ministry. Elisabeth, you refused to be my puppet." Away from ME Sheree!

I've taught you our Sacred Names. I showed you the importance of the Holy Feasts. I told you to stand up for Holiness and never compromise by doing what you know is wrong! You weep and you cry when I divide your families, when I command a husband to divorce a wife or a wife to divorce a husband. Do not hate this Prophet speaking for she says nothing that is not in MY Holy Word. The Holy Word says, "Be not unequally yoked." This is the End Time. (Matthew 10:34 About dividing sword.)

It's only a matter of timeÖ

And hell and the lake of fire shall claim your souls. You've got one chance; that's after you hear this Message. Will you repent? And those of you who pray and you say there's only one Name and HIS Name is J-E-S-U-S, JESUS, I've never said there's no power in that Name at this time. In these Prophetic Messages again and again I have spoken forth, there's forgiving, healing, delivering power in the Name of JESUS CHRIST.

But it's only a matter of time when the Great Tribulation comes and the man of perdition stands there, Judas has returned once again, he will mock all that is Holy. He will say he is "Jesus Christ". He will shun the Name of YAHUSHUA for the Name of YAH is in that Name. What will you do then? For when you pray in the name of Jesus Christ and he raises his hand and he says, "Here I am," what will you do then?

For you refuse to use MY Hebrew Name! You say, "Any name will do." And then I speak to the ones who insist on saying "Yeshua", again and again I have said, "YAH is in MY Name. YAHUVEH is MY Father. I am HIS only begotten Son. I told you I don't care if you say YAHUVEH or YAHWEH but let's not carry this to the extreme for any name will not do.

Prophecy 103:
And now I end this speaking to MY Beloved Children. Now I end this speaking to YAHUSHUA's Bride and I, YAHUVEH's, Bride. Each day strive to make better grades with ME. Each day strive to please I, YAHUVEH, so you can have a Testimony like unto Enoch. And this is only done through the Name and the Blood of YAHUSHUA MY Only Begotten Son. Beware of anyone that just says the Name JESUS and now calls himself a "prophet" for although I've said there's still forgiving, healing, delivering resurrection power in the Name of JESUS CHRIST, beware and make sure you know which Jesus they speak of. That's why I always tell this Prophet speaking to you now, it is YAHUSHUA MASHIACH, YAHUVEH's Only Begotten Son, birthed from a virgin, died and arose again on the third day, the only ransom for sin is HIS shed Blood. This is the YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. There is no other! And it's only, only, only through HIS Name and Blood is the only path to Heaven! So do not listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. There is no other door to Heaven! Listening to any other gospel will lead you to hell. (Oprah Winfrey's gospel)