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*** Price to pay for sin / how are we saved? ***

Even repented sin still has a price.

Prophecy 20:
Men and women shall get this from ONE sexual encounter with anyone that has it, I say again, if this be MY Prophet that speaks forth and your Spirit will have already witnessed this fact by now, ONE, do you hear ME, ONE, I repeat ONE sexual encounter is all it takes and this plague will come upon them in the same way that this miracle sex drug has come upon the world unexpectantly and in a rush and there will be NO CURE I repeat even after they repent on their death beds.

I have healed AIDS for even the innocent have had the blood supply contaminated and I healed some of them, though this disease originated from sex sin with animals, monkeys. Man mocking what I intended to be Holy, having sex with monkeys. Is it any wonder why man having sex with man, another perverse act, an abomination in MY eyes transmitted it through homosexuality? But then the disease travels in the blood. So shall this new plague for the Blood of YAHUSHUA Ha MASHIACH was refused and there is Salvation in that Blood, so why shouldn't I curse the blood of those that mock ME as I gave MY Son YAHUSHUA to be their Blood Sacrifice, knowing how few would be grateful.

I have healed AIDS but this end time plague, none will be healed. Though they repent and accept the saving blood of YAHUSHUA they will be saved but still shall die for they shall reap what they had sown. Although the body dies, the soul will go to Heaven if they truly have turned away from sin, love and serve YAHUSHUA, knowing HE paid the price for their sins and washed them clean with HIS Saving Blood.

Those that do this will die yet their souls will be saved and to know if they truly are sorry you will see those with this Black Boiling Blood Plague testify of ME and warn of turning away from sexual sin and living unholy. But none I repeat and this is new again for I don't usually repeat MYSELF in prophecies such as this but pay attention when I do, for this is also a new way I am prophesying this day. NONE WILL BE HEALED! This is the end time plague you have heard of. This is when men and women will want to die and even try and kill themselves. Euthanasia will be normal and cemeteries will not want to bury the bodies. Instead cremation will be ordered. The curse of this damnation is carried in their blood. For as they refused Holiness and turned to unholiness, passing laws where same sex is legal, promoting that which was in the minority and now a spirit of homosexuality is running rampant.