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*** The importance of this ministry ***

Friends of this ministry

Prophecy 35:

MY Beloved Children, "I AM" is the Lord your God. That is MY Name and MY glory and I will not give to another, neither MY praise to graven images. Behold the former things come to pass, and new things do I declare before they spring forth I tell you of them. Those with spiritual ears to hear will listen all others remain deaf and dumb. Remember Samson and Delilah. MY enemies seek to take your strength, which is your faith in ME. MY enemies seek to take your freedom, finances, and lives. MY enemies seek to destroy your souls, handing them over to satan as a sacrifice. They threaten you, intimidate you, persecute you and yet multitudes will lay down their lives for not surrendering their faith.

"I AM" has anointed you and set you in this Ministry to be a helper in this Ministry in all ways. If you believe these words of ME then you are to share these words I have given this Prophetess. You are to cover and intercede for this Prophetess, and other Prophets and Apostles I speak to your spirit about. These Prophetic messages help bring the lost into the Kingdom of Heaven by ministering to them both by edifying and rebuking. MY children are encouraged and MY enemies are warned and MY prodigal sons and daughters return.

You are to be there to lift this Prophetess' hands when they are too weak for her to raise them in the time of battle. "I AM" will continue to protect those who help, encourage, pray, and support as I lead by MY RUACH ha KODESH perhaps an encouraging word or encouraging prophecy is all I will lead you to speak to this Minister. Ask ME what you can do to help. Ask her what you can do to help. She is but one voice. Join your voices with hers and help her to reach this world with MY Words. You will be blessing ME by obeying and helping to share all the messages given her.

"I AM" will set your names upon the gates of MY walls. You will continue to shine as jewels set into the finest setting of Heaven's best. All of MY true prophets and apostles need your help including this one. They are attacked in various ways, some physical, some mental, some emotional, some financial, some spiritually. MY handmaiden is attacked daily in all these ways. Yet "I AM" hears the mighty prayers of intercession and "I AM" raises MY sword of the RUACH ha KODESH and just as surely as Goliath fell so too shall the enemies who mock this messenger sent to deliver the prophetic messages. As Goliath was warned by David, "I AM" speaks this warning this day. Though you mock, MY Word remains the same, "Touch not MY anointed neither do MY Prophets harm" (Psalm 105:15 and 1Chronicles 16:22.).

Prophecy 45:

RISE UP, you with a Spirit 'Likened' to a King David. What a blessing you are to ME, Oh MY Son with the Spirit like unto a King David and yet without the sin he committed. You have a heart after YAHUVEH and I am well pleased with you. You wrestle the roaring lion defeating it and wrestle with the bear defeating it putting the enemy on the run. You are greatly feared in Hell for you do this not in David's name but in the NAME of YAHUSHUA and applying MY Blood and Word causing the enemies to flee in 7 different directions. This word is directed to you who loves, sings, dances, prophesies and serves ME like the heart of King David of old. Like David MY anointed shepherd boy, I will use you to slay the Goliaths that come against you and the Prophets, people and ministries I have called you to protect in MY NAME YAHUSHUA. You are a true guardian of MY anointing.

My Beloved Son, do you know you never have anything to fear, for I have given you the strength of a Samson. In the Spiritual realm you are MY anointed Samson. There is no good thing will I withhold from you MY Beloved Son. Trust ME and keep your eyes upon ME. As you sow seeds into this ministry that shall be used to not reach thousands as she thought, but as I have brought confirmation upon confirmation and even showed you MY son this truth what the enemy does not want her to know. You have heaped blessings also upon yourself. As you realize it is tens of millions this ministry shall reach. As you obey ME and defend that which is MINE under MY full anointing.

You are to help this Handmaiden that will speak forth MY Words that demonstrate manifesting MY full anointing saving, healing, delivering, and resurrection power in MY NAME alone will she accomplish that course I have set before her. But this same seed shall also water your ground and the ministry I have ordained and set before you MY Son. Together you shall plow the harvest field. I send MY minstrels before I send MY warriors out to do battle. Lift up your voice and get ready for I shall send you out together in MY full anointing and in MY Spirit to war as David did against Goliath and in the NAME of YAHUSHUA you shall both be more than Conquerors.

It is your prayers MY Son, your fasting that will take her from critical care and intensive care to be restored in all areas of her personal and ministry life. It is the prayers of one like a King David that sets this Handmaiden free. Pray all her enemies will flee and like Goliath will realize all their occult powers have come to naught instead that which is meant to destroy her will bless her. That which is sent to destroy you MY Son will bless you for I shall turn the curses into MY Blessings. Does not MY Word say, "All things work together for good?"

Prophecy 58:

The blessings of YAHUVEH reserved for MY Obedient Children. Woe be unto all others who choose to remain deaf and blind it is your choice.

 Prophecy 85:

Adam, again I sent you forth, you came from Vancouver to go to Seattle at great expense. You came in MY anointing, you came in MY love. I knew that I could trust you, for you are the one I sent as they left Seattle and went to Alaska. So I knew I could trust you again and, Adam M., you never let me down and oh, how I am blessing you. And there are two Kathy's. You know your last names. As much as you are a blessing to this Ring Maiden, you are a blessing to I, YAHUVEH and MY Son YAHUSHUA. MY Dearest Beloved Daughter Kathy A., you labor to get all the prophecies I have given Elisabeth released in books which will be as a hidden valuable treasure house of faith during the time of the Great Tribulation. Kathy A. you who have gone the extra miles and sacrificed in all ways, again I say before the world, "You are such a blessing." I decree your name is greatly honored in Heaven along with your prayers and tithes and offerings.

Robin C. in England along with MY other Holy ones that sacrifice financially so I can use this Ministry to minister around this world your names are written in a book of blessings along with Adam, Marie, Tricia and Joseph W. in Hong Kong who have been faithful for so long. I call forth your names to encourage you. Great, Great, Great, Great, your blessings shall be for wherever their feet go, in the spirit so shall thee. In Heaven when rewards are given out for the souls this ministry has led to YAHUSHUA, you all shall stand right by their sides. Without you to be a blessing to them, who would I have used to be an answer to their prayers? I use people to bless one another, the more you bless others, the more I, YAHUVEH will bless you.

There are those who I have not spoken forth your names and you have financially sacrificed for the sake of this Ministry. Be assured the same blessings are reserved for you too Beloved Children, for I know who you are. Oh, Beloved Daughter Sharon M., over these many years you have been a blessing again and again. You are as the widow of Zarapeth and you share the little you have to make room for more blessings. Your faith and obedience honors ME.

Prophecy 90:

It had already been decreed before this earth was formed which of you were chosen and will obey and write her and thank her for her boldness in obeying and sharing this secret revelation with the world. Before this earth was formed you were chosen to be part of this Ministry as a helper. You have read the prophecies and heard the truths and the mandates to be Holy. Now I want you to ask yourself this question, 'If you would have been given this secret to share, would you have been bold enough to release it and take the persecution that will come with this truth'? Those who claim you love the Holy Spirit, why would you not rejoice to know this secret I reveal to MY Children of MY HOLY SPIRIT? I warn you, do not grieve ME for I shall not always strive with humans.

I can hear the sigh of relief of those who recognize the truth and yet also acknowledge you are glad it was given to her to speak forth and not to you.
However, now those who are grateful will have a greater desire to be a helper to this Ministry for you will realize how much more you are needed in all ways. By now you should realize this is no ordinary Ministry and no ordinary Prophet. Elisabeth is not a feel good Prophet, she does not prophesy only words you want to hear, or prophesy out of the flesh, daily words that anyone can write. True Holy Prophets are given secrets reserved for the friends of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and the one you call the RUACH ha KODESH. How do WE know WE can trust the Holy Prophets, because as it is written, they were already tested in Heaven?

(Jeremiah 1: 4-5 (Yirmeyahu) Now the word of YAHUVEH came to me, saying, "Before I formed you in the belly I knew you, and before you came out of the womb I did set you apart, I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.")

Does it not say in the Holy Manuscripts and proven by the Prophets of Old, 'YAHUVEH shares HIS secrets with the Holy Prophets,' this is a secret I have now released through her, to be a blessing unto those who have desired to know the NAME of the HOLY SPIRIT and have a greater intimacy and love with ME. There will be those reading this that are filled with MY HOLY SPIRIT and they will realize thus far they have done nothing to help this Ministry, or encourage this Prophet, but in gratitude from hence forth they will do all they can to be a blessing unto this Holy Prophet and this Ministry. Great will be their blessings as they labor together in this Harvest field.

Prophecy 92:

I, YAHUSHUA ha MASIACH tell you this, this is the Last Endtime Church that preaches the entire truth, including that which King James refused to allow to be written. It will be written. These truths will be preached and I use MY Holy People, who the world knows not their names, for they have not been soiled by the filth of this world. These I choose to use for the Last Endtime Church do not desire fame and will never compromise MY truths for fortune. They are not for sale and satan has no claim on them! The ones used in this Last Endtime Church have suffered and do suffer for MY sake.

Elisabeth, I rest you up for a great war that's coming, for the new revelations I'm speaking forth. The small message I've already spoken, you will post it before the world to let them know there's something more coming. YAHUSHUA's Demon Stompers, well done, MY faithful servants! Well done MY faithful beloved ones! You stand in the front lines. You sacrifice an hour of your time. For this Ministry is no ordinary ministry. I use it as a David to slay the Goliaths. The one who calls herself Sherry Shriner, claims to hear from ME and reveals so called Bible codes she twists at her whim. But she says, "Throw away any disciple that followed Paul." I tell you true, this one isn't listening to Heaven at all. But Linda Newkirk, you crossed a line not even Sherry Shriner has crossed. Beware MY Beloved Ones, for the devil is angry, for he knows his time is short. Linda Newkirk, you have not only aroused the ire of ABBA YAHUVEH, you have not only aroused the ire of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, but you have aroused and you have grieved to the extreme the ONE who is called the RUACH ha KODESH! I am the only QUEEN OF HEAVEN!!! And I will share MY Glory with no one!!

Prophecy 93:

Oh but those that feed after these Prophetic Messages I have given you, you have beheld with your own eyes how they flourish and grow, how they become Prophets themselves for I stir up this gift within them. How their life has become a life of dedication to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and each day asking for more of MY precious SPIRIT. How their life only wants to be led in a life of Holiness, to be pleasing unto YAHUVEH. The Bride of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH eagerly await for each Word. Katherineyah, the newest Word that was given, just a brief glimpse of it, post it. Let the people see, this is a Prophet also of Israel . Encourage the Bride that hides there and the other places around the world.

You see, I not only speak forth out of Elisabeth but this is a new anointing. Where ABBA YAHUVEH has spoken, where YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH has spoken, now I the RUACH HA KODESH, the ONE you call the HOLY SPIRIT, speaks forth for MYSELF also. For behold this is a new thing. This is a Joel 2 outpouring and MY Handmaiden shall prophesy and those that I have called the Elite Forces of YAHUSHUA'S Demon Stompers, know this, satan hates you. The prayers are being felt worldwide. Stay Holy. For only the frontliners will be allowed. For those of you who have not qualified, know that there's other ranks. We need you in the Rear Guard. Continue to cover this Ministry in your prayers. Continue to cover each other in your prayers. Continue to lift the needs of the people up. Continue to cover this Ringmaiden I speak out of, for satan knows there is but one Ringmaiden and he seeks to take her life.

Oh, but the prayers of the righteous availeth much. Your fastings combined with your support and your love, your Jericho Marches , the sacrifice of your hour time. All of you, all of you , all of you who have done this, great, great, great blessings have been reserved for you. You are as a shield, a Holy golden shield and I use you and the shield drips with the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and the Name is inscribed in the shield of YAHUSHUA and I have ordained you to be Demon Stompers for ABBA YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and I, the Precious RUACH HA KODESH, your Precious RUACH HA KODESH, your MOMMA SHKHINYAH, your MOMMA WISDOM, the ONE you call the HOLY SPIRIT, WE love you so much. Great, great, great are your blessings not only in Heaven but right here on earth. You shall have a protection, an orb is literally put over you and you are protected as long as you don't allow sin to enter in for is it not written, "Be ye Holy as I am Holy?" Greater am I that is in you than any temptation that is in the world! It is your choice.

And those of you who will read this Prophecy and who believe that you are to be part of YAHUSHUA'S Demon Stompers, you've already put YAHUSHUA first in your love, and your life. You sacrifice all to HIM. You do not get tempted with sin. Write, introduce yourself, but woe be unto any enemy that seeks to creep in. Be warned, this group has discernment and the wolf shall die for I will not allow this group to be contaminated. There's innocent little sheep and lambs that try to creep in and as a little child they'll say, "I want to fight. I want to fight." I just pat them on the head and just say, "Wait till you grow up a little bit more. For you need to be ministered to, more than you are fit to be a minister. You need to be prayed for more than you are a prayer warrior. Continue to grow MY little ones. Do not take it as an insult for you just can't take the fire of the front lines." That is why this is an elite force assembled by Heaven. The Holy angels came themselves and told Elisabeth of the birth of this new ministry, YAHUSHUA'S Demon Stompers. For the Glory goes to HIM alone. Only through HIS Name, only through HIS Blood is any prayer answered. These are the Words that I have to say this day. Elisabeth felt MY anger stir up, she went to go speak in English. Instead MY Holy tongues of anger came forth. This is how this Word came forth. On this date of December 26, 2007, so it is spoken and so it shall be written each Word that has been spoken underneath the anointing and through the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and through the Blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.

And one more thing, YAHUSHUA'S Demon Stompers, I will release secrets given to Elisabeth this day to you. This is only to be kept amongst you. This is not to be shared with no other. Whether it be a sister or a brother, or a mother or a father or your own children, what I give you stays with you. Woe be unto any Judas that defies these Mandates from Heaven for it is meant to be a blessing unto you, MY Prayer Warriors that go the extra mile. Long ago, Elisabeth, I told you to assemble the troops on the wall. I gave you dreams back to back and it has been posted for many, many years. These now YAHUSHUA'S Demon Stompers are the troops on the wall. They are the guards. They are the lookouts. They are the soldiers of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. Those that remain, because as a Gideon we are weeding them out, who can remain on the front lines will know they are the Bride of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.

 Propehcy 95:

This is the Words I have you say this day. You said, "Give me something to feed YOUR sheep and lambs." Elisabeth this is what I want you to say. This is what I want you to write. This is what is to be transcribed by Katherineyah. YAHUSHUA's Demon Stompers, oh MY precious Little Ones, Intercessory Prayer Warriors, Holy before ME! Oh you struggle like anyone. Temptations come at you from the left and the right. But you know to put the Ephesians 6 armor on. You know to stand forth in MY Name through MY Blood. This is a Ministry that I have given you to be mighty prayer warriors! Shield bearers to cover Amightywind Ministry, to cover Elisabeth, to cover one another in Truth.

Prophecy 97:

Oh MY beloved Son Coenrad, so few men have I like you. Look what I have brought forth from your hands. On the internet there is no greater site to behold. The Anointing through everything that you do and the Words that I speak forth from this Ministry, none can compare. Satan gnashes his teeth in rage because Coenrad you only come back stronger with more determination that you will continue to serve ME in this way for you are part of the Amightywind Team. Let no one stop you MY Son. Let no one say, "Turn your head this way. Go work for another Ministry." For Coenrad I have not brought you this far to tell you to turn back now. Although well meaning friends whisper in your ear, and say, "Come on over here," they do not speak with MY voice. And they are not part of MY plan. So beware MY Son, those coming at you with good intentions, can be your downfall. I have told you from the start. I gave you the sign that was written that you could trust this Elijah that I speak forth from. So silence those that would speak against the work that you do now. Even if it comes from your own spouse, know this, you are held accountable to do what I tell you to do and I have yoked you together with this Ministry and you have put your hand to the plow. Now do not look back. And one day, you shall see MY beloved One, in Heaven as you stand by the other side all the souls that have been reached and I have plucked out of that which is called the dark continent of Africa, you were as a torch and you have joined together with other torches and Africa is ablaze with MY Wildfire Anointing! And Nico Arnold will not succeed as anyone else has not succeed(ed) in putting this fire out! For it is the RUACH ha KODESH Wildfire Anointing! And no one shall quench the good work that I have begun and the good works I shall finish for when all of you have left this earth, the Wildfire shall still go forth! Souls will still come to ME on bended knee and when they are not repenting now, they will remember the Words and they will repent then. Well done MY good and faithful children. I am pleased with all of you! There is not one prayer said in vain. You cover one another in the YDS's (YAHUSHUA Demon Stompers, Prayer Intercessors).

And when you pray, picture a lighthouse with a beacon so bright. For each time you pray I look upon earth and I see your light. I see you sparkling like the brightest of the gems. Oh how much I love each and everyone of you who are determined to do it YAHUVEH's way. Oh how pleased I am with you and all of you, your rewards shall follow you to Heaven one day! Keep on! Keep on! Keep on! You've put your hand to the plow, do not look back! Pay no heed to the enemy other than to rebuke them. You know the Truth that sets you free. Not only now but for all eternity.

 Prophecy 99:

I am not going to cancel your tests. That's what you want ME to do. All are tested. Does not MY Word say, "The trials of your faith are more precious than gold." The one I speak through now, these five that represent the Five Wise Virgins, all have been tested. Adam walked away from that which he called his home for many, many years. He walked away from a lucrative job and oh how long he waited for it to become union, yet I told him to walk away. Joainneyah, she had to leave her biological family, her own child from her loins. All of you, all of you, all of you, the mother's heart that comes before ME so battered and broken and bruised. You miss your children but you laid them on the altar of sacrifice and you said, "Do with them as YOU will for they are not my children, they are YOURS." So I raise you up spiritual children that cry to you like a Momma and a Daddy and they desire your mentorship and they desire your love. They want to obey ME and I tell you to lead them and to guide them. And I am about ready to give you a shock, these spiritual children love you more than your biological children could ever love you. They respect you. They honor you. Take none of them for granted. As you have patience with your biological children, have patience with your spiritual children. Do not throw up your hands and say, "I have had enough."

Prophecy 103:

So now, MY Darling Ones, be encouraged. Now you know how I, YAHUVEH, grade you and by your fruit I do know you. By the fruits of this Ministry, you do know it, for you know that it has been a blessing unto you and this day I have given you fresh manna from Heaven to eat and poured into you new wine and you have eaten good fruit, for those who truly belong to MY Only Begotten Son, YAHUSHUA, your MASHIACH. For some of you the work has just begun, for some of you your work is coming to an end. Ask ME your grade and if I think you can handle it, I will tell you.

Prophecy 104:

Beloved Elisabeth, those who count this Ministry as a blessing are your beloved spiritual children, the ones who lift your name before ABBA YAHUVEH, who help carry not only the burdens of the Ministry, but help carry your burdens, and fight the Ministries enemies, who are YAHUVEH's enemies. Beware, some of these enemies come as wolves in sheep's clothing seeking whom they may devour. The wolves are sent by the evil shepherd satan and they are sent with one purpose to destroy you Elisabeth and destroy this Ministry. The wolves speak slanderous lies about you Elisabeth, their fruit is rotton and a stench to MY nostrils though some dare to call ME Lord by there actions they prove I am not their Lord. I will say unto them, depart from me you worker of inequity for I have never known you!

The ones that bless this Ministry, these I call your spiritual children Elisabeth and their age does not matter, for you are as a spiritual mother and mentor them. You are used to speak forth and sow MY anointed words of life into their mind, body, spirit, and soul. Your spiritual family loves and respects you in a way a biological family cannot love, unless they worship ABBA YAHUVEH, I, YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH, and the Precious HOLY SPIRIT. You have this in common with all who do this.

MY Spirit has drawn each one of you to this Ministry for MY divine purpose. Now Elisabeth, I share MY earthly treasures with you. MY Holy children who are MY most precious of Jewels. They live Holy because they want to be pleasing unto YAHUVEH and not bring ME shame. Beloved Chidren, continue to abide in I, YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH, and I shall continue to abide in you, and for eternity in Heaven with ME you will reside.

All of you who gather here at this Ministry, have been led here to feed on green pastures as MY sheep and lambs. All of you here, will grow spiritually as you recieve the truths found here. Put I, YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH, first in your love and life, and love one another who have MY HOLY SPIRIT within them. You are MY precious sheep and lambs and I am YAHUSHUA, your GOOD SHEPHERD. MY sheep know MY voice and I speak forth from MY Ringmaiden MY messages and that is why you have all been called to this Ministry. This is your green pasture where you eat spiritual food from Heaven, and drink New Wine as if it were water.

I am YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH and all these words apply to all who consider this Ministry a blessing, and to MY beloved ones that bless this Ministry by being a helper. I speak a word of love and gratitude especially to those called YAHUSHUA's demon stompers, MY front line Holy prayer intercessors like none other.

I speak a word of love and gratitude to those who support this Ministry faithfully with their tithes and offerings.
You who are a blessing to this Ministry shall be blessed in a great measure. As you lift up the name of this Ministry and pray blessings on all who minister in it and are mighty warriors in MY Name and fight on the front lines, rebuking the liars who slander, and do spiritual warfare against the enemies of this Ministry, and defend all that is Holy. Great will be your rewards that will follow you to Heaven.

Prophecy 106:

In the very midst of the YDS', that which I reveal in New Zealand exposing the evil that was hidden, so too I shall do by those who claim they want to be part of this Holy Ministry. They are part of this Holy Ministry, but you see it is as you said beloved son Sylvester, on the surface it looks like it is so. As long as the leadership doesn't know we can do what we want to do in secret, but I warn you, those that I have called the YDS', those that have been invited to the YDS forum to fellowship, you are held more accountable.

 Prophecy 109:

You have thanked ME for MY faithfulness MY Beloved Ones, but I Thank you for your faithfulness. For all 5 of your faithfulness', for all 5 of you have given ME your life and said, "Use it as YOU will, use it to bring YOU Glory, use it to bring YOUR Son YAHUSHUA Glory." All 5 of you are living sacrifices unto ME. I am constantly in your thoughts. You put ME in your plans. You say, "What will YOU have me to do Abba," and this pleases ME. You faithfully, faithfully strive to obey and please ME in every way and reach souls for the Glory of MY Son. You faithfully worship and praise. You do not take US for granted.

And now I speak not only to you 5, but I speak to the faithful YDS's (YAHUSHUA'S demon stompers prayer intercessors) for they do the same. This is the mark; this is the seal of those who are called the Bride of YAHUSHUA. They are faithful. They are loyal. They will not compromise. They will not back down. They will stand for what is right. They will rebuke what is wrong.

Prophecy 110:

So this day is not only celebrated on earth but it is being celebrated in Heaven. Not only your physical birth but the birth of the Ministry on the internet and on April 10th, 21 years counted by human time. One day in heaven, and it is not afar off, all those that helped you will see the results of the faithfulness of one tiny, tiny little seed that started out as a small beginning. I not only use it now, but it shall be used even in the Great Tribulation and MY truths will continue to set mankind free as they believe.

It was all part of MY good plan to bring you when I did for the burden became too heavy for Elisabeth to carry and if I hadn't she would've given up long ago. (Read Updated-
Don't Give Up And Quit) I did not stop there, I used her to give birth to YAHUSHUA's demon Stompers (YDS) and even in that she had a price too pay before I could send the Holy Angels (Read about Elisabeth's healing by touching Archangel's Michael's wing) her way. Now they (YDS) stand against the forces of evil as they intercede and they pray each and every day at least an hour at a time. These are special holy anointed Prayer Warriors and great, great, great shall their blessings be as long as they remain faithful to ME.

So I place you in a home where next to you in a pasture the sheep roam to remind you I, YAHUSHUA am your Good Shepherd and as I provide, always remember, as those sheep next to you have no worry or fret, they trust that farmer to led them to the green pasture. So too, I have led you to the green pasture. I protect you. I beat the wolves off or anyone that seeks to do you harm.
As those sheep have no worry and the lambs have no worry so you two who live in that home and those who are part of you shall have no worry. It is here MY Beloved that I restoreth your soul as you lay down in MY green pastures and not wander off and try to find your own.