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*** How to pray ***

Know the power in prayer.

Prophecy 20:
Satan fears the power of prayer so much he uses his own people as a sacrifice to bomb the clinics and murder the doctors so laws would be made that say MY Servants are not allowed to be close to the ones ready to commit this act of murder on babies that trusted their mothers and that trust ME to protect them from this evil.

Prophecy 22:
Now satan fears this power for I have given you the anointing to pray. Why aren't you believing what you are praying? Do you think I am deaf? Do you think MY arms are too short to deliver you? Do you think MY Blood, NAME, Word and armor is NOT sufficient? You, MY Darling Beloved, have angered ME for not believing what I have spoken.

Prophecy 34:
I do this (delay judgment) so many can see I am a God of Mercy and love as well as wrath. I do this so you will see the power of prayer and fasting when combined in the Name of YAHUSHUA will move MY hand and delay MY coming judgments. But darlings, as the judgment is delayed so too is MY coming. When I come again great devastation will be taking place on this earth like at no other time. No warnings will be given other than what the prophets speak and according to MY Holy Scrolls which you call scriptures.

Prophecy 85:
And in the coming days of darkness, it will be the Holy that will be a target of theirs. Just as surely as I showed no force is greater than I, the Great 'I AM' YAHUVEH when you come to ME in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH's NAME, I will open up the Red Sea. I will stop those who try and pursue you, you who are MY Holy ones who cry out in the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH just as in the times of old, I will deliver you.

You cannot even conceive what I have planned for you oh, America and Canada. Those who flee from America think they run to a sanctuary called Canada, those in Canada flee to what they think is a sanctuary in America but they are the same, there is no difference, they both mock MY Holy NAME. Those of you who think you are escaping poverty to come to a wealthy land; you have no clue what they will do to you. I have more children that are anointed and Holy in the poorer countries than I do in the wealthy countries all put together. More of the Bride of YAHUSHUA is what I call the International Bride of YAHUSHUA, so few are found in the wealthier nations. African Bride of YAHUSHUA, come forth. Introduce yourself to this Ring Maiden. Your prayers are the Light that holds back the evil from taking over Africa completely.