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*** How to pray ***

Do not pray lukewarm prayers.

Prophecy 11:
Stop giving ME lukewarm prayers. I will not listen. Give ME prayers with passion and with a heart that cares. Stop the ritual prayers that are merely memorizing words, I will not hear. This is from your mind and mouth, not your heart.

The prayers of a righteous man avail much. Lukewarm prayers I don't hear and I abhor. Either be hot or cold but don't come to ME lukewarm for I will spew you out of MY mouth.

Prophecy 65:
For I am angry and I am full of wrath for did I not say, "Put no other gods before ME." What you did before in ignorance I do not hold it against thee, but what MY Church does with knowledge that truly makes ME angry. Tsunami waves shall come; it will be MY hand that stirs them up in the sea. Again and again I give these warnings, what will it take for your knees to bend to ME? No longer will I stand for a form of godliness. Those of the lukewarm church your prayers are an abomination unto ME. I have warned and I have warned what I do with the lukewarm, I will spew them and vomit them out of MY mouth. You are like bile that rises in MY throat. You sicken ME and 'I AM' YAHUVEH and satan mocks ME and says, "Behold your lukewarm churches that preach lies and they do it in YAHUSHUA's NAME and they do not repent nor turn away from following this pagan way."

Prophecy 86:
But you say, "YAHUSHUA, this is not any of our questions being answered." What if it is not MY desire yet to tell you? Doesn't mean I won't. Instead I choose to use you to bring forth Prophecy 86. (We were praying for direction.) How many seek ME in prayer? I don't mean the bedtime prayers. How many seek MY Abba YAHUVEH and truly intercede and truly pray. I have given instructions to MY Bride to cover the Two Witnesses in prayer.