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*** Encouragement ***

Remember to be thankful

Prophecy 21:
In the time of Moses, did I not provide for the children of Israel? Yet the children of Israel behaved ungratefully.

Yet all MY Children at one time or another behave in the same manner. How many of you take for granted your blessings I give daily? But just as you forgive your children for not thanking you each day for caring for them, so I forgive you for forgetting also.

Without even firing an arrow, without even searching for the birds, I had the birds sacrifice their lives so MY Children could have meat when they tired of the manna, Angel's Bread from Heaven.

I fed them food from Heaven which they complained and grew tired of and so I shall feed them again. Then when they complained because they tired of food from Heaven, then I gave them the meat of this earth which they gorged on and thousands died. I was angry for their ungratefulness. So beware, for again I am a GOD that does not change. Now you have been taught this day.

I gave Moses and MY Children the passage across the Red Sea when their backs were against death before them, and behind them, and so shall I do again. Just believe ME; I have prepared a place for MY Children. I have not revealed this place to even the Apostles and Prophets yet. For the time is not right for them to cause MY Children to flee. You can't go before the Cloud of Glory and you can't go behind it. You must stay right under it and move when it moves, and stay when it stays. I shall give you a Cloud of Glory again to follow and a pillar of fire to light your way at night. Don't worry about the electric companies. If I need too, I will send the angels to guide you.

Be grateful to ME now for what you have, or I will come and take even that away. So I shall do all of these things again in your lifetime even if you don't hear about it. Know that it will be done. I am the same GOD yesterday, today, and forever. I, the Lord your GOD YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH do not change. Beware preferring the earth's meat over Heaven's manna.

Prophecy 39:
Learn to be grateful in small things now and take nothing I give you for granted. Even your fruit and vegetables have not the nutrients that I created in them. The water and air has polluted them and the soil is depleted of minerals needed. You don't even know what a fruit or vegetable should taste like anymore. It is rare if you do. As for meats, again I say you do not understand that which you have eaten the unholy vultures have poisoned in so many ways. The water you drink you don't even know why your body doesn't crave water the way I created it to thirst. It is because even the water is not the way I created it. That is why you must pray blessings on all you partake in MY Son YAHUSHUA's Name. Ask ME to bless the food and beverages so it will be a blessing to your body and not a curse to it.

Prophecy 49:
Now in closing I want to comfort MY Babies that come to ME in tears, and fearful of what is going to come to pass. If these words of wisdom go unheeded 'I AM' did not give you a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. Thank ME ahead of time for your Glorified Bodies. Bodies that no bars will be able to hold, bodies that cannot be killed, bodies that will still do what the saints did when MY Son YAHUSHUA rose from the grave. So arose also the saints in Jerusalem as their Spirits joined with their bodies and they arose in the first resurrected bodies, to be a witness YAHUSHUA lives, rules and reigns, he is MESSIAH. Again, I say as it was then so it will be again.

Prophecy 53:
So you eat this Passover feast, you do not murmur or grumble because instead you do it with a grateful heart and remember what happened with the children of Israel. Remember the children of Israel who wandered for 40 years. It would not have been so if they had not murmured, complained and grumbled. But I made them walk around and around, as some would say, in circles. I made them walk around and around and tested them again and again.

I tell you MY Children, I tell you this true, don't murmur, don't complain, don't grumble, no matter what I allow to happen to you. Instead lift your eyes up to ME. Instead give YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA the glory. And know that I alone am your deliverer. And know that alone through the shed Blood of MY Son YAHUSHUA, that you have the victory. Through the sacred NAME of YAHUSHUA, you alone have the victory. I have promised you this if you will but obey. If you will incline your ear to everything I say, I tell you MY children this, you will have the victory. Remember, with a victory comes a price. Remember, there is no soldier that goes into a battle that does not feel fatigued. There is no soldier that at one time does not want to run.

Prophecy 58:
You hear of the horror and tragedies, you have heard of MY judgment but now I tell you 'I AM' is merciful and for those who belonged to ME the miracles far outweighed the deaths and casualties. 'I AM' the Creator and the one who blesses with miracles yet untold. So Praise YAHUVEH the Great GOD 'I AM' and Praise YAHUSHUA your MESSIAH and only intercessor that stands before ME in Heaven making intercession for MY Children. May all who have anointed spiritual eyes and ears obey and heed these words and obey and be blessed with Deut. 28.

Prophecy 59:
Dare not say that the hedge of protection is around America for this is a lie straight from satan's prophets' mouths. The hedge of protection is around MY People, those that call out in MY NAME. Those that worship YAHUSHUA and those that honor MY True Sabbaths, those that repent and humble themselves, those that look up and know that redemption draweth nigh. MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Nnes and Elect, these are the ones the hedge of protection are around. I have torn down the hedge of protection around America and you shall see that flag burn. Be not angry at MY Apostles and Prophets that I send to warn the doom will come. Instead thank ME that I care so much to warn.  

Prophecy 69:
I hear the prayers of those who come to ME with a grateful heart. These are the prayers that please ME. Just as in the days of Moses these are the Children I shall provide for and feed. So this message is not for those who mock and scoff. This message is not for everyone, only those with spiritual ears to hear; only those with spiritual eyes to see will even hear MY voice speak.

Prophecy 105:
Again I say everything and anything that can be shaken will be shaken, so be prepared now as I warn you in 2008. Take nothing for granted, take not your water for granted, take not your food for granted, take not your income for granted, take not your house for granted, take not your family for granted and the family are those who belong to the body of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. For you will find your worst enemies can be found in your own household through your own bloodline but not through the bloodline of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH. This is your true family, these are the ones who will not betray you.

Prophecy 109:
What kind of marriage would there be without faitfulness. I do not have to be concerned that your eye would go for a false god because I know you are faithful. So you Thank ME for MY faithfulness. I Thank you for your faithfulness.