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*** Encouragement ***

Do not listen to the mockers

Prophecy 9:
Listen for MY voice, speak MY Words. I do not judge or condemn you, but those that have falsely accused you will be judged.

Prophecy 11:
One with YAHUSHUA on their side is a majority. A million without YAHUSHUA on their side is a minority. The time is now.

Prophecy 14:
Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.

Prophecy 19:
Thus saith YAHUVEH, "MY Beloved, whom I treasure like no other treasure you have on earth. I see your pain. It is deep wracking pain for you are so misunderstood. How can people not of MY Spirit feel your pain or see what I have shown you or told you? Would they not have also called John the Baptist insane? Would they not have also sought to tranquilize him for his behavior and Elijah, Jeremiah and all MY Prophets? Think what would this modern day world that shuts out the voice of Almighty YAHUVEH do with these Prophets of old?  

Prophecy 23:
This time when this new plague comes forth it will come upon those that have claimed to be MINE and yet they do not know ME. They have stolen the tithes and offerings. They claim to be MINE and yet they do not even know ME. They do not even care. They have beaten MY Sheep and driven them away and when they could not control them they have shut their mouths and they have beaten them into submission and driven them away. Oh, come unto ME your Lord, your GOD, your Savior MY Sheep and Lambs for I am the only Good Shephard. I will nurse your wounds, and I will give you rest.

Oh, Oh, Oh can you hear ME Grieve. I didn't do this to you, MY Beloved. I didn't do this to you MY Sheep, MY Lambs, MY Children, MY Bride. Oh, the wolves will pay, for the ROD will come down upon the wolves in a mighty way this day.  

Prophecy 24 part 1:
Listen not to the mockers and scoffers as in the day of Noah and Lot and Moses so it shall be again. There is coming a rain but it is the Reign of MY Holy Terror of the GREAT GOD 'I AM's' wrath and Judgment.  

Always there is a remnant who I have that will listen and hear MY voice. Always there is a multitude who will scoff and mock just as surely as the heathen mocked Noah, Moses and Lot. Just as surely the destruction and wrath came as flood, curses, and fire for the Great GOD 'I AM's' wrath and judgment, so it will be again.  

Prophecy 26:
MY Beloved Children, who are MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect, the heathen calls you narrow minded when you say there is but one way to GOD the Father's throne and in one NAME, the NAME of YAHUSHUA, that I will answer prayers. You tell them, "Yes, I am narrow minded for the Word of YAHUVEH cannot lie and YAHUVEH says, only in the NAME of YAHUSHUA will I hear your prayers and the pathway to Heaven is narrow and he road to Hell is broad!" You tell them "It is the broad-minded that will end up suffering in agony, first in Hell, then in the Lake of Fire! Because you love YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and them, warn them MY Children. Love them enough to incur their wrath. Love them enough to be an offense. I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH speak the truth, the majority doesn't want to hear and we are an offense to many.  

Prophecy 47:
TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! Those who mock those who warn of Hell, the Lake of FIRE awaits them. For those that can believe that I created a Heaven that is so beautiful that words cannot describe it and know the only door to Heaven is through the gift I gave Mankind through Calvary, YAHUSHUA is MY Beloved Son's NAME, YAHUSHUA is the only door, there is no other door to Heaven. No other way to MY throne of Grace, No not Buddha, nor Mohammed, for these were just men that died and did not arise again. These were just men that could not be the only perfect unblemished Lamb of GOD to make atonement for sins. YAHUSHUA is the only perfect sacrifice and that is because HE is the Son of YAHUVEH and MY Only Begotten Son.

Prophecy 56:
When I have mercy, they throw the mercy back in MY face. When I have mercy, because the prophets pray, "Please don't do it now," because when I have mercy and the people rise up and pray, then MY apostles and prophets are branded false because I did not loose judgment that day. Warn Them, MY Daughter. Do not be surprised how few will listen. Warn Them, MY Daughter so the blood will not be on your hands. Tell them the dream below, but they do not understand, for their ears are deaf. Satan fills them with wax. Their eyes are dim, satan covers their eyes. Their mouth can only speak slander and destruction to those that I deem are MINE. But those that are MINE are sealed; those that are MINE are protected. But warn them, MY daughter, so they will not say I did not warn them, I did not send an apostle and a prophet to warn them to repent and pray.

Prophecy 62:
Let the world mock. Let the Pharisees mock. It will not stop for the KING IS COMING! He's not coming for those who think they are not sinners, who think they are so righteous, that they do not even have to repent. HE's coming for HIS Children, for the Bride that desires to obey. HE's coming for the warriors who war in HIS HOLY NAME. He's coming for those who humbly admit all have fallen short of MY Glory.

Hide yourself, MY Children, for yet just a little while. For all of Heaven rages, and against satan and his demons war rages. It is waged, for the KING IS COMING! The Earth quakes and shutters in fear in various parts of the world. You are seeing floods, these are MY tears. Remember when the floods came in the time of Noah. Remember how he was mocked and they mocked up until the time the rains came. But I told MY Children, Noah and his family to get in the ark and bolt the door, and when the floods came the ungodly ones pounded on that door. Then they wanted in, then they believed who 'I AM', but it was too late for them and the floods swallowed them.

Prophecy 69:
As you go into the year of 2003 the mockers and the scoffers are going to surround thee. They are going to say, "Where is this YAHUSHUA that you say is coming?" But I have a word for you, I remind you of the mockers and scoffers that surrounded Noah. These things must come to pass. It is MY way of separating the chaff from the wheat. Mock ME if you dare. This is the message that I give the enemies, for any enemy of yours is an enemy of MINE. An enemy is anyone that sets themselves against the messages that I give you, for truly I have anointed you as MY Spokesperson. When the enemies speak against these messages that come straight from Heaven, they speak against I, YAHUVEH and MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA.  

Prophecy 74:
But it is I, YAHUVEH it is I, YAHUVEH the Creator of not only this planet but all that lies in between, and I shall cast forth the rocks from the sky and just as in Sodom and Gomorrah and the seven cities besides I am the same YAHUVEH that destroyed Ninevah. Although I gave her time to repent in the end, was she not destroyed? I am the same YAHUVEH, the same Ancient of Days and what I did once before, I shall do once again. You're so busy with your wars, you do not even fear nor notice ME, as again and again I give you signs in the sky and doom comes closer to thee. But not for MY Children, Oh, you think they are so ignorant and naive, but you forget oh evil ones of Lucifer, that they truly belong to ME. They don't have the money to prepare, but they know they have a Heavenly Father YAHUVEH who cares. It will be MY Angels arms that shelter them from the wrath that comes from the sky. For the Governments take your money and they go and they say they will conquer outer space. Since when did I give them the planets, for they have not even taken care of that which I have given.   

Prophecy 75:
Oh, treasure of MY heart, do you not believe that I YAHUVEH and MY Son YAHUSHUA will protect you as you observe this Holy time? Am I not able to keep you safe? Even in Jerusalem, where the danger is great the Hebrew people make their Sukkots as it is written for they trust I, YAHUVEH to protect them and I do. Who are you afraid of offending, I, YAHUVEH or your neighbors? Do you really care what others think of you more than what would please I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA? Do you not know that MY People are called the peculiar people, for they walk not to the sound of this world but to the sound of Heaven. Why would you be ashamed of this, MY Little One, for this would be a witness unto ME for YAHUVEH's Glory? Pray that your neighbors will take notice so you can tell them the story of why you build a Sukkot in remembrance of MY Word. This would be pleasing unto me for those who do this witness for ME before their neighbors and I ask you to do the same. How can you witness for ME and be an example of your faith if you hide your Leanto in your bathroom?  

The Sukkot is to be outdoors where you can behold the sky. The Jewish people don't even realize why the Sukkot has a opening in the roof. It is to fulfill the scripture 'Look up your redemption draweth nigh for YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH will come in the Eastern Sky.' You need not fear the enemies harming you for I, YAHUVEH will bless and protect those who are MINE and confound those who think themselves wise, as they ignore the ways of this evil world and ignore the snickers of the enemies. I shall mock those that mock you in their time of trouble. Create a temporary shelter that opens to the sky. Ask ME and I shall lead and direct you how. Take your meals in this Sukkot and rest your head in I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA's loving arms. I shall meet you there. For those who say they must work the jobs of this world, I say unto you, "Then sow that seed into the work of the Kingdom of Heaven and see if I will not pour forth a blessing so great that will give you reason to Praise I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA."

Prophecy 76:
Bride of YAHUSHUA, you need one another for your enemies are great in number. Many years ago I gave this Handmaiden a message in two dreams, back-to-back. "Assemble the troops on the wall." This is now that appointed time, don't miss your day of visitation with one another. Now Elisabeth, be bold as Elijah of Old and speak forth the words I have commanded you to write and speak and fret not yourself with those like spirits like unto a Jezebel and Ahab. But know that those who attack you for obeying ME shall suffer the same fate as a Jezebel and Ahab and the prophets of Baal, for those that attack you are attacking the one that anoints you to speak forth. Beware you with the spirit of the Pharisees before you attack MY Beloved One. You had better examine your own hearts. Who ever doesn't agree with this Prophetic Word, take it to the Judge of all Creation for MY Beloved has only obeyed. These are not her words but MINE and those with spiritual ears to hear and listen, I ask you to encourage her and let her know.

Prophecy 77:
Teach them, stop complaining. I will hold those accountable who call themselves shepherds. You will not be received by all. You will know what spirit they are of. When you go to their churches, I will show you what churches, I will show you the pastors. Oh, I know even now, MY Daughter, you say, "Who me, surely not I?" Do you remember the words I said she would say? These are the very words she tries to fight ME with as I control her tongue. Teach them. Tell Charles this is the new message, this is the new word, I want the Pentecostals to have the infilling of the new anointing that is going to be greater than that of Azusa.

Prophecy 83:
It is this Ministry that I birthed through you that taught the people the meaning of the importance of the blood line of a Mordecai and the obedience of an Esther. Now I give you a new mandate to give to the Bride. Don't worry about those that will scoff and mock. Don't be concerned with the look upon their faces. You must merely obey and these are the words I have to say. I, YAHUVEH command the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH this day pray for the Two Witnesses. Pray for the Two Witnesses for the time is coming that I am sending the angels, oh so shortly, to confirm to the Two Witnesses who they are in ME.

Prophecy 90:
I am speaking forth these revelations through you Elisabeth so you will tell the Holy people. If they will receive what is spoken in this prophecy they will once again see signs, wonders and miracles as in the times of old when YAHUSHUA walked the earth. If they will embrace the truths of the True Shabbat and I don't mean Sunday! Learn the importance of honoring YAHUSHUA through the Holy Feasts. Shun the pagan Holidays that try to take the place of the true Heavenly Holy Days, use the Hebrew Sacred NAMES, live Holy and do not compromise nor be ashamed to speak forth what you know to be true. You will see a greater anointing than you have ever experienced in these end times.

The Holy have become more holy and the evil have become more evil, now is the time for a greater anointing and revelations through prophecies, and words of knowledge. Take not the communion for granted it is a daily weapon to be used against satan as you put him in remembrance, he has no claim on you! Rebuke sin and sinners and don't fear what others think when you speak forth and warn. Would you rather offend mere humans or YAHUVEH? It is so sad, how freedom to speak against the evils of this earth is being silenced because so many of MY Holy Children remain silent. One freedom after another is stripped away from you all over the world!

Where were the Holy Children in America and around the world, when Judge Roy Moore was out numbered by the heathen and the American Government? He fought to keep a stone monument that he had designed and erected in honor of YAHUVEH and displaying the Ten Commandments? A Judge is to stand for righteousness and truth. Judge Roy Moore, Heaven promoted you with that title and no one can take it away from you. You are honored in Heaven for what you did on Aug. 27th 2003 in Alabama. Every tear you shed is recorded in heaven and came as a sweet fragrance to YAHUVEH's nostrils because of your love and loyalty to HIM and YAHUSHUA. Those who set themselves up as Judge and jury over you, and the corrupt Judge, who took away your promotion given to you by Heaven of Supreme Chief Justice of Alabama, will taste what it is like to swim in the Lake of Fire. All who took part will stand before YAHUVEH, the JUDGE of ALL CREATION!

Elisabeth, be warned, those with the spirit of religion and have a form of godliness but no godliness within, will attack you. They do not have a loving, obedient relationship with YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA and will feel convicted and will attack you and call you all manner of evil names. Remember this is not your message they attack it is Heaven's message. Be reassured, there are those whose names are in the Lambs Book of Life, who will rejoice and say, they have always sought the answers to know more about who the HOLY SPIRIT is. They will rejoice and know that they know this is the truth that has been told. Many have already wondered this, but dared not ask anyone for fear they would be mocked.

The servant is not greater than the master, and if they all had received YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH when HE walked the earth teaching and doing miracles for I, YAHUVEH's Glory, then they too would receive you and the truths I speak forth through this Ministry. You speak forth the words that I, YAHUVEH has spoken, that YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH have spoken, and now you have been given the unique gift to hear your MOMMA SHKHINAH speak forth to you. This unique anointing will come forth on other Holy Prophets who will believe and receive these truths and cover you in prayer, supporting you with their love and doing all they can to be a blessing unto this Ministry.

I release this secret so you can encourage those that truly LOVE and put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their life and love and to also remember ME, MOMMA SHKHINAH, for I AM the Glory of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA just as surely as a Holy wife was created to be the Glory of a Holy husband. When you are attacked for revealing the NAME of the HOLY SPIRIT which is MY NAME SHKHINAH and revealing the HOLY SPIRIT is not made in the image of a man, but instead a woman, tell them to study and show themselves approved, for does not the Books of Old in Psalms and Proverbs call 'WISDOM' a 'She'? Does not the Holy Scriptures say, "The beginning of wisdom is the fear of YAHUVEH?" Remind them that in the KJV Bible the NAME of YAHUSHUA also spelled YAHSHUA is not in the KJV bible either, only the name of JESUS is there.

Those who choose to remain spiritually deaf will remain deaf. It is not your job to convince people, it is only your job to obey and release the Prophetic messages and words of knowledge as they are entrusted to you from Heaven. Everyone who reads this or has been taught this will be held accountable for what they now know.

Prophecy 92:
Let the heathen mock and laugh, YAHUVEH will have the last laugh. Understand that heathen teenagers can be the cruelest of all people. Those that do persecute you will one day rue the day they ever laughed, cursed, or mocked you. In hell they will be forced to remember each word they spoke against you and they will hear these words for all eternity if they do not repent and accept I, YAHUSHUA, as their MESSIAH.  

Prophecy 97:
Oh MY beloved Son Coenrad, so few men have I like you. Look what I have brought forth from your hands. On the internet there is no greater site to behold. The Anointing through everything that you do and the Words that I speak forth from this Ministry, none can compare. Satan gnashes his teeth in rage because Coenrad you only come back stronger with more determination that you will continue to serve ME in this way for you are part of the Amightywind Team. Let no one stop you MY Son. Let no one say, "Turn your head this way. Go work for another Ministry." For Coenrad I have not brought you this far to tell you to turn back now. Although well meaning friends whisper in your ear, and say, "Come on over here," they do not speak with MY voice. And they are not part of MY plan. So beware MY Son, those coming at you with good intentions, can be your downfall. I have told you from the start. I gave you the sign that was written that you could trust this Elijah that I speak forth from. So silence those that would speak against the work that you do now. Even if it comes from your own spouse, know this, you are held accountable to do what I tell you to do and I have yoked you together with this Ministry and you have put your hand to the plow. Now do not look back. And one day, you shall see MY beloved One, in Heaven as you stand by the other side all the souls that have been reached and I have plucked out of that which is called the dark continent of Africa, you were as a torch and you have joined together with other torches and Africa is ablaze with MY Wildfire Anointing! And Nico Arnold will not succeed as anyone else has not succeed(ed) in putting this fire out! For it is the RUACH ha KODESH Wildfire Anointing! And no one shall quench the good work that I have begun and the good works I shall finish for when all of you have left this earth, the Wildfire shall still go forth! Souls will still come to ME on bended knee and when they are not repenting now, they will remember the Words and they will repent then. Well done MY good and faithful children. I am pleased with all of you! There is not one prayer said in vain. You cover one another in the YDS's (YAHUSHUA Demon Stompers, Prayer Intercessors).

And when you pray, picture a lighthouse with a beacon so bright. For each time you pray I look upon earth and I see your light. I see you sparkling like the brightest of the gems. Oh how much I love each and everyone of you who are determined to do it YAHUVEH's way. Oh how pleased I am with you and all of you, your rewards shall follow you to Heaven one day! Keep on! Keep on! Keep on! You've put your hand to the plow, do not look back! Pay no heed to the enemy other than to rebuke them. You know the Truth that sets you free. Not only now but for all eternity.

Prophecy 102:
Oh MY precious Bride, MY precious Bride, MY precious Bride, at this time of celebration during Sukkot I give you this Message of hope. I speak to those who put ME first in their love, in their life. Who are not ashamed of the Name of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH. All others just go ahead and remain deaf and remain blind. This Word is not for you at this time.  

Weigh your words carefully. Beloved Bride get used to looking over your back for even those you love if they're not saved, will attack. Beware MY Bride. Guard your tongue. Such were the days of old. Sad to say these days have come for some. For others it will come later.

The enemy spies on you. They try to watch your every move. They twist your words as if it's a dagger to plunge into your heart. MY beloved Bride, there's no such thing on this earth as freedom for you anymore unless it's through ME. In MY Name, in the Name of YAHUSHUA, your MASHIACH, there is freedom in ME. So hide yourself for a little while until MY rage and MY fury and MY wrath pass over those who are only fit to be MY enemies. For the hateful words and actions that's done unto you, for the persecution that comes to you, it is because they see ME in you.

They cannot touch ME. But because you're in the flesh, the enemy knows where to hurl their weapons at. You live in an evil, evil, evil time where good is spoken of as evil and evil is spoken of as good, where sexual sin is running rampant and the morality line is all blurred; even in the majority of the churches they refuse to speak what morality is! They fear the government more than YAHUVEH! And for this you pastors are going to pay. You sold your soul for this tax exempt status. How ministering for ME could reward you monetarily.

Prophecy 107:
MY Darling Daughter, do not fall into satan's traps. The only chosen ones that count on this earth are those who are washed in the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. It matters not what race you are. It matters not which language you speak. It matters not what color your skin is. Do not fall for the spirit of racial discrimination.(Isaiah 56:7) But MY Darling One, I have given you eyes to never see color, but look how many dreams satan fills you with, where you are to notice the color of the skin. This is not I, so rebuke the spirit of racial discrimination.

So hold on. Don't let anyone separate you because of nationality or color of skin. Hold on. Let the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA be the only thing that identifies you.(Romans 5:9) Hold on and I shall hold on to you and I shall not let you go. Run from sin. Do not even let it be a part of your life. Let satan know you'll have no part of him.(James 4:7) Run from him. Run from anyone who entices you to sin. Rebuke them and fear not offending them.

So MY Beloved Children, I gather together MY sheep and MY lambs. Warn! Warn! Warn, when you see a wolf. Do not be afraid of offending. Warn especially MY new little baby lambs and do not, do not compromise with sin.(Hebrews 10:26-27)