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*** Encouragement ***

Do not envy the rich when
YAH has given you little

Prophecy 4:
Some of MY Children have become bitter as they see the heathen, those that never bow a knee, or give a prayer to ME of thanks, and MY Children say what kind of a GOD is this? I say to you, you should not envy the wealthy who do not acknowledge ME, or the wicked. It seems they have every blessing in life for that is all they will ever have, and then will be eternal damnation, and eternal Hell and torment. They gave up eternity in Heaven for brief years on earth where they partook in every kind of sin, especially the sin of thinking they did not need a Savior.

Prophecy 25:
Stop building your treasures on earth and start building the treasures in heaven.  

Prophecy 29:
Lay not your treasures up on earth but build them in heaven.  

Prophecy 32:
I charge you now, you who call yourselves spiritual leaders, you who march to the tune of the world's drummer. Why do you not hear MY voice tell you to speak out against unholiness? You teach MY People to sin by staying silent and no matter what is done by your political leaders you say, 'I AM' wants them not to fight against what is unholy, nor speak out against the leaders of the nations doing these things. Pray for them to repent. But do not let the spiritual leaders and political leaders lead you into the bowels of Hell. Do not let the blood of others soak your garments. Do not be blinded by the fame and fortune satan offers in this world.  

Prophecy 62:
Hide yourself, MY Children, for yet just a little while. For all of Heaven rages, and against satan and his demons war rages. It is waged, for the KING IS COMING! The Earth quakes and shutters in fear in various parts of the world. You are seeing floods, these are MY tears. Remember when the floods came in the time of Noah. Remember how he was mocked and they mocked up until the time the rains came. But I told MY Children, Noah and his family to get in the ark and bolt the door, and when the floods came the ungodly ones pounded on that door. Then they wanted in, then they believed who 'I AM', but it was too late for them and the floods swallowed them.

Such it will be again. Those that stand in MY Son's righteousness, those that have anointed their homes, those that hide in MY Word, those that strive to obey, those that love and serve and put ME first, those that know the treasures of this earth will not be what they can take to their Heavenly home. In this world they realize thieves break in. Moth and rust does corrupt that which you think is a treasure on earth you cannot take with you when you leave this earth.

Prophecy 80:
As you see, the unholy rich and famous who are mere men and women who are nothing more than illusions, idols of this world who forget their bodies are made but of dust in MY hands and in MY timing I will return their clay bodies back into dust again. Yet their spirit bodies will suffer for eternity in Hell and then the Lake of Fire for the sins they have committed in their earthly bodies. So envy them not. Be not deceived, for there is an eternal price to pay when you mock YAHUSHUA and I, YAHUVEH. It is like unto trying to stick a needle into I, YAHUVEH's eye and I will repay. And I shall ground them under MY feet making mincemeat out of their lives until their last breath on this earth. Then these enemies shall feel the consuming fire of MY wrath in Hell and the Lake of Fire. I YAHUVEH defend MY Son YAHUSHUA's Bride, the redeemed sealed ones, in a way I have not done before.

Prophecy 85:
Oh, Elisabeth you have pleased ME so much, for you walk by faith and not by sight. When I told you to leave, you didn't question ME, you but just obeyed. When I send you to a foreign land, you said, "But I don't speak their language," and yet you just obeyed. Oh, how much you please ME; do you really think I will let you starve? You said, "Oh, but the prices are so high here." Did I YAHUVEH go bankrupt and someone didn't tell ME? Do you not realize you have all of Heaven's gold and silver at your disposal, as I will it?

Prophecy 91:
Satan always has a counterfeit. Beware of the counterfeit, pastors who preach like this John Hagee - he's no pastor at all - follow not this evil wolf or any ministry that has named themselves after a man or a woman. Follow not the prosperity teachings! For what I give you is greater than gold or silver. I give you gifts from your MOMMA WISDOM. MY Glory fills your faces. I'm not angry at you. Continue to wait and to watch! Look up for truly your redemption draweth nigh!

Prophecy 93:
Oh, but the prayers of the righteous availeth much. Your fastings combined with your support and your love, your Jericho Marches , the sacrifice of your hour time. All of you, all of you , all of you who have done this, great, great, great blessings have been reserved for you. You are as a shield, a Holy golden shield and I use you and the shield drips with the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and the Name is inscribed in the shield of YAHUSHUA and I have ordained you to be Demon Stompers for ABBA YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and I, the Precious RUACH HA KODESH, your Precious RUACH HA KODESH, your MOMMA SHKHINYAH, your MOMMA WISDOM, the ONE you call the HOLY SPIRIT, WE love you so much. Great, great, great are your blessings not only in Heaven but right here on earth. You shall have a protection, an orb is literally put over you and you are protected as long as you don't allow sin to enter in for is it not written, "Be ye Holy as I am Holy?" Greater am I that is in you than any temptation that is in the world! It is your choice.  

Prophecy 94:
The rich think only they're going to survive. They believe the lies that satan tells. But MY Word says, "The meek shall inherit this earth," the humble, not the proud and the haughty and the rich. You are rich through your faith in ME. You are rich through treasures that others can't see. I gave you a protection that no money can buy. I am the wings that under you hide. I am the one that encourages you. MY shed blood at Calvary is the only thing that saves you through MY Name, through MY Blood, you have the witnesss, you have the testimony. Even for those who on this earth their life is snuffed out, it's only a shell they're talking about. They cannot kill that which is meant to be eternal. To be absent from the body is to be present by MY side, for those whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life.