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*** Encouragement ***

Do not discourage your own brothers and sisters

Prophecy 6:
You must stop inflicting mortal wounds upon one another's Spirit. You must stop inflicting mortal wounds upon one another's Spirits and start binding up the wounds you have caused amongst yourselves. I weep for all of you, for all of you have been hurt by someone who said they were of MY Spirit. Yes, you, the majority have and it's rare if you say you haven't been deceived by the enemy coming at you disguised as a sheep but a wolf instead out to devour MY flock. But you cannot continue to devour one another. I won't allow it.

I am speaking forth again out of MY Handmaiden to tell you I am not only weeping for what is to become of the enemies of the Gospel, but I am weeping for you MY Children. For the way you treat one another is not of MY loving Spirit at all.

I was betrayed by Judas. Do I treat everyone like a Judas? No. I was denied by Peter, Do I deny you? No. Stop this now.

Stop discouraging those you should be encouraging. Isn't their job hard enough? Don't they take enough abuse from the enemy? Must it come from those who should be loving, supporting, helping and praying for their success?

Remember, do I not say, "The greater the anointing the greater the persecution?" But the persecution does not come from ME, but from the enemy that wants to discourage you. The persecution comes right from MY own servants' mouths toward each other.

I am going to start judging harshly for Judgment starts at the house of YAHUVEH and I have forewarned you once again. I am about to remove those that I had ordained and called but because they seek to destroy those I have ordained and knowingly and with forethought and malice in their hearts (though they have no doubt they speak in MY behalf) have sought their destruction. Instead I say, "Destruction shall come upon their own bosom" it will return back to themselves.

First I weep, then I am angry! But you don't want to see your Commander-in-Chief angry. Trust ME. I was only that lamb slain for the world once. I am no longer that meek and mild lamb, but I come like a lion from the tribe of Judah. I must get MY Church ready without spot or wrinkle...all delay must end.

I weep for what MY Children who call themselves by MY NAME do to each other.

Prophecy 11:
The elderly are to be treated lovingly and with respect for they are elders who are storehouses of much knowledge. They are MY treasures upon this earth, yet how many are forgotten, locked away, treated like unwanted garbage. Their own children legally kill the sick and handicapped. They are a burden financially "Let the poor die, do away with welfare, what good are they?" Did I not say, "The poor would always be with you?" But you were to share what you have with them. Feed the poor; clothe the naked, your brothers and sisters. Those called by MY NAME, washed in MY Blood and you pretend you don't see them. I see them, I hear their cries, I allow it to see how many do care. But for the grace of GOD YAHUVEH, there go you. You are your brother's keeper. When one part of the body of YAHUSHUA suffers, it all suffers. Stop ignoring the pain.  

Prophecy 49:
Just as in the times of the Evil Pharaoh, when the spirit of the evil pharaoh comes again, so too will the miracles come again, like Moses and the children of Israel. If thou can believe, then miracles yet untold you will see. I will still have martyrs for it is predestined and they already know in their spirits and are prepared, but MY Children who put their faith in 'I AM' and hearken to MY voice, will know what to do, and where to go, and will escape the hand of the enemy time and again. Not all will get Glorified Bodies, for not all believe. Some want to test ME and stay with their unsaved loved ones. Have faith for the miracles needed, to try and warn them not to accept the Mark of the Beast, others know they are going to get Glorified Bodies, this is why there is such division, both are right. I have already put it in your spirit if you are MINE, whether you will be martyred, or whether you are to be the dead in MESSIAH, and you will die first, arise, or whether you are caught up to meet ME in the air while you are yet alive.

Stop these foolish arguments. Don't you yet see that is why I spoke audibly to this Handmaiden Sherrie Elijah and said, "First one rapture then another for those that I love?" I love them both! The dead in MESSIAH that arise, and you which are alive to be caught up to meet ME in the air. Don't you yet see, that is why I spoke audibly to her, and said, "Say not that you are pre-trib, mid-trib, or post-trib, for it is none of these things." Don't you yet see it is because all of you are right. Even those who believe YAHUSHUA comes again after the Tribulation, for does HE not come to rule and reign on earth as he does in Heaven? How much anger you have caused ME over this foolish division. Can you now put this debate to rest? Has not enough hatred and hard feelings from MY own children been caused by this debate that satan stirs up within you. Work together, not apart. Stop rejecting the Apostles and Prophets. You need the eyes and ears of the body of YAHUSHUA. Pastors, stop thinking the flock needs no one but you. The flock is not yours but belongs to the only Good Shepherd. Enough is enough.