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*** Encouragement ***

A life full of suffering for YAH

Prophecy 4:
Even those of you who have suffered, and led a life that has not seemed blessed, I will and have used you for MY Glory, in your suffering you have Glorified ME as others see you will still praise ME, serve ME and worship ME. MY anointing pours forth in your lives, even greater than those who have led a life that has few problems. Your life has not been given the blessings of others, but it was not because I do not love you like the others, it is because like YAHUSHUA was put on this earth to suffer for the sake of others, so to were you and great will your rewards be in heaven if you remain faithful to the end.

I know each and everyone of your hearts, and I have your souls in MY hands for you have given your life and soul to ME when you accepted YAHUSHUA as your Master and Savior. You have presented your bodies as living sacrifices for MY Glory.

Prophecy 8:
For I see your heart. I hear your cries to ME. I feel your brokenness when a leader you trusted deceives you. But I have called and ordained you. I will sustain you. I, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) are training you. I will not send you forth to the front lines till you are able to withstand and endure the hardships you will endure. But many are your blessings.

I speak not only to you, but again I speak to all the Prophets and Apostles who minister in MY NAME. The way has not been easy nor will it get any easier. But hold on tight to the measure of faith I have given each of you. For it is well above that which will sustain you in this end time. For your Bridegroom doth come, yeah I am even now at the horizon. You can feel ME at this very hour, be prepared.

Prophecy 19:
These vices you have used as a crutch but I am going to deliver you from anything you feel you need to bring you peace and comfort for I am all you need. I YAHUVEH am sufficient in all things. But everything has a time and a season and I will not put on you more than you can bear. Yes MY Beloved, you have suffered for MY NAME sake. Yes you have been called mentally ill but those that call you these names are spiritually ill. You weep but they are MY tears. You sigh but it is MY sighing. You grieve but it is MY grief. Those that say they love you know not the true meaning of love or they would understand this. Do not judge them harshly for they are doing the best they can do with the spirits inside of them.

This too shall pass though it seems the rivers of despair are overflowing MY Beloved. This too shall pass. You shall rejoice once again. Your life is not over. It has just begun. Miracles are just around the corner. Why do you think satan tells you to give up now. You have fought this long don't give up now.  

Prophecy 22:
In this world you shall have tribulation. Yes, but I have overcome this world. NOW BELIEVE IT!

Prophecy 28:
Grieve not for the ones I allow to be killed for MY sake but rather grieve for the one that did the killing and torturing. They will have eternity to suffer for what they have done, for what they have done to MY Children who laid their lives down for ME. They will be tortured the same way in Hell for eternity. Those who are martyred suffered in life but for eternity shall never suffer again. Their rewards are GREAT in Heaven.  

Prophecy 31:
MY Beloved think not I am saying none of you will suffer, for in this world there is pain and suffering but I have sent a way of escape. I am sending MY Son as I have promised. Yet, that does not mean sit back now and do nothing. Now is the time you must gather in the end time harvest while there is yet time. Use your paper and plastic as seed to bring ME Glory. Support with your prayers and alms, ministries I have you intercede for and labor with. Not so these ministries can store up riches on earth, for these ministries that do this, I will personally see to it that all they do become stubble fit only for destruction.  

Prophecy 35:
To MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect, "I AM" says, "Blessed I call you and will prove I reward those that diligently seek after ME and strive to obey MY laws. Blessed are those who strive to be Holy as "I AM" is Holy. Blessed are those who store up their treasures in Heaven and not on Earth. Who run towards the mark of the high calling. To become MY Bride is the highest calling of all." This is the greatest treasure of all. There are guests and there are Brides. Strive to become MY Bride. I do not call all, MY Bride, only those set apart for MY glory will be called MY Bride.  

Prophecy 42:
MY true Apostles and Prophets do not need a prophets' school. They are schooled in the schooling of hard knocks as they are knocked down again and again in the flesh but when they arise it is with a greater anointing and no longer the flesh that rises up but MY RUACH ha KODESH that rises up. A prophets' school cannot teach what only the RUACH ha KODESH can teach. What price can be put upon such a gift as I bestow to MY apostles and prophets? Who dares teach how to prophesy? Woe be unto these false fleshly teachers of lies merely to line their pockets with gold and silver.  

Prophecy 51:
Trust ME and know that the plans I have for you are for good and not for evil. I laugh as I hear the plots of the enemies, saying all Christians and Jews will die. Do not the enemies yet understand though they try hard to exterminate MY people such as the Roman Empire and Hitler did, the more they sacrificed the more were raised up? The blood of the saints who are sacrificed only will bring more saints to the Kingdom of Heaven. Sauls will become Pauls. The enemies are so foolish. Do they not think Heaven itself will rail against these demonic enemies and the skies themselves will pour forth MY wrath upon MY enemies that seek to use a machine that plays God? I am even now confounding the enemies in ways you know not. Beware oh enemies of MINE, for I shall turn your own creations against you and your loved ones. MY children will be spared.  

Prophecy 52:
I, YAHUVEH will not promise you it will be an easy path for all. I will not promise you that there will not be martyrs that will lay down their lives for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. I will promise you that these martyrs are in Heaven with ME right now and never again will they suffer. I will not promise you that all MY children will be kept safe, but I, YAHUVEH will protect them like I did the children of Israel in the time of old, when the plagues, and the darkness, and death came upon them. I spared those who had the blood of MY covenant in the times of old, how much more will I do now with the blood of the new covenant of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.  

Prophecy 53:
I tell you MY Children, I tell you this true, don't murmur, don't complain, don't grumble, no matter what I allow to happen to you. Instead lift your eyes up to ME. Instead give YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA the glory. And know that I alone am your deliverer. And know that alone through the shed Blood of MY Son YAHUSHUA, that you have the victory. Through the sacred NAME of YAHUSHUA, you alone have the victory. I have promised you this if you will but obey. If you will incline your ear to everything I say, I tell you MY children this, you will have the victory. Remember, with a victory comes a price. Remember, there is no soldier that goes into a battle that does not feel fatigued. There is no soldier that at one time does not want to run.

But remember MY Children, remember this that I have promised you the victory if you will but obey, if you will but incline your ear to every word that I say, if you will but stay in holiness and live as an example for all to see. I tell you this, MY Children, you and this ministry shall see total victory. You shall see your enemies die at MY hand alone. You shall see your enemies run at MY hand alone. You shall see your enemies bow and kneel and confess YAHUSHUA as Lord and Savior. And it shall be only as I have decreed the victory in MY Son YAHUSHUA's NAME. And you will know whatever price you pay will be worth it, for I have given you the privilege to bring ME Glory through your sufferings. Just as the prophets of old, when people see you stand, they will know that it is only by MY Hand that protects you and guides you in all ways.

Prophecy 54:
Remember who GOD is. I am the Potter, you are the clay. I mold you, I break you, I restore you, I mold you MY way. I know how hot the temperature is that it takes. I won't heat the fiery furnace up too hot, yet I know the temperature it must be so you can have the faith to trust ME. What you've gone through now has got to do with the days to come. If you cannot trust ME now, how will you trust ME then? How will you teach others to trust ME? So there is a reason for the things that have happened.

Prophecy 57:
MY Children be assure of this, those who are MINE are in MY Ark. Those who hear MY voice and those who weep and cry out for mercy, for you're in fear that I will spank you when I spank the rest who refuse to obey, you need not fear. I have pockets around this world and you are safe in MY pockets for MY wrath is not appointed for MY Children. When I strike I, YAHUVEH knows who to strike, MY hand protects those that I protect. No one can pluck you out of MY hand. Not one hair on your head can be touched unless I allow it and if I, YAHUVEH allow it, then MY Children shall only become like more Stephen's that raised up more Paul's and great shall be your rewards in Heaven. (Acts 6-7)

Prophecy 60:
MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect go and hide yourselves in your houses. Go and bolt your doors. For the time is coming, MY Children, when you will have to hide for a little while. You've already anointed your homes. Stand and believe on Psalm 91 that you are sheltered under MY wings, as the evil ones continue inhumanity to man, as they continue to pass the laws that will make it hard for MY Children to stand. Hide yourselves MY Children under the shelter of MY wings. It is your prayers MY Children, MY ear will hear. It is MY hand MY Children that will wipe away your every tear. But for a little while MY Children, just a little while longer.

I know the names of every one that weep and wail as they [cry], "Come, YAHUSHUA, come!" But don't do it out of fear, MY Children. Do it out of love, for I am still separating and I am still dividing the sheep from the goats worldwide and the goats shall go to everlasting fire and MY Sheep I will continue to shepherd. Yes, MY Children, hold on tight the hem of YAHUSHUA's garment and do not let go as you stand in the fiery furnaces. Remember, I am with you always even unto the ends of the earth. Remember, MY Children, even those of you who will die for MY Son's NAME sake, they can only kill the body, they cannot kill the soul and you will be with ME in Heaven in your eternal home. And when you hear the words, "World War III," you will see the greatest level of iniquity.

Ohhhh, how many times I've repented that I made man, and yes, woman. But you forget that I know the beginning from the end, and everything shall be redeemed. Everything shall be restored. It shall once again go back to the time of Adam and everything that was lost, I will redeem it was finished at the Cross. But do not think that a battle must not be waged. But don't do it in your name, do it in the NAME of YAHUSHUA, for the battle is the Lord's. And MY Children, remember this you may lose some battles, you certainly have the wounds, but in MY NAME and in MY Son's NAME, YAHUSHUA your MESSIAH, you shall win this endtime war.  

Prophecy 64:
MY True Children desire to please ME. Be Holy as 'I AM' Holy. Hide MY Words in your heart. Memorize Psalm 91 and put ME in remembrance of MY Word. For truly I am coming again and I am coming to catch MY Bride away. But are you loyal, are you faithful? I will not take a wife that is not faithful. I will not take a wife that is not loyal. I will not take a wife that does not put ME first even if it means it requires her life. Worry not what man can do to your flesh. Worry about the destruction of your soul, about going to Hell and the Lake of Fire, for this is where the unfaithful go. It is better that your name never be found in the Lambs Book of Life than to be blotted out for being an unfaithful wife.

Stop grieving MY Children those that have been kicked out of the churches of Babylon for you have been rejected by satan, not rejected by YAHUSHUA your MESSIAH. You have been rejected by the spirit of the anti-messiah. So rejoice MY Children for this would not have happened if MY RUACH ha KODESH wasn't truly within you.

Prophecy 65:
MY Children, the churches teach a lie for only the most Holy are called MY Bride! There are requirements to be YAHUSHUA's Bride and one of them is, all though you are in this world you are not to behave like this world. You are to remain Holy and Pure before ME, washed in MY Sons Blood at Calvary. I have anointed you MY Daughter to speak forth from this ministry to help prepare the Bride for that Wedding Day, to help them get their lamps filled with MY Holy Oil and even have more left over to spare. I am using you MY Daughter as the truth is spoken forth. I am using this mighty ministry to separate the chaff from the wheat. Yes the attacks have been great. Oh, but the rewards are so much more. Remember MY Children I said "Go and hide for just a little while, while MY storm passes over." For as I've given you the dreams tornadoes shall come like has never been seen. The earth shall quake and shake as I take both of MY feet and stomp.

Prophecy 69:
Yes, I will have martyrs for just as surely as Stephens blood spilled into the ground there stood a man named Saul, who I changed his name to Paul. As Stephen's blood splattered on him, as he held his coat, the anointing on Stephen came upon Saul who became Paul. So what am I saying when I say this? A martyr's blood is never wasted. It only raises up more Stephens, more Saul's who became Paul's. To MY Beloved trusted ones filled with MY anointing who look to ME each day and pray, 2003 will hold blessings for you as I burn the dross away. For the trials of your faith MY Children are more precious than any gold. Learn to praise ME MY Children no matter what your life holds.

Again I say, you will not know each other by each others name. You will not care about each others past. You will recognize your true family of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA by the anointing that is within. Especially to the Apostles and Prophets I speak, I have set you apart for you incline your ear to ME, 24 hours a day your asking ME, "Oh Father GOD YAHUVEH what words do you want to say?" You made your bodies a Temple of Sacrifice. You have been willing to be persecuted for MY Son YAHUSHUA's sake. Think not that I have taken anything for granted, of all the sacrifices that you make. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT shall be your rewards in Heaven, but I shall not forget to bless you right here on earth. Nothing have you given up will I not replace 7 fold but it is true MY Children it comes with persecution as the mockers and scoffers as those who threaten your life you behold.  

Prophecy 83:
Oh, MY Beloved Ring Maiden, how much longer? I have allowed the Bride of YAHUSHUA to stand in the gap as Abraham stood in the gap for Lot. How much longer do you think I should wait? How I am mocked, how MY NAME is scorned, how MY Holy ones that represent ME are slandered. How they are killed for MY sake all over the world just because I have kept it from coming to America thus far, how much has been taken for granted. Now I tell you to say a new prayer for the end is nigh.

I, YAHUVEH have been so pleased as the prayers of the Bride of YAHUSHUA have come before ME on this Day of Purim. As a sweet fragrance they came to ME. As sweet incense the angels opened them up and I am so pleased. And that is why I have had more mercy and I said, "How much longer do you want ME to delay?" But the end is nigh. When the sealed prophecy is released [78], one of the seals will be broken. Woe be unto this world when Elisabeth speaks forth what I have hidden. Oh, but MY Beloved Bride of YAHUSHUA, those who are the members of Rev. 14 and Rev. 7, you need not fear. All the Guests who are invited to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, it is true you will have to suffer for HIM [YAHUSHUA]. Oh, but the rewards that you have coming.

Prophecy 84:
And Elisabeth, I've seen every tear. Oh Holy ones, the rest of the Bride of YAHUSHUA, I have one of your tears, each and every one of your tears. They're stored in a vial, they are Holy before ME. For every time you've had to sacrifice, for every time you've cried out, "Please, Oh YAHUVEH, where are you?" I have your tears as you weep for your family. I have your tears, not only now, but in the future. All those of you who will be the Guests at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, I have your tears even before you shed them. They're already here for I know what you would pray even before you pray and I will answer you even before you pray. I have gone before you even before you have had to suffer. For those of you who hear this around this world, I speak peace to you. For some of you will be martyred. Multitudes of you will be martyred. Oh, but you will have the peace of YAHUSHUA, just as surely as John the Baptist said, "Take my head, I want to go home." Just as surely as you will say, "Get it over with, I want to go home." For I promise you this, I will give you dreams of Heaven. I will give you a foretaste of visions of Heaven.

Someway, somehow, everyone who will be martyred, everyone who has been martyred for MY Son YAHUSHUA's sake, I will give you a glimpse of Heaven and I have given a glimpse of Heaven so their body did not go to its grave without getting a glimpse of YAHUSHUA's face and I take their spirit out of their body even before their body feels any pain. I promise you this. I promise you this. I promise you this. Remember Stephen? (Acts 7:54-59) Did he not behold and did not the sky open up, did he not see YAHUSHUA before he was hit by the first stone and he did not feel any pain? His spirit was taken, I promise you this. But woe be on the executioners. He cannot even conceive the horror he will feel, not only now on this earth, but for all eternity. So beware, you who think that you can torture and get away with it, you cannot even conceive what I will do to you when you touch one of MY Holy ones.

Prophecy 88:
I pronounce MY blessings to the faithful, to those who refuse to compromise. Not one thing that you have gone through will be wasted, will have been in vain. Remember this Bride, you need one another, so no longer shake your heads and say, "Oh well, I can't find a place to donate." Go the extra mile. Go through the open door. Contact her. Contact her husband. Pound on heaven's door for books are being published. Some are just now in the process of being written and these books will be handed out (by others) during the Great Tribulation. Ask how you can help for the publishing costs are great.

Prophecy 90:
Where were the Holy Children in America and around the world, when Judge Roy Moore was out numbered by the heathen and the American Government? He fought to keep a stone monument that he had designed and erected in honor of YAHUVEH and displaying the Ten Commandments? A Judge is to stand for righteousness and truth. Judge Roy Moore, Heaven promoted you with that title and no one can take it away from you. You are honored in Heaven for what you did on Aug. 27th 2003 in Alabama. Every tear you shed is recorded in heaven and came as a sweet fragrance to YAHUVEH's nostrils because of your love and loyalty to HIM and YAHUSHUA. Those who set themselves up as Judge and jury over you, and the corrupt Judge, who took away your promotion given to you by Heaven of Supreme Chief Justice of Alabama, will taste what it is like to swim in the Lake of Fire. All who took part will stand before YAHUVEH, the JUDGE of ALL CREATION!

I tell you this because for a lifetime you have grieved and felt an empty void, as do others, always searching for an earthly mother and fathers love and yet you have been given Heavenly Parents, that will never leave nor forsake you, nor hurt you in any way. I tell you this so others who feel that they have the same void, with unsaved parents who refuse to accept YAHUSHUA as MASHIACH the only MESSIAH will realize they lack nothing in YAHUSHUA. They have both a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother and we are Spirit as were all humans before they were born on earth. As it is written remember, 'Flesh and blood cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven'.

No Earthly parent's love can compare with our Heavenly love. I tell you this to share with all OUR children especially those who have a void in their lives never knowing the love of an earthly mother or father. I speak to all those who have been abused emotionally, physically and sexually and have longed for the love of a Holy Father and a Mother. Accept YAHUSHUA as your MASHIACH (Messiah) and allow ME to fill you up with MY Holy love, presence and anointed Power. Allow ME to be your MOMMA SHKHINAH, I AM the same one you call HOLY SPIRIT. I AM the one that teaches you right from wrong, just as a Holy earthly mother's job is to mentor you in the same way.

A word to those who defend the True Shabbat and expose the manmade Sabbath called Sunday. When the organized Churches rail against you and quote the scriptures as in Isaiah 1: 13-14 and they twist this scripture out of context saying, "It is not necessary to keep the Sabbath of Friday sunset to Saturday sunset." This scripture is a warning to those who sin and combine it with the Shabbat, Holy Feasts and new moon celebration. Can you not see how this angers YAHUVEH? I tell you this; YAHUVEH warns that HE cannot bear unrighteousness and assembly or rituals of keeping the Shabbat, Holy feasts, new moons, and celebrations when it is not done in true Holiness with Holy hands lifted up. Without the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH it is all done in vain.

Prophecy 91:
Satan always has a counterfeit. Beware of the counterfeit, pastors who preach like this John Hagee - he's no pastor at all - follow not this evil wolf or any ministry that has named themselves after a man or a woman. Follow not the prosperity teachings! For what I give you is greater than gold or silver. I give you gifts from your MOMMA WISDOM. MY Glory fills your faces. I'm not angry at you. Continue to wait and to watch! Look up for truly your redemption draweth nigh!

Prophecy 92:
When you are scorned and persecuted for MY Name SAKE just know that great is your blessings in Heaven. It is not you they attack Beloved Little One, it is I they attack. For when the heathen and the spawn of satan rages against you, they do not see your face when they attack, they see the face of Holiness and they see the Sweet Holy Spirit within you.

You must be a water walker in your faith. Keep on the path of Holiness, for narrow is the path to Heaven and broad is the path to hell. Even if no one else surrounding you follows the path I have laid before you, do not turn back Little One. I am not going to promise the path will be easy, but it will be worth it. The path to Heaven is full of sacrifices, but remember I your YAHUSHUA your MESSIAH, gave the greatest sacrifice of all.

The plans I have for you MY treasure is for good and not for evil. When you are lonely turn to your beloved ABBA YAHUVEH, and I your only deliverer and MESSIAH. Remember the sweet HOLY SPIRIT within you is your MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH and she is closer to you than your next breath. When you cry allow her to rock you in the cradle of her arms, giving you a peace that passes all understanding.

Remember your body is the temple of your MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH, so whatever happens to your body happens to her also. Stay in truth and Holiness and never allow satan to defile you, for I have given you an anointing and gifts you know not, but in due time it will be revealed. Continue to seek MY footsteps each day, for the footsteps of the Holy are ordained by I, YAHUSHUA, and your ABBA YAHUVEH.

Your name Beloved One is engraved on the palms of MY hands done at Calvary. I suffered in your place, so you would be saved and have access to YAHUVEH and Heaven once again. I love you Little One, with a love that no man or woman can compare with. I have stored up all of your Holy tears, each vial of tears that you have shed for MY Name SAKE.  

I know every rejection, every pain, every worry, every lie of the devil that has been spoken in your ear, every temptation and through MY shed Blood at Calvary, you are VICTORIOUS! Remember this Dearest Little One, if all the people had received MY truths, then all the people would receive the truths you share, because they deny ME, they will deny you, because they persecuted ME, you will be persecuted for MY Name SAKE.

Prophecy 94:
For know this, no man can silence you, no woman can silence you, no devil can silence you. I YAHUVEH have the power to silence you and you humbly are always at MY feet. I laugh everytime I hear you say, "I'm just minding my own business." You never mind your own business Elisabeth. You're always minding MINE. When you're playing a game, there you are before MY Throne. Constantly I'm on your mind. For Elisabeth I have raised you up and now a Word is going to come forth defending those who are truly MINE in Israel, who feel all alone. You call them Messianic Jews. They don't have a Prophet. But I've raised up a Prophet and I've placed you right where you are and you shall be used to bring them fresh manna from Heaven. You shall be used to pronounce MY Judgment on the others. You shall be used to bring forth MY new wine. For I have Holy that are locked in the Gaza strip. I have Holy who are being tormented along with the enemies. I have the Bride locked in Gaza. And I am calling you to pray them free. I have the Bride in Lebanon. Yea, I have Bride in Iraq even. So hidden, so neglected. Needing a Word from Heaven. I have Bride in China. They are MY Chinese Bride so satan seeks to muzzle you, to silence you but I tell you you'll only shout louder.

Prophecy 99:
China is tasting MY Wrath now. But I spare those who are MINE. They stood up and they said, "No Bibles allowed here." They imprison MY saints, those who truly love and serve ME, they execute them. They torture them. They starve them! Taste MY Wrath China for more is to come!

(Elisabeth says: "I have a vision right now and I see clouds and inside the clouds before the earthquake and I was telling this and now I understand why, there was a cloud and it had, if we look at it we would say it had the most brilliant rainbow (We do not agree with all the comments on the link to youtube) in the cloud, but I saw it on youtube and other news reports. It was so bright, different colored lights inside a white cloud and it looked so beautiful and they said from 30 minutes before that devastating earthquake, these clouds hung and I saw the pictures that they took and we have got to be able to put these pictures up for all the people to be able to see but now I understand and I said, "Why would such beauty come before the earthquake came in China?" And this is what YAHUVEH says to me now as HE shows me this vision.")

? Word continues: Because the rainbow represents a promise and I made a promise to those who called on ME, to the afflicted, to the persecuted, to those who were martyred in China, to be in prison, those who are in prison and who have been tortured because they worship YAHUSHUA, I made a promise that I would take vengeance for them! And this is just the beginning China! This is just the beginning, as an example as one nation around this world does the same.

Does not MY Word say that I, YAHUVEH, take vengeance? Vengeance is MINE saith I, YAHUVEH! Call on ME and I will cause your enemies to run in 7 different directions! How many different directions are you running now oh Chinese government? But I am making sure the Holy angels are there to protect and provide for your brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. Woe be to the world because watch China. You are going to see what happened to China hit California. I will not mention the other parts of the world but America you want to play a harp? (H.A.A.R.P.) Wait until I play MY harp. You want to control the weather, you have not seen anything yet.

Prophecy 102:
Weigh your words carefully. Beloved Bride get used to looking over your back for even those you love if they're not saved, will attack. Beware MY Bride. Guard your tongue. Such were the days of old. Sad to say these days have come for some. For others it will come later.

The enemy spies on you. They try to watch your every move. They twist your words as if it's a dagger to plunge into your heart. MY beloved Bride, there's no such thing on this earth as freedom for you anymore unless it's through ME. In MY Name, in the Name of YAHUSHUA, your MASHIACH, there is freedom in ME. So hide yourself for a little while until MY rage and MY fury and MY wrath pass over those who are only fit to be MY enemies. For the hateful words and actions that's done unto you, for the persecution that comes to you, it is because they see ME in you.

They cannot touch ME. But because you're in the flesh, the enemy knows where to hurl their weapons at. You live in an evil, evil, evil time where good is spoken of as evil and evil is spoken of as good, where sexual sin is running rampant and the morality line is all blurred; even in the majority of the churches they refuse to speak what morality is! They fear the government more than YAHUVEH! And for this you pastors are going to pay. You sold your soul for this tax exempt status. How ministering for ME could reward you monetarily.

For those who have sacrificed and stood up for the morality, you lay your life down to protect an unborn child. You've been willing to be humilated and be thrown in jail to protest against abortion, same sex marriages. In so many different ways, depending on where you are in this world. Some have been beaten; some have been tortured; some have been imprisoned. Oh MY darling ones! Depending upon the persecution, depending upon the suffering you've done, this is the description of your beautiful vial that holds your tears that come as a sweet fragrance to MY nostrils and I lovingly caress those vials for I know the price that you pay for ME! And MY darling Bride, it's not going to get any easier! (YAHUSHUA is weeping through Elisabeth.) For satan hates you so! He hates you! He hates you! He hates you! For MY praise is continually in your mouth! He angrily says, "Praise me! Worship me!" But instead, you say, "We rebuke you satan! Get away! The shed Blood of YAHUSHUA stands against you!" And he cringes and he runs!

I shall gather MY Bride, both Rev. 7 and 14, oh you'll be by MY side, but hide yourself a little while. Hide yourself for a little while until MY wrath passes over. For YAHUVEH will not continually be mocked.

It's only a matter of time.

And think of the rewards you will have earned and all of this will pass away and you'll know it's all been worth it, whatever suffering you've been ordained to do just do it as unto ME. When you are persecuted for MY Name's sake realize they see ME in you.

It's only a matter of time.

And you will see MY Love for you is such a reality. So take MY Grace and take MY Mercy. Take MY hand. Let ME wrap MY arms around you. Let ME embrace you! Oh how much I thank you that you are MINE, that you are willing to pay the price to be called YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH'S Bride.  

Prophecy 103:
This is why the Bride of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH is called HIS first fruit HIS best. They are battered and beaten and they are bruised from this world but in HIS eyes, in YAHUSHUA's eyes, they are the best fruit for they took that bruising, they took that battering for HIS Name's sake and they are HIS best fruit. They are the Bride.  

Propehcy 106:
I already know what path you've taken. The path to hell is so broad, so wide. There is just a narrow path to Heaven. How many of you reading and listening to this will choose that narrow path? (Matthew 7:13-14) It is not just a straight path, it is a winding road as test after test shall come, for the trials of your faith is more precious than gold. (First Peter 1:7)