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*** Churches of Babylon ***

Prophet schools.

Prophecy 43:
MY true Apostles and Prophets do not need a prophets' school. They are schooled in the schooling of hard knocks as they are knocked down again and again in the flesh but when they arise it is with a greater anointing and no longer the flesh that rises up but MY RUACH ha KODESH that rises up. A prophets' school cannot teach what only the RUACH ha KODESH can teach. What price can be put upon such a gift as I bestow to MY apostles and prophets? Who dares teach how to prophesy? Woe be unto these false fleshly teachers of lies merely to line their pockets with gold and silver.

Be not deceived as the wolves set up judges that speak lies and encourage false apostles and prophets that are not of MY RUACH ha KODESH nor listening to the true RUACH ha KODESH. The self proclaimed judges that judge MY true apostles and prophets discourage them and encourage the ones that move in the flesh and not in MY RUACH ha KODESH. The prophets' schools chase away and intimidate MY true prophets and apostles.

But they are being trained whether they listen to these self proclaimed judges of MY apostles and prophets or whether they listen to the Judge of All creation the great God "I AM!" Do not waste your money with such foolishness. For these schools are training the flesh and not even hearing MY RUACH ha KODESH. Harsh words but true. They speak of only blessing and not warn about rebuking. Yes I exhort, through MY apostles and prophets, but I also use them to rebuke and send warnings of repentance and yes I send MY blessings but I also send MY curses to those that disobey. I send MY apostles and prophets to speak before I send judgment.  

Prophecy 51:
True apostles and prophets are not taught to be such by a mere teacher in this world. Even your so called prophetic schools are a mockery. How can you teach what you never were taught by a human? Only the RUACH ha KODESH speaks and flows from MY apostles, and prophets. Those in such schools had better repent and realize man cannot make a prophet, or an apostle, or even the office of an evangelist. It is the anointing of the RUACH that draws the people. It is nothing learned, nor taught. To be a good pastor, the example is the Good Shepherd. Pastors and evangelists, stop trying to build your mansions here on Earth. Stop storing your riches on earth. You tell MY people not to prepare for disasters, yet how many of you are storing up the best of everything? How many of you wealthy pastors have a secret hideaway, and have made your plans not caring about your own congregations? Why do you think I want the money given to you in tithes to build you crystal cathedrals, or to build the biggest church in America, or the world? Wouldn't the money be better spent helping MY people to prepare for disasters? You own your own diamond mines and yet you throw away the true gems, MY Beloved children.

Prophecy 86:
They run to the Prophets who only prophesy good things. They run to the Prophets who start the Prophet schools and they teach only to edify and only lift up and never say anything negative. I call these false prophets. MY Prophets are sent to warn of the judgments that will come. MY Prophets are sent to prophesy what will come. The spirit of prophecy is of I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.