August, 9, 2009

I need prayer for God to ignite passion for him again. It's like I love him, but the passion is gone for reading the word and praying. It's like when I do pray and read the word I don't get a zeal for it Like I used too. I accepted Jesus as God and personal saviour but just don't feel it anymore, I feel like I lose passion for the gym and a lot of things that interest me, but I just need strong prayer and intercession.

I'm called as a prophet to the nations and sometimes it's hard and sometimes I'm scared to go deep, you know the bible says the deep calleth unto the deep and I know thru dreams and visions that God wants me to grown into strong meat of the word cause it's been prophesied and Ive seen it dreams and visions, so I'm just struggling with going behind the veil cause I know God is requiring me to go into the depths of his spirit and have intimacy and know the secrets of the kingdom, time , and creation but I fervertly neeed your prayers thanks so much.