August, 7, 2009

All Praise and Glory be to YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH! May these Prayers be answered as they line up with the Will of YAHUVEH as they are recorded in Heaven! Please pray for Care and Protection of the Unborn Babies. Pray for the Warriors and Righteous that have been persecuted for being Obedient in fighting against the slaughter of the Unborn Babies and against other abom-inations. Please pray that YAHUVEH will send both Conviction and Judgment upon those people that do these and support such atrocities.

Please help me pray for a Force Field, Protection, Provision, and Comfort for those True Servants and even future Martyrs around the world that are Persecuted for YAHUSHUA’s Sake.

Please agree with me and pray for Yisrael and Jerusalem and that their enemies will be crushed by YAHUVEH and that Yisrael will see what America is doing to them. And that Yisrael will not by any means give up any more land. And that they will accept YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH and HIS SHED BLOOD. AMEN!

Please pray with me and agree with me for the Destruction of the ev-il one’s that are promoting har-ry pot-ter and other forms of with-craft. Pray for the Miraculous Protection and Deliverance of many Children.

Please help me pray for the Conviction and Mass Judgment upon all those running the ped-ophile, pi-mp, porn-ographic, and human traff-ick astrocities and those that support this ind-ustry and please pray for the abused victims of these awful atrocities. A diab-olical tor-ture. I cannot be silent!

Please help me pray for the Miraculous Protection and Care of millions of innocent men, women, and children as the diabolical U. S. military and allies unleash horrific weapons upon their bodies all for ev-il, gre-ed, and power.

Please help me pray for the Conviction and Judgment upon all of those that are trying to destroy the family and marriage such as the radi-cal and perv-erted g-ay agenda around the world. Please pray that YAH’s Children, Babies, Bride, Chosen One’s and Elect will be Protected and Delivered from the ev-il one’s in every way.

Please pray with me for more Devastation upon the spi-rit of pharisees and clones, proph-ets of ba-al, and pitiful reli-gious wo-lves as the endtime battle intensifies.

Please agree with me that millions from all nations and languages of the Earth will be Delivered and will Embrace the TRUTH and the Teachings of Almightywind.

Also please help me Pray and Agree for the Full Empowerment, Strength, and Preparation of the REV. 14 Bride and Rev. 7 Bride and All Honored Wedding Guests and Holy Martyrs.

Please help me Pray for the Holy Two Witnesses that will be used in In Power during the Great Tribulation.

With much love and truth in YAHUSHUA, David : )