June, 24, 2009

Dear Beloved Almightywind and Brothers and Sisters Worldwide in YAHUSHUA,

All Praise, Honor, and Glory to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH!

Let this be done only in accordance to YAHUVEH’s Will as Heaven records. Please I wish I could discuss other matters, but we cannot be silent and we must shout it. You can study history, truly this is a day far surpassing that of Sodom and Gomorrah. My heart is shattered-broken for the innocent men, women, and children that are severely abused by the ev-il one’s and spawn of sat-an. We have learned that those written in the Book of the Dammed will never repent. Therefore all out war must be waged on all fronts in the spiritual realm, which is more real than the natural realm. We are so grateful for YAHUSHUA and HIS Powerful Warrior Bride and Fierce Rear Guard Soldiers that battle against ev-il. Please pray and agree with me to stand against the insane war in Iraq and around the world.

Millions have already died and I believe many have died from even the underground persecuted church from U. S. and allied attacks. They need our prayers and YAH’s protection and we cannot be silent. Please pray against all forms of deception from sickening things such as Harry Potter and other related films, games, and books that devastate countless children. Please pray against all demented predators such as pimps, pedophiles, and other abusers that shed innocent blood, which is an abomination this is a horror that is difficult to put in words. Judgment is swift. Same-sex marriage is a lie from the pit of hell and it will fall. We will not be silent!

Then we need help to stand against the continual battle against the prophets of ba-al and religious wolves in sheep’s clothing. They show no mercy as they torture innocent and frightened Lambs and Sheep while stealing love offering and precious tithes. The wolves are being crushed and it will only continue as more Lambs and Sheep flee to safety in the Arms of our GOOD SHEPHERD. Then there is one of the greatest abominations in human history, the murder of countless Unborn Precious Babies by not strangers, but by their own mothers with many fathers in support, a betrayal that is too hard to describe. How can Heaven behold such ev-il?

Then we cannot forget to pray and plead for our persecuted and tortured brethren around the world that suffer for YAHUSHUA, such as those in India, South America, Africa, China and other regions. We saw first hand the Judgment of YAHUVEH that hit central China as over 80,000 died last year frightening the entire nation for slaughtering so many faithful believers in YAHUSHUA for decades. A fearful sight! And finally, please help me stand against the Hate Crimes Bill, it is rightfully called by conservatives the “Pedophile Protection Act” as America hits rock bottom morally in attempting to give special protections and rights to even degenerates and perverts. It passed the House and now is up for the Senate.

Please, please YAH protect many of us from your wrath! It is building up to staggering levels. The Earth simply cannot go on like this, it is impossible. Many of us are hoping for a number of massive, decisive, and devastating blows and strikes against our enemies in order to set free and protect many many children and Lambs and Sheep. We pray in the NAME of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH.

So many of us are deeply thankful and grateful for YAH and HIS Ministry Almightywind and Blessed Others for feeding, caring, and nurturing countless Precious Lambs and Sheep on a nonstop basis.