June, 19, 2009

Dear Beloved Almightywind, Partners, and All in YAHUSHUA,

Praise and Honor to YAHUSHUA! Please pray for the "Peace of Jersusalem." In all of my days I have never seen anything like this. YAH's Prophecies in Almightywind Ring True again and again.

Obama, Carter, many Arab nations, and others like wolves have surrounded Jerusalem and Israel, the land of the Holy Prophets and the Great YAHUSHUA, where HIS Blood freely spilled. They have betrayed her and this is all out War. Let the World know Carter is insane and has been proud of deceiving her in carving up the sacred land of YAHUVEH's Israel. Carter is in trouble beyond description for his false peace. I will take the heat for saying this. Please, please sound the alarm and fast, pray, and intercede, for Israel needs us more than even before. They are truly becoming a "Cup of Trembling." I have a burden for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and others in Israel, please pray that they will take a stand and not give in no matter what. Israel must not give up one inch of land to their enemies. There simply cannot be much time left.

These days are much worse than Sodom, for around the world the servants and spawn of sa-tan prey on innocent men, women, and children in many gruesome ways. Like Almightywind prophecied, there has been a changing of the guard. And it is more than most people know where ev-il has crept in. So please pray that YAHUVEH will fight for, protect, heal, and comfort these Little One's under HIS Wings and will take vengeance upon all of our enemies. Since they show absolutely no mercy, they will reap what they sow. They are going down fast!

Please also pray for more hurting Lambs and Sheep to flee the churches of Babylon where wolves show no mercy as well. The wolves are getting hit extremely hard by YAHUSHUA! Praise His Name for rescued Lambs and Sheep.

Let us never forget those that are suffering for YAHUSHUA's Name sake all over the world that they will be deeply comforted and loved.

with much love and hope in YAHUSHUA, David