June, 7, 2009

Dear Almightywind and Brethren in YAHUSHUA,

All Praise and Honor to YAHUSHUA! This is all out War! Upon studying the very strong meat of Almightywind's prophecies I was just recently grieve stricken by learning about not just about the perverted gay agenda, abortion battle, the war in Iraq, and now Harry Potter, which is sickening.

Please agree with me in prayer for the protection and love of Unborn Babies, Innocent men, women, and children worldwide, the weak that cry to YAHUVEH, the elderly, and handicapped.

Agree with me for millions worldwide to be protected and to know about the brutal deception of the Harry Potter and other films and books and even games. A sixth sa-tanic film of Harry Potter is set for this summer, July 17, 2009. Please help me pray against this and for the innocent children and the deceived parents that are have been leading their children to the slaughter. Please pray with me for us to deliver a massive and devastating blow to these de-monic spi-rits in all the above areas I have mentioned and the serv-vants of sa-tan that are behind this insanity.

Miracles, signs and wonders will follow those that believe and we are expecting mighty things to happen by the Awesome Hand of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and IMMAYAH. Please help me especially for the sake of YAH and the innocent children who often do not have a voice or anyone to protect them but YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and IMMAYAH. I know that after Pentecost that the Power and Anointing on Almightywind is at an all time high. This seems to be the Bride of YAHUSHUA's finest hour thus far. Thank you so, so much for feeding every precious Lamb and Sheep. We are extremely grateful!

with much hope and love in YAHUSHUA, David