May, 27, 2009

Dear Anointed Almightywind, I give all praise and honor to YAHUSHUA for all HE has done for us!

Please pray for all of our persecuted Brothers and Sisters of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH that are undergoing great persecution for their love for YAHUVEH. Please pray and let us agree before Heaven for the protection, love, and care of the Unborn Babies, the Precious Children, many Handicapped, and all others that are weak that cry out to YAHUVEH.

Please pray for my upcoming car repair, a 2003 Ford Focus. It may be a major repair like the transmission. Just last year while living in Columbia, SC, I did not use wisdom and went with a company that treated me very unjustly charging me over $2000 for rebuilding the transmission while even damaging my wiring harness that cost me another $750 in repairs that they said I should have took to them and not another shop, and they did not care about their responsibility for the damages. Now their actually out of business and I can see why. What a fiasco! Please pray that a good mechanic will find the problem and charge me a fair price as I take it in for an estimate today.

Please pray that my stepdad Thomas will stop being foolish by taking YAH's NAME in vain, which is obviously very serious. This is sickening. I am going to have to start to warn him not to do such insanity. This kind of behavior certainly hurts my mother Diane, which wants to separate from him and I can certainly see why.

I am very excited about the victory. All Praise and Glory to YAHUVEH!

With much hope and love in YAHUSHUA, David