April, 11, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters of YAHUSHUA,
Please pray that all of us here will be ready for the First Rapture and that we will learn to hear and obey YAHUVEH's wonderful voice. This is a beautiful ministry that is only here to help us get to where we belong and that is our final home in Heaven. Please pray that we will be a good testimony for all to see despite our weaknesses and failures as many of us learn to walk the narrow way and of course obey the 10 awesome Commandments including the fourth one, the Shabbatt.

It is painful for me to watch such rebellion and ignorance in my family and many others as well, so let us pray for one another and our families that none perish. Many of us may even have to separate from them so pray that we obtain YAHUVEH's wisdom to save us from constant betrayal. Pray that HSBC Auto Finance will not snatch my car for last time I was about 59 days late, but I know YAHUVEH is in total control.

Love, David