January, 12, 2009

ALL THE GLORY BELONGS TO YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA AND IMMAYAH as my mum is healed. Spoke to her a few weeks ago and she said nothing was seen in the X-ray. Doctor was amazed that there were no signs of an enlarged heart.
Praise Yahuveh.
I also thank all the holy prayer warriors for interceeding on my behalf.

Please stand in agreement with me to get a new job that will run Mon-fri.i sincerely want to observe the shabbat. my current job involves me working on a sat. Please Pray that Immayah leads me to another job for the glory of Yahuveh and Yahushua our Mashiach.

Prayer for my friends, AA and LO that Yahuveh blesses them with the fruit of the womb. Please stand in aggreement with me.