December, 13, 2008

Greetings to you Rev Sherrie in the name of YAHUSHUA. I thank YAHUSHUA for this Ministry (almightywind) and also for the prophecies. Indeed the prophecies are very encouraging and they definately helped us to seek the truth. My family ( husband , children and myself) try our best to keep the Sabbath and to live a holy life unto the LORD. We know that many times we have forsaken YAHUSHUA and live the life of this world, nevertheless YAHUSHUA had not forsaken us nor did HE drifted away from us. He had waited so long for us to come to HIM once again. We know that we do not deserved HIS unconditional love for we are sinners. HE is so merciful that HE had directed my husband to this almightywind website ( after my son Samuel's prayer on seeking the TRUTH ) so that we can learn more about YAHUSHUA.Honestly, we were shocked and surprised when we came to know of the truth through your prophetic messages. We thank YAHUVEH , YAHUSHUA and the ROSH HA KODESH for warning us. We do not know what would happen to us if YAHUSHUA did not lead us to this website. May HIS name be exalted forever and ever. AMEN

We humbly come to you with our prayer requests.I had a miscarriage recently ( 21-10-2008) and my husband and I were shocked about it and we still do not understand what actually happen. We seek some answers from YAHUSHUA but there was none. We figured out maybe it was something that we had done that caused the miscarriage. So, please pray for us. We wish to send some money ( though it might not be much) to help out in this ministry as we want to thank YAHUSHUA for blessing us financially, physically and spiritually. We also want to be like the widow of Zarepeth who had blessed Elijah of old with her son's and her last meal. We want to do this because firstly we want to be of some help to this ministry and secondly it is for our own sake so that YAHUVEH will remember us and not forsake us when we call upon HIM in prayer. We hope that you would email us your account number so that we can send you the finance. If this is not possible could you please tell us how else it could ! be done for we have not done oversea transaction before.Thank you and praise and glory and honour be unto YAHUSHUA.p/s we will always remember you in our prayers.