June, 17, 2008

Please pray for me i don't know how much longer i can go on it like this dark spirit is in my house and im always depressed i feel worthless and im tired of being alive the bank account is almost gone and no one believe's in me except my mom please pray for my mom too she fell the other day and bruised her leg and hit her head now her legs are swollen she has asthma copd and high blood pressure im tired of my mom always being sick and going in and out of the hospital i want her to be healed.

i want the miricals that happened when yahushua walked the earth to happen again i have strongholds in my life and addictions i want to overcome i dont want to be this way i want a close relationship with yahuvah yahushua and shkhiyah im in so much spiritual pain i want this relationship i just want these strongholds out of my life im hurt mentally and spiritually i can't feel them its like there so far from me.

it hurts i cant take this distance im all alone in my pain no one cares im tired of this endless cycle of depression and sickness and pain it keeps coming back i want to be free of these problems i want to know what yah wants me to do for him but i cant hear his voice and its probly becuse of my strongholds and addictions that im stuck in please pray for me to break free and for me to be close to yahuvah yahushua and shkhiyah and for my mom to be healed her name is charity and pray for me to become more spiritually stronger becuse right now im feeling very weak.