Joan and Robert
May, 16, 2008

We need miracle now. the bank has took money out of our account that was to pay other bills & didnt tell us because we were behind on a payment. we need money to pay our bills and for us to keep our house. we need the bank to give us our money back, i need a better job & my husband needs work for his business & to sell things we don't need for buyer to come to us without having to spend money we don't have. we need money for gas and everything. for me get the money i need to publish my childrens books and a great publisher to sign me on. I will pay my t&o for my books. we need money even today.

Please GOD help us now my heart aches because i dont know whats next and i am ready to give up if things dont start looking better. please help us now. i dont want my kids to know how bad it is but if we loose the house they will. we are in dire need on GOD can get us out of this.