Robyn, April, 16, 2008

Blessings to my precious brothers and sisters in Messiah Yahushua. Praise Yahweh,I stumbled across this site and enjoyed reading.

Please precious saints pray for me,I've had a ferocious battle for nearly 8 years. My late husband committed suicide, leaving me uncovered, grief stricken raising our 3 children.

I'm a heart break conversion into the Kingdom. Looking back many assignments were sent by the adversary against me even as a young child. I was unchurched,but,sensed the Prescence of the Holy Spirit hovering over me all my life,my husbands's tragic death brought me into the Kingdom officially.
The adversary rushed at me and my children like a flood,we were very vulnerable through my lack of knowledge as well.

The adversary sent many assignments to literally kill,steal and destroy me and in particular my eldest and youngest children.

Praise Yahweh! He has sustained us and we are moving forward.

I am weary from the war.And there are some severe financial debts,a casualty of the war.

Debts of $461,000 I simply can not in the natural pay this alone.

Precious saints I sincerely need a miracle for this debt to be cast into the sea.

Please ask Yahweh to rebuke satan off me particularly my finances,income.

Please decree this debt mountain shall bow in Messiah Yahushua's Name.

Please call forth that everything the adversary stole from me be returned 7 fold immediately in Messiah Yahushua's Name.

This situation has forced me to be a refugee living with my elderly,"worldly" mindset parents [whom I am praying for]May Yahweh bless them and be gracious to them. It has also caused me to separated from my youngest child as my parents did not like her.

Saints please pray Yahweh provide a suitable home for me and my children to be re united.

Saints I really need some intercessory prayer,please cry out for a miracle for me.

Dear Saints would you also pray Yahweh have mercy on me and loose into my life the man He has ordained as a husband for me. I am a young widow and I am lonely for companionship. Yahweh has confirmed through prophets He has a husband for me.

Thank you dear,beautiful,saints for your prayers I sincerely appreciate you praying for me.
May Yahweh bless you and keep you;
May Yahweh shine His face toward you and be gracious to you;
May Yahweh turn His face toward you and give you His peace.