Jeff, April, 12, 2008

Greetings to all the members of this ministry, I have a dream that i want to ask. My first dream is that my body lift-up to the clouds and then i realized that i was going to an island and i am riding with this boat with some other people. I saw my friends on that island, but those people living their are doing sins. And after that i saw an angel flying in the sky forming like a V just like a dove flying in the sky forming V. And i saw the first angel on the center and He was looking at me and the my dream ends.

My second dream is, i saw so many formed cloud angels in the sky. One of my little cousins shows me those angel clouds. But i saw an old woman trying to scare me, she is speaking something that i did not understand. And she is following me and scare me but i tried to fight her back but my dreams end.

I always read your website and i shared this also to my mother and uncles even to our pastor in our church. I worked now here in new zealand and i thought this work will make mi happy but sad to say i feel so sad and unhappy person. I was baptized last year and accept YAHUSHUA (JESUS) as my personal Saviour.

I always asked to our beloved YAHUSHUA to give me happiness in my life, a happiness with all He's Glory. I have so many sins, my relationship with my girlfriend was not successful. I cheated on her 3 times, i always pray to YAHUSHUA but i was failed and i do sins again. The last time i was failed is on this month, i used a girl in a club bar but after that night when i am sleeping i cried and i cried because i feel so guilty to my self. I want to be a goodman but evil is always tempted on me. That night i feel so sad for what i have done because i failed again. I asked forgiveness to our beloved YAHUSHUA to forgive me for what i have done.

Please pray for me that YAHUSHUA will send me a guardian angel to protect me to all the evils inside my mind. I want to be with YAHUSHUA and i want to serve HIM i want to be a TRUE CHRISTIANS because i want to be a happy person like others. I know YAHUSHUA punished me because i have so many sickness i feel in my body now and there is always bothering on my mind i think this is evil spirit always bothered me. Please pray for me because i want to quit my job because i don't like it anymore, I am a web designer here in new zealand and i don't like it anymore because we are doing adult herbal supplements website and i don't like it anymore. I always asked YAHUSHUA to give me another job that will make me happy. Please pray for me, i am willing to serve YAHUSHUA with all of my hearth. I want to be a happy person and i hope YAHUSHUA will give me a girl that i will love with all of my hearth.

Thank you very much

Regards to our beloved YAHUSHUA