Sister in YAHUSHUA, March, 9, 2008

This is a prayer request to YAHUVEH Ė in the Name of YAHUSHUA, through the power of the blood of YAHUSHUA and the fire of the RUACH HAKODESH- regarding:

1. Regarding my deliverance from intestinal/ reproductive systems problems causing gas and smells that are coming from me (Anything evil sent against me by an enemy; Ancestral curse from my family; Oesmodeus, Asmodeus, Incubbus, Succubi and/ or Beelzebub; anything evil I may have ingested (including something with blood); any sexual sin I was involved in; abortions; any blood sacrifice that may have been done against me in order to cripple me in life).

2. My deliverance from poverty caused by any blood sacrifice, any witchcraft curse or other curse, hindering spirits and rejection spirits etc... I am currently seeking a well-paying, full time and home-based job, very urgently.

3. Anything hindering me from being married to a mature Christian man who would love me as Christ loved the church (A curse on my fatherís familyís side or evil spirits).

4. I am praying for my sisterís mind to be set free from any demonic bondage so that she would make wise decisions regarding her association with our father and his close and extended family, her association and choice of friends and future husband.

5. Physical healing in my sisterís body so that she would not experience irregular heart beats nor anxiety about this and that she would no longer be very, very skinny, in Jesusí Name.

6. My sisterís oldest daughter is saved but she has been having a lot of unexplained trouble in her studies for several years.

7. My sisterís youngest needs salvation and she is very, very skinny since the age of four or so (after she visited Africa).

8. My fatherís salvation and deliverance from any bondage through witchcraft, astrology etc..; His deliverance from all ungodly, unclean and evil associations and practices.

9. My mother needs a well-paying, live-out and full time position with fair and kind employees very urgently.

Thanks again for all your love and prayer support.

Sister in YAHUSHUA