Jerry, February, 9, 2008

Please believe with me for my daughter, Gabrielle , to be delivered from the lifestyle that she has recently left home to pursue... BELIEVE with me for the Lord's PROTECTION for Gabrielle , while God is turning her heart back toward Him.

ANGELS, have been assigned to guard Gabrielle, keep her safe, help her, direct her back toward the Lord.

JOIN with me in breaking the forces of darkness that have come against Gabrielle with deception and illusions of sin. We declare every band of wickedness broken off of her life and mind.

BELIEVE, That God is delivering Gabrielle from every ungodly relationship, roadblocks have been put in place by the Lord, to stop the pursuit of sin.

BELIEVE, with us that she hears God's wonderful voice, and that the Lord grants her repentance, and gives Gabrielle the grace and strength to rise up and come out of sin, and return to the Lord and us, her family. This praying dad declares...'that my daughter Gabrielle, will come back to the Lord, and to me her dad, and to her family, and to the pruposes of God for her life...

Please agree with me...
A praying dad's heart- Jerry